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Kaneka Corporation


To support its global expansion, Japanese chemical manufacturer Kaneka Corporation decided to move to an integrated virtual IT infrastructure, managed via the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. Ongoing support from VMware consultants ensures any issues are rapidly resolved, while also helping to build the skills and knowledge of the company’s own IT staff.

"Crucially, our own staff learned from working alongside VMware Professional Services, meaning that this project greatly improved their knowledge of virtualized systems"

— Tetsuro Yabuki, Senior Manager, IT Application & Administration Team, Information Systems

Adways Inc.


Adways Inc. runs a diverse and fast-growing portfolio of Internet businesses. To ensure its IT architecture is flexible and responsive enough to support the company's further expansion, Adways recently implemented a VMware-designed software-defined data centre (SDDC) architecture.

“Our software-defined data centre based on VMware vCloud Suite is indispensable to the global growth of our business. We now have a proactive IT infrastructure that is extremely flexible and responsive.”

— Masayuki Ito, Chief Systems Engineer, Information Systems

Edogawa City Council


Edogawa City Council consolidated its physical servers into the Edogawa Shared Information Platform (e-SHIP) some time ago. But only with the deployment of VMware vCenter Operations Manager was it able to get full benefit from this investment; now it is able to utilize resources and identify and resolve problems within this virtual environment much more effectively. With infrastructure systems virtualized, the council is now planning to virtualize all 4,000 workstations across its various offices by incorporating the back-end server resources that were freed up.

“VMware vCenter Operations Manager is a highly effective tool for optimizing the virtual infrastructure across all the council’s offices. It improves reliability and performance, and supports our efforts to rationalize our hardware.”

— Takayuki Nagahama, Infrastructure and Network Manager, Management and Planning Department

Fuji Keizai Co, Ltd.


To improve the security of sensitive data on its servers, Japanese market research company Fuji Keizai implemented a thin-client environment back in 2008. However, there were considerable issues around managing the thin clients and further problems supporting mobile devices. After exploring all options, the company switched to a VMware Horizon View client environment with support for multiple device types.

"VMware Horizon View is optimised for use in virtual desktop environments, and it also meets our needs by providing integrated management tools and full support for mobile devices."

— Akira Sasaki, Chief of Systems Department

NTT Neomeit


NTT Neomeit deploys, maintains and manages IT infrastructure for customers throughout the West Japan region. Desktop virtualization is a key part of its roadmap for improving security and management efficiency. However, the virtualization solution that the company initially selected failed to deliver the expected performance and stability, and was therefore jettisoned in favor of VMware Horizon View. The combination of VMware’s proven technology and comprehensive support has resulted in huge performance and stability gains, and significant reductions in operating costs

“With the support of VMware, we completely re-engineered our virtual desktop infrastructure. This delivered major improvements in performance and stability, resulting in a stress-free working experience for our users.”

— Katsuya Yoneda, Head of Virtualization Technology Centre

Metal One


Pipe and tubular product supplier Metal One decided to implement VMware Horizon Mirage ahead of a company-wide migration project from Windows XP to Windows 7. With the VMware solution, the cost of the migration was 90% less than if it had been carried out manually, and the number of manhours associated was 65% lower. Horizon Mirage also delivered significant efficiency gains in the area of application management.

JSOL Corporation


Originally a division of The Japan Research Institute, Limited, JSOL offers IT solutions to customers in the manufacturing, distribution & services, finance and public utilities sectors, and has built up a strong track record in the provision of a comprehensive service covering everything from IT consulting to system building and operation. Since partnering with NTT Data in January 2009, JSOL has expanded its capabilities to become a total service provider in the field of IT. JSOL needed to be able to manage a rapidly growing VM environment, and chose VMware vCenter Operations Manager to help staff effectively manage this dynamic customer-facing environment.



Utilizing VMware virtualization infrastructure to join several datacenter business operators across Japan, BSN INET have built a disaster-proof distributed SaaS cloud. By using vCenter Site Recovery Manager, vCenter Operations Management Suite, and vShield Endpoint, automation and visualization of the recovery process has brought significant improvement of operation efficiency of the virtualized environment, and a robust, sophisticated disaster recovery solution.

"Implementation of vCenter Site Recovery Manager and vCenter Operations Management Suite allowed us to automate the disaster recovery process, to visualize each process completely, to strengthen security, and even to improve operation monitoring efficiency."

— Motohiko Sakata ,

Softbank Telecom


SOFTBANK TELECOM Delivers Enterprise Social Networking to its Business Customers Using BroadVision Clearvale in the Cloud

“SOFTBANK TELECOM’s vision of the ‘social business cloud’—an environment where employees, partners, and customers can freely connect and collaborate with one another via their wireless network—is both timely and compelling. By using BroadVision social networking in the cloud, powered by VMware, we can significantly improve business productivity and our customers’ ability to innovate across their entire business ecosystem.”

— Ken Miyauchi, COO

Nippon Express


VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Used in “Overall Infrastructure Optimisation Project” to Shorten Disaster Recovery Site Migration Times by 75%

"By switching to a virtualized environment based on VMware solutions, we reduced the number of physical servers we used by about 75%, and cut our overall IT operating costs by about 30%."

— Yushi Noguchi,, Associate Director and General Manager, Information Technology Promotion Division

Hoya Corporation


Diversified Global Optics Leader Based in Tokyo Virtualizes SAP to Reduce Costs, Increase Flexibility

“We successfully migrated eight production systems at the same time, which might be considered risky. But VMware software is known for its stability and it is fully supported by SAP. It would have been more risky not to virtualize.”

— Yoshihiro Moriya, IT Group, Financial Department

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.


In what is believed to be the world’s largest documented VDI deployments, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi-UFJ, in partnership with Wyse and IBM, has deployed over 50,000 virtual desktops as it continues a multi-year, multi-million dollar IT transformation project. A combination of View and ThinApp is supporting the Bank’s drive to lower CAPEX and OPEX while increasing security, availability and the delivery of business-critical services.

“Desktops are in many ways the lifeblood of the company’s daily work, so it makes sense to keep them on a central server where we can make sure nothing goes wrong. Being able to give users an optimum working environment, and helping them benefit from new advances in technology, is something that we as IT professionals find very motivating”

— Jun Nishi, Senior Manager, Global Communication

朝日インタラクティブ株式会社(ASAHI INTERACTIVE)


VMware EVO:RAILで競合優位なサービス提供を行うためのITインフラへ変革。 TCOの削減ならびに、ビジネスの俊敏性を向上

「EVO: RAILこそ打ってつけのソリューションでした。ハードウェアと一体となったアプライアンスであるため、簡単に導入できる点やそのコンパクトさをまず評価しました。さらに、VMware Virtual SANによるストレージ仮想化も実装されているので、ストレージ部分も含めて、ひとつの管理ツールからインフラ全体を操作できることは、仮想化の知見が乏しかった当社にとっては大きなポイントでした」

八洲電機株式会社(Yashima Denki)


全社員が利用するデスクトップ環境をVMware Viewに刷新。パフォーマンスを改善すると同時に、担当者の運用にかかる負荷を大幅に削減。

「VMware Viewの導入から半年経ちますが、トラブルは1件も発生しておらず、高いパフォーマンスに満足しています。ヘビーユーザーへのリソース配分の最適化も容易で、プロアクティブにトラブル対策を実施できるようになりました。富士ソフト運用サービスもあって負荷が劇的に軽減し、本来なすべきIT 企画に注力できるようになりました」

八洲電機株式会社 経営企画本部 情報企画部 部長 池田 浩一 氏

福岡ひびき信用金庫(Fukuoka-Hibiki Shinkin Bank)


VMware EVO:RAILで簡単かつ低コストで災害対策サイトを構築。個別のサーバ・ストレージ導入時と比較して、TCOを40%に抑制

EVO:RAIL を利用せずに、ブレードサーバを冗長化していくアプローチと比較するなら、その運用管理コストは10分の1くらいになり、TCOで見れば、4割以下に抑制できている計算です

福岡ひびき信用金庫 事務部 システムグループ 調査役 吉田 篤史 氏

みずほ情報総研株式会社(Mizuho Information & Research Institute)


みずほフィナンシャルグループ向けプライベートクラウドを実現。加速度的に増大する基盤も、 VMware vRealize Operations による自動化と可視化を促進し、安定的な運用管理を実現

「信頼できるクラウド基盤を構築するにあたっては、VMware のテクノロジーだけでなく、手厚いサポートも大変助かりました。ヴイエムウェアとは、よいパートナーシップを築くことができ、品質の高いサービスを提供できるようになったと感じています」

みずほ情報総研株式会社 銀行システムグループ 共通インフラ事業部第5部 次長 田附 良太 氏

国際興業株式会社(Kokusai Kogyo)



「VMware Viewによって、いつでも、どこでも、自分専用のデスクトップ環境で仕事ができる環境を実現することができました。iPadからWindows環境で動作するグループウェア、ファイルサーバにもアクセスできるようになり、出張中でも業務を止めずにすみます。営業日報の作成や在庫確認などのために、わざわざオフィスに電話をいれたり戻る必要もありません」

国際興業株式会社 プロジェクトメンバー

明仁会 かないわ病院(Kanaiwa Hospital)




医療法人 明仁会 かないわ病院 IT管理課 課長 医療情報技師 河原 直人 氏

住商モンブラン株式会社(Sumisho Montblanc)



「仮想デスクトップ用のOSとしてWindows Server 2008 R2を利用することで、クライアントOSを使用する場合と比べ、コストを削減。PCをリプレースするのと同程度の低コストで、ユーザーの利便性を損なうことなくVDIを導入することができました」

住商モンブラン株式会社 総務部 IT企画課長 横田 昌宏 氏



東日本大震災を契機としたBCP強化に踏み出しVMware vCenter Site Recovery ManagerとVMware Horizon Viewを導入

「重要な基幹システムのVMをvCenter Site Recovery Managerを使って東京と大阪の遠隔データセンター間でレプリケーションし、従来の1/10の時間で業務を再開できる災害対策を実現しました。加えて、Horizon ViewによるVDI(仮想デスクトップ)環境を構築し、社員が自宅のPCやiPhoneを使って、どこからでも業務を遂行できる体制を整えました。このVDI環境はPCの管理工数を従来の1/5に削減する効果ももたらしています」

株式会社キュラーズ IT部 ディレクター アーロン・ファーニー 氏
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