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NYSE Euronext


After a year leveraging VMware infrastructure, NYSE's cloud-based Capital Markets Community Platform of vertical industry services is successfully meeting the needs of Wall Street IT leaders.

"We knew that we were going out well ahead of everybody else and we were very keen to do so, because we see and understand the cloud vision that VMware and EMC in particular have been promoting over the past few years. We agree with it fully. We feel like we're uniquely positioned within the capital markets industry as the neutral party."

— Feargal O'Sullivan, Global Head of Alliances

NYSE Euronext


In 2011 NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of NYSE Euronext, launched their cloud-based Capital Markets Community Platform using VMware technology. Today they have expanded this offering worldwide; learn how providing cloud services as a business has evolved and how this innovative cloud and groundbreaking business model has been received in the financial services industry.

“With the advances in virtualization and the capabilities that VMware brings to the table, we're now able to offer to our clients more of the same services that they're used to internally, only now in a much more dynamic and agile manner that's outsourced.”

— Feargal O’Sullivan , Global Head of Alliances

Ocean Observatories Initiative


Discover how The Ocean Observatories Initiative is leveraging VMware vFabric RabbitMQ to build a highly distributed, robust cyberinfrastructure that will transform ocean scientists’ ability to gather data and collaborate.

“As a very agile, software-based message system, VMware RabbitMQ allows us to build a highly available, distributed cyberinfrastructure that will transform the capabilities of the global ocean research community.”

— Matthew Arrott, Program Manager

Ocean Observatories Initiative


The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) and its accompanying Cyberinfrastructure Program uses VMware vFabric RabbitMQ to help provide an unprecedented ability to study the Earth's oceans and climate using myriad distributed data centers and oceans of data.

"We needed an event-response infrastructure that allows us to operate on scales from microseconds to hours in being able to detect and respond to the changes. We needed an ability to move computing throughout the network to deal with the different latency requirements that were needed for the event-response analysis. Finally, we have computational nodes all the way down in the ocean, as well as on the shore stations, that are accepting or acquiring the data coming off the network. And we're distributing that data in real time to anyone who wants to listen to the signals to develop their own sense-and-response mechanisms, whether they're in the cloud, in their local institutions, or on their laptop."

— Matthew Arrott, Project Manager at the OOI Cyberinfrastructure



Virtualization Helps OCLC Maintain the IT Infrastructure that Keeps the World’s Libraries Connected

“VMware’s solutions have been effective in helping OCLC to streamline its datacenter, increase the availability of its IT services, and become a greener organization.”

— Randy Snyder, Consulting Systems Engineer

Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS)


Virtualization Enables Cash-Strapped Agency to Increase, Improve IT Services Despite Budget Cuts

“We took a 50 percent hit on our IT project budget, but leveraging VMware software to make our processes more efficient, we’ve actually been able to improve service to end users.”

— Rudy Rodriguez, CIO

Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS)


Virtualization Enables the Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services to Increase, Improve IT Services Despite Budget Cuts

“We took a 50 percent hit on our IT project budget, but leveraging VMware software to make our processes more efficient, we’ve actually been able to improve service to end users.”

— Rudy Rodriguez, CIO

Ohio Department of Commerce


VMware Technology Offers A Way For Organizations To Create An Almost Entirely Virtual IT Infrastructure That Reduces Costs And Simplifies Administration

“Leveraging technology to virtualize 85 percent of our IT environment gives us the operational efficiency that we absolutely need in today’s tight budget conditions.”

— Alan Shellhause, Chief Information Officer

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities


Improving IT Services Through Virtualization Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves. More Efficient Help for the Developmentally Disabled

“Virtualization has made us more efficient and agile. That means we’re able to devote more of DODD’s resources to serving the citizens, providing services directly and through the various providers we work with across the state. Moving forward, we now have even greater capabilities to continue to improve DODD’s abilities to assist the developmentally disabled citizens in the great state of Ohio.”

— Kipp Bertke, IT manager for infrastructure and operations

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities


See how Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities replaced its traditional desktop infrastructure with VMware View virtualized desktops running on thin clients.

“VMware View has delivered on its promise. Our virtualized desktops are easier to manage and faster to provision. And they are easy to use and access, which frees agency staff to do their jobs.”

— Bryant Young, CIO

OIA Global Logistics


VMware & Intel Provide Better Reliability for Critical Shipping Applications

“Any successful virtualization implementation requires both a hardware component and a software component for maximum effect; VMware and Intel provide that in spades with their solutions”

— Bill Hill, Senior Systems Engineer

Oklahoma Arthritis Center


VMware vSphere Creates A Virtual Platform That Brings Performance Gains And Increased Stability To Mission-Critical Healthcare Applications

“Virtualizing our entire Allscripts deployment with VMware vSphere was one of the best moves we could’ve made, from a performance standpoint, from an ROI standpoint, and from an ease of administration standpoint.”

— Chris Nelson, Director of Information Technology

Ontario Montclair School District


With Virtualization Plus Mobile, Every Ontario- Montclair Student Now has Access to Computers. Cost-Effectiveness, Manageability of VMware View Enables Sustainable Technology Foundation

“We selected VMware View technology because we believe it maximizes our ability to impact our students’ educational experience in several ways. It starts with our teachers. Our virtualized desktop environment gives our teachers a dependable, consistent technology so they can foster collaborative learning. VMware View also allowed us to get more laptops into children’s hands, and to give them more high-quality, instructional time with their computers. We know we are now doinga better job advancing our students andpreparing them for high school.”

— Jeremy Wood, Technology Planning Coordinator

Opus Interactive


Powered Cloud Computing Enables Superior Service

“VMware and Intel have a perfect marriage, in my eyes. You can really see that in the way their new products are specifically designed to work together and harness each other’s strengths.”

— Jeremy Sherwood, Strategic Account Manager

Opus Interactive


VMware and Intel Technology Provide Flexibility and Agility for Business Infrastructure

“Our customers don’t necessarily need to know how the 5500 series processors take advantage of hyper-threading or onboard caching to work more efficiently with the VMware-created virtual machines. They just want to make sure that their applications are running efficiently with guaranteed service levels. And that’s exactly what VMware and Intel technology allows us to do: deliver our customers’ IT infrastructure with all the advantages of virtualization and utility computing, and at a competitive price.”

— Jeremy Sherwood, Vice President

Oregon State University


The IT department at Oregon State University manages two open-use computer labs and one computer-equipped classroom. Because of financial restrictions, the university had originally purchased all of its servers with local storage, but that infrastructure could not handle the school’s growing workloads, and it required time-consuming upkeep. The university turned to the new VMware Virtual SAN product, which addresses these and other concerns while offering a simple and scalable solution that fits within its budget.

“Before Virtual SAN, we had no ability to scale. Now… it’s a piece of cake; if I want to add additional capacity, I just add an additional server. I don’t have to worry about whether my SAN can grow or not.”

— Alan Sprague, System Administrator, Oregon State University

Outdoor Research


Outdoor Research provides innovation and inspiration for the relentless adventurer, and develops innovative, functional, “bomb-proof” products that are beautiful in their efficiency and their simplicity. The company is ever-improving stewards of the environment, working to minimize its environmental impact and access and educational efforts of a variety of admirable nonprofit outdoor organizations.

“This has been an excellent learning experience for us with the VMware hosted solutions. We will likely leverage more opportunities in the future such as hosting more of our locally managed workloads, or the Disaster Recovery offering because of this experience. The VMware Sales team has been great to work with, the Technical Support team has been extremely responsive and we are on a ‘happy path’ for our hosting solution!”

— John Prince, IT Director, Outdoor Research

Overlake Hospital Medical Center


Overlake’s data center was old and in rough shape, with significant air-conditioning issues and even water leaks. Wolfgram used the data-center migration and upgrade as an opportunity to accelerate the hospital’s transition to virtualization

“Many of the users experienced a big increase in performance because their desktop workstations were so old—so a lot of administrative users are really happy with the virtual desktops. The other big satisfier is that the desktop is now available to them just like in the office wherever they are.”

— Joseph Wolfgram, IT Director and Information Security Officer

Oxford Archeology


With VMware Zimbra, Oxford Archaeology is able to deliver email to the entire organization while reducing the cost per user by 50%. Furthermore, employees now have improved remote access due to the organization's decision to embrace Zimbra’s web-based client in place of existing desktop email clients. A collaborative culture is slowly but steadily emerging as people recognize the benefits of improved communication and knowledge sharing.

"The price of a solution is not just about what it costs to implement it today or support it going forward, but about how it impacts other choices you might want to make in future. By prioritizing openness and multi-platform support, you will maximize your options both in terms of supporting users today, as well as investing in technologies going forward."

— Chris Puttick, Chief Information Officer

Pacific Disaster Center


Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) uses information, science, and technology to enable effective evidence-based decision making and to promote disaster risk reduction (DRR) concepts and strategies. The Center provides multi-hazard warning and decision support tools to facilitate informed decision making and critical information sharing, supporting appropriate and effective actions. PDC also conducts advanced risk assessments that integrate hazard exposure with socio-economic factors for vulnerability and capacity, so the disproportionate impact on populations can be better understood, and then mitigated through improved preparedness and planning processes.

“vCloud Air has been great. Customer service has been wonderful along with technical support. The time to deploy applications has been halved and in some cases cut even further.”

— Randol Stancil, Network Engineer, Pacific Disaster Center
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