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VIF International Education


Learn How You can Use VMware Hybrid Cloud to Extend Your Existing Applications and For Development/Testing

Ever wondered how you can extend your existing applications from your data center into the public cloud to achieve agility and CAPEX savings for handling seasonal workloads, geographic expansion and data center transitions with ease? How can you deliver a truly hybrid platform, allowing you to free up valuable on-premises data center capacity while developing and testing new applications faster?

June 23rd, 2015 8.00 am PST, we hosted a Google+ Hangout event featuring VMware experts and our customers as they provide a deep-dive into the two most common use cases for VMware vCloud Air : Extend Existing Apps and Dev/Test.

“vCloud Air provided us an Agile solution to assist us in our cloud transformation.”

— Lambert M Tomeldan, Director of Information Technology, GCSAA

VIF International Education and VMware


User traffic on VIF International Education's Learning Center, an online professional development platform for K–12 educators, grew by more than 500 percent in one year, but its on-premises IT infrastructure couldn’t keep up. This mission-critical service was running on a single server blade without power or network redundancy, leading to unacceptably high downtime. By moving to the VMware vCloud® Air™ platform, VIF gained vastly higher availability and near-unlimited scalability, improved resource utilization by 300 percent, and reduced its IT systems management workload.

VIF International Education builds global education programs that prepare teachers and students for success in an interconnected world. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the firm supports teachers, schools, and school districts with programs for professional development and curriculum, language acquisition, and cultural exchange. VIF is proud to be a B Corp, certified to meet specific standards for social and environmental performance. VIF is dedicated to developing globally competent citizens with the skills to thrive in an increasingly global marketplace.

“VMware vCloud Air represents for us the opportunity to deliver on our mission to deliver global education for all.”

— David Young, CEO, VIF International Education

VMware IT


The VMware IT Ops team replace manual Dev/Test provisioning with end-to-end automation in the Private Cloud, and reduce provisioning time from 4 weeks to near 24 hours.

“With automated application provisioning, we moved our manual Ops model into true agile Dev mode.”

Vice President, IT Strategy and Architecture, VMware

VMware IT


To improve service delivery agility and responsiveness to application developers and test engineers, VMware’s operations organization implemented VMware vRealize™ Suite to accelerate its application delivery process. By automating the end-to-end provisioning and test process as well as leveraging VMware internal private cloud infrastructure services, VMware slashed the time needed to deliver workloads to the development team, increased the predictability of provisioning tasks, and decreased IT costs. The result helped VMware become more agile by improving developer productivity while at the same time decreasing project risk and application backlog.

“By streamlining application delivery and ongoing management, VMware vRealize Suite frees up more time for development and allows IT to be more agile.”

— Job Simon, Vice President of IT Strategy and Architecture, VMware

Wachter, Inc.


Wachter Reduces Storage Costs, Improves Performance and Simplifies Administration with VMware Virtual SAN

Wachter, Inc. urgently needed more data storage for their VMware virtual environment at its Lenexa, Kansas headquarters. By replacing the existing server hardware with three new Cisco nodes, packed with 45TB of storage and running VMware Virtual SAN™ software, the company reduced the capital costs of storage, improved storage performance, simplified system administration, and accelerated IT response to new business requirements.

"Most of the traditional SAN options would have given us 15 to 20 terabytes at a cost of somewhere between $5 and $7 a gigabyte. With the new Cisco servers and Virtual SAN we got cost savings at the rate of 1/5th of the traditional SAN, with 45 terabytes that cost less than $1.50 a gigabyte. It was a massive difference."

— Carl Shriver, IT Operations Manager, Wachter, Inc.

Washington Trust Bank


See how Washington Trust Bank uses VMware Horizon with View to enable seamless mobility for all employees to serve their customers. better

"Where we really crossed over the acceptance threshold, in my mind, is when I could sit in a meeting with some of our line of business managers and hear them discussing their business strategy and their business plans around virtual desktop infrastructure."

— Chris Green, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Washington Trust Bank

Weill Cornell Medical College


Weill Cornell Medical College Deploys VMware vRealize Air Compliance for Real-Time Visibility into Virtual Infrastructure

Weill Cornell Medical College deployed VMware vRealize Air Compliance, a powerful, easy-to-use service that enables the institution to secure the configurations of its virtual infrastructure while maintaining continuous compliance.

“vRealize Air Compliance provides results that can be acted on quickly and that means we can fix the issue faster, with fewer resources and in a way that adheres to our compliance framework,” McMahon says. “We can ensure that our virtual infrastructure is compliant and make sure that the security controls that maintain compliance are set. And because the solution is from VMware, we know it’s backed by security experts who understand our systems and how to best secure them to meet the stringent requirements of our industry.”

— Tom McMahon, Weill Cornell’s Cloud and Infrastructure Security Manager

Women's College Hospital


Women's College Hospital Gives Caregivers Fast, Reliable Clinical Information with EpicCare Ambulatory EMR and a VMware Private Cloud and VDI

Women's College Hospital was building a medical center to pioneer new ambulatory treatment practices. It needed an IT environment to make clinical information and systems easily accessible to caregivers. By launching a new EpicCare electronic medical records (EMR) solution on a VMware private cloud and delivering it to users through a VMware Horizon® 6 Standard Edition virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the hospital cut data delivery times for clinicians and enabled its lean IT team to easily manage the environment.

"If your virtual infrastructure isn't rock solid, you're going to spend cycles trying to fix it. But that's the last thing on my mind with this environment. It is rock solid."

— Brendan Kwolek, IT Director, Women's College Hospital

Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies Rapidly Delivers Digital Workspaces Post Acquisition with VMware Horizon Air

Founded in 1969, Zebra Technologies Corporation started out as a leader in barcode printers and readers, providing companies with real-time manufacturing and logistics. In 2013, Zebra added to their portfolio of tracking and visibility technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Zatar. In 2014, Zebra acquired the enterprise business unit of Motorola Solutions, Inc., and now more than 7,000 employees in more than 110 offices around the world support the development and sales of Zebra software and hardware solutions. Zebra holds more than 4,200 asset management technology patents and employs more than 1,700 engineers. That commitment to innovation has landed Zebra on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2016. Today, Zebra’s primary mission is helping its global customer base, including more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, harness real-world data for actionable business intelligence. Zebra Technologies needed to provide a digital workspace that would allow both existing and newly acquired employees to access the company network from anywhere. IT was exploring a hybrid-cloud approach for desktops to provide that flexibility to remote developers outside of headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illin. IT had been testing dinCloud for their Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for about a year. However, end users complained about the product’s performance. For instance, when users moved their mouse, it dragged across the screen due to keyboard mapping issues that impacted response time.

"The performance was great, and the ease of deployment was really what sold Zebra on Horizon Air. It is incredibly easy to spin up a couple hundred desktops quickly. VDI became a huge success for us to get people onto Zebra’s network right through their basic Internet port.”

— Scott Myers, Cloud Architect, Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies Handles Massive Motorola Merger with VMware vCloud Air Solution

Zebra Technologies builds logistical solutions that identify, track, and manage critical assets, people, and transactions. The company's end-to-end solutions combine mobile computers, scanners, specialty printers, radio-frequency identification (RFID) labeling, software, and services to give physical things a digital voice and provide companies with visibility into their business. Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Zebra operates in 81 countries and employs a workforce of more than 7,000.

When Zebra Technologies bought Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business in 2014, it acquired 700 new applications and a massive hosting bill. By transforming its internal data center facilities to create a VMware private cloud, and by extending that environment with the VMware vCloud® Air™ service, Zebra created a hybrid private-public cloud with the scalability and flexibility to quickly migrate the Motorola workloads, retire the legacy hosting expense, and prepare for future growth.

"We have a cloud service provider who wrote the code that runs the cloud. If there's a problem with vCloud Air, VMware doesn't have to call anyone else. That made this a very simple decision."

— Kelly Jones, Consultant to the CIO, Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies Masters a Massive Merger with a Hybrid Cloud Using VMware NSX and vRealize Suite

When Zebra Technologies bought Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business in 2014, it also acquired 700 new applications and a massive daily hosting bill. To handle the influx, the company transformed its internal data center facilities to create a VMware-based private cloud. It extended that environment with the VMware vCloud® Air™ Dedicated Cloud service and chose VMware vRealize® Suite to manage the resulting hybrid private-public cloud secured by VMware NSX®. This tightly integrated environment delivered the flexibility needed to quickly migrate the Motorola workloads, retire the legacy hosting expense, and launch on-demand infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

“You need to have all these pieces: the Software-Defined Data Center, the public cloud service, the automation, the security, the operational visibility, and the financial transparency. VMware has sewn it all into a single software solution.”

— Scott Myers, Cloud Architect, Zebra Technologies

Zionsville Community Schools


Providing Students with Limitless Learning – Zionsville Community Schools and VMware Horizon

Zionsville Community Schools experienced challenges with maintaining computers and keeping costs down. With VMware Horizon the school district has provided limitless learning, and saved over $20 million in classroom space.

“We started looking at the long term cost savings. It’s well over $20 million dollars that we would be saving just in classroom space by reclaiming these labs.”

— Patti Bostwick, Chief Technology Officer, Zionsville Community Schools

BDP International


VMware Horizon 6 Helps Customers Streamline Their Business

VMware Horizon 6 delivers virtualized or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform to end users. Kroll Ontrack, BDP International, and Southern States Cooperative, discuss why they selected VMware over the competition and the impact of Horizon on their business.

“We were running Citrix and we deployed Google apps and saw how Chrome performed very poorly in those environments. That was a real wake-up call to say ‘if we are going to truly run this as an enterprise we need to come up with a better solution than Citrix.’”

— Jason Bullock, Executive Director of IT Global Infrastructure & Support, BDP International

Wuhan Polytechnic

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