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Tampa Bay Rays


VMware Software Offers The Opportunity To Create A Virtual Infrastructure That Reduces Overall Costs While Increasing Manageability, Performance, Availability, And Disaster Recovery

“Now that we’ve virtualized our infrastructure with VMware solutions, everything runs much more smoothly. We’re saving time, money, and man hours, and establishing a true disaster recovery plan to protect our operations.”

— Juan Ramirez, Senior Director of Information Technology

Tampa Bay Water


Virtualization Keeps The IT Systems Running And The Water Flowing In Tampa Bay

“Our data center was pushing the limits on power, cooling and space; VMware and Intel technology worked together to help us solve our challenges.”

— Steve Kroesen, Network Systems Administrator

TechTeam Global


Stefanini TechTeam Deploys VMware View to Support Global Help Desk Expansion; Data Strategy Helps Architect, Implement Desktop Virtualization as Foundation for Agile Growth

“I would tell my peers in IT that VMware View really helps you centralize management of IT resources while delivering excellent desktop performance for remote users. At TechTeam, it’s enabling us to expand our revenue-generating helpdesk operations cost-efficiently, through an infrastructure that can scale and adapt quickly to meet future demands.”

— Daniel Chapiewski, Global Infrastructure Director

Tennessee Technological University


Tennessee Tech knows that immersive, experiential academic environments help students succeed. Now a VMware View virtualized desktop environment allows the university to support that academic approach more cost-effectively.

“We are building a foundation to graduate the engineers of the future, and we’re using VMware View to do it. It is the future of academic computing.”

— Marbin Pazos-Revilla, IT Specialist, College of Engineering



Teradata Deploys A Private Cloud Based On vSphere While Streamlining Their Cloud Administration With VMware vCenter Lab Manager

“Energy savings from deploying a private cloud paid back our investment in just six months.”

— Scott Gnau, Chief Development Officer for R&D

Texas A&M University


Texas A&M chose Zimbra for its open source technology which allows users to collaborate with others using a variety of devices. With Zimbra, the university can provide access for all students, faculty and staff from a wide range of mail clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

“We are very happy with our decision to choose Zimbra. It boils down to this: The solution is very good and the support has been extremely helpful. We’ve really enjoyed working with the entire Zimbra team.”

— Tom Golson, Chief System Engineer

Texas A&M University Kingsville


Discover how Texas A&M University-Kingsville turned to VMware® View desktop virtualization for an agile and adaptive solution.

“VMware View allows us to maintain a competitive edge by providing the freshest applications and operating systems to users. If we had to run around and update our 4,000 PCs with the latest web browsers and versions of Microsoft Office, we’d never keep up.”

— Robert Miller, Associate CIO

The Waddington Group


A rapidly expanding group of manufacturing companies, The Waddington Group met the challenge of growth by leveraging VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) to reduce time integrating backend systems by 80%. In addition, vSphere Data Protection Advanced increased reliability of backup and disaster recovery systems.

“The organization has been crying out for quicker implementation of new applications. Using vSphere with Operations Management, we can bring up new virtual hosts and deploy applications much more rapidly than in the past.”

— Paul Reed, Director of IT, The Waddington Group

Todd Herman Associates


Virtualization Benefits Consulting Firm and Clients Alike

“The additional flexibility, agility, and uptime that VMware and Intel technology brings to our firm helps us provide creative solutions that build stronger, more profitable, and more competitive companies.”

— Todd Herman, President

Transit Authority of River City (TARC)


Transit Authority Uses Virtualization To Keep Things Moving

“Selecting Intel based hardware for our VMware virtualization solution was a wise decision. The number of cores running on each processor gives us all the processing power we need to run our critical transit applications.”

— Craig Gosselin, System Manager

Transylvania University


Discover how Transylvania University lowered total cost of ownership for collaboration software licensing and support by 61% with Zimbra while adding new capabilities such as high availability (HA) and on-demand access to virtual servers load-balanced between the physical servers (VMware vSphere® vMotion®).

“Zimbra gives us a gorgeous Web interface for students as well as a connector to keep our Outlook users happy and synchronized. Zimbra and VMware have become our two favorite technologies.”

— Jason Whitaker, Director of IT



VMware vSphere 4 Provides A Virtualization Platform That Increases Scalability, Availability, And Manageability Of IT Infrastructure

“We’ve already saved $2.1 million dollars since moving to VMware vSphere, and expect to see these savings grow over the next few years. We’ve consolidated our servers at a 20:1 ratio, significantly reducing hardware costs. We’ve saved energy and space. We’ve even saved time because VMware technology has eliminated the extra time, steps, and costs of procuring and provisioning physical servers. From an operational and capital expense standpoint, going with VMware vSphere made a lot more sense.”

— Tom Hines, CIO

TTX Company


VMware Is The Business Solution Driving TTX Agility

“As a leader in cloud computing, VMware is enhancing the ability of companies like TTX to achieve our business goals. We can be more flexible and agile, and leverage our technology to swiftly respond to changing business conditions or emerging business needs. VMware is much more than a technology solution—it is a business solution.”

— Rob Zelinka, Director of Infrastructure

Union Mutual of Vermont


See how Union Mutual replaced its aging desktop environment with VMware View helping to reduce the company’s support costs and management overhead.

“In my opinion, VMware View virtual technology is the de facto standard for companies that need a stable, robust, sustainable desktop architecture.”

— Gary Ouellette, Vice President of Operations, Technology and Enterprise Risk

United States Air Force ESC CIE


Virtualization Enables USAF to Improve Combat-Support Software Development Capabilities Integration Environment Deploys virtualization For Efficient, Centralized Shared Services

“Virtualization has helped CIE meet skyrocketing demand for services. They can do more, faster, with a smaller footprint with the benefit from highly available datacenter resources and simpler project management options. This can enable the Air Force to deliver better service at lower cost to the developers who create essential combat-support applications.”

University of British Columbia


Virtualizing Oracle Database Servers Readies University of British Columbia to Achieve Infrastructure Goals

“When I talk to people about VMware virtualization, I tell them ‘don’t believe everything you think.’ We’re proving here at UBC that VMware is very viable. It works in production environments, it works for Oracle database servers, and everywhere in-between. VMware technology lets you architect a very reliable, very dynamic solution to your computing needs.”

— Michael Thorson, Director of Infrastructure

University of Colorado


Virtualized UCCS Datacenter Advances Research, Teaching, Operations College of Engineering & Applied Sciences and the National Institute of Science, Space & Security Centers Attracts Grant Funding, Improves Classroom Capabilities

“Virtualization has allowed us to build a new, multi-purpose datacenter housing multiple environments to attract more research funding, expand classroom services and improve operational capabilities.”

— Sean Staples, IT Professional

University of Connecticut School of Business


Learn how University of Connecticut School of Business provides their students anytime, anywhere access to school-provide applications.

“Our vision is to offer our students dedicated desktops for every class they take. VMware View technology has put us on the path to realizing that dream.”

— Jeremy Pollack, Director of IT

University of Illinois


The University of Illinois identifies and solves issues with VMware vFabric tc Server. The University of Illinois is the premier public university in the state, operating campuses in Chicago, Springfield and Urbana Champaign.

“tc Server helps us reduce the number of potential problem sources and focus on the areas where the issue might exist, saving us hours on troubleshooting a problem.”

— Nyle Bolliger, Director of Application Development and Support

University of Montreal


University of Montreal Takes Advantage of Needed Refresh to Virtualize Desktops. Virtualization Cuts Costs, Reduces Environmental Impact, Improves Service to Students and Faculty

“We had an aging desktop infrastructure, obsolete management tools and a limited budget for renewal. Our solution goals were to simplify management, cut costs, reduce environmental impact and improve service to end users. VMware View pays off on all of these fronts.”

— Mario Therrien, Director, Office of Users Services, Information Technology and Communications Services
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