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Discover how Mid-Market organizations have transformed their Business Operations by implementing VMware solutions.

"We needed another way to get there because the business environment was changing, our customers were looking for new ways to deploy our software and we figured out how to do that on VMware."

— Patrick Tickle, , Executive VP of Products, Planview



With Vir3, SMB customers for the first time have access to a datacenter virtualization solution based on industry-leading VMware software and the expertise of SynchroNet.

“It was apparent that VSA was a game changer that would allow small and medium businesses to virtualize in a cost-effective manner.”

— Ritesh Kapadia, Vice President of Operations

Virginia Community College System (VCCS)


Yes, Virginia, There Is A Way To Reduce Power And Cooling In Your Data Center

"VMware is definitely a leader in the virtualization space, and we think Intel is right on the money with the chipsets they're developing for virtual environments."

— Brian Viscuso, Lead, Enterprise Systems Engineering

Virtacore Systems


Using VMware vCloud Technology, Virtacore Empowers Customers to Maximize Value of Cloud Computing

“VMware vCloud technology allows our customers to seamlessly migrate workloads to and from the public and private cloud, without having to reload data, change IP addresses or deal with domain name server issues.”

— Tom Kiblin, CTO



Vlingo Meets Critical Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) with VMware vFabric Hyperic. Vlingo, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the inventor of the mobile phone voice user interface.

“Hyperic helps us meet the SLAs and allows us to be more competitive. Our senior executives are more comfortable writing customer contracts with strong SLAs because we have Hyperic watching the environment and alerting us when there are problems.”

— Steve Caissie, Director of Operations

VMware IT


The VMware IT Ops team replace manual Dev/Test provisioning with end-to-end automation in the Private Cloud, and reduce provisioning time from 4 weeks to near 24 hours.

“With automated application provisioning, we moved our manual Ops model into true agile Dev mode.”

Vice President, IT Strategy and Architecture, VMware

VMware Professional Services


VMware Consultants Worked Closely With VMware IT To Develop An Architectural Design For VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager To Fit The Business Requirements, Leveraging Expertise And Experience Gained From Previous SRM Engagements

“Working with VMware Professional Services, we were better able to determine what we were really trying to accomplish in our disaster recovery program, and then form a conceptual architecture around those needs. Plugging in the right technology became a relatively simple final step.”

— Alex Fontana, IT Architect

VMware VMworld


VMware Enables VMworld 2010 Labs on Virtualized Desktops Running in Hybrid Cloud

“By implementing our VMworld 2010 labs in a hybrid cloud environment, we demonstrated that this is a mature technology that can deliver significant value to us and to our customers. The hybrid cloud environment was robust and stable. And it gave us the automation tools, horsepower and flexibility we needed to offer more labs to more people, without requiring more support staff.”

— Dan Anderson, Principal Architect

Wall Street Systems


Wall Street Systems Boosts SaaS Success with Help from Savvis and VMware

“With the cloud model, I have infrastructure-on-demand. For me, that’s enabled Wall Street Systems to scale our business in a way that we would not normally have been able to do in the past.”

— Mark Tirschwell, Chief Technology Officer

Washington County


VMware Infrastructure 3 Creates A Virtual Platform That Can Be Leveraged To Create A Highly Redundant And Resilient Public Safety System

“We are flat-out thrilled with the success we’ve had in upgrading our 911 call center without any disruption to key public safety services. That achievement in itself speaks volumes about VMware’s technology and the ability of the project team at synergIT to effectively leverage it.”

— Dan Briner, Director of Information Technology

Washington Trust Bank


Learn How Washington Trust Bank Uses VMware View to Secure Data and Customer Information.

"The nice thing about running VMware View is that all the data stays in the secure data center. It doesn’t leave the data center at all. From a security perspective, implementing VMware View was a very large step forward in securing our data from a mobility perspective."

— Chris Green, Vice President/Director IT Infrastructure Systems



Squeezing Every Last Drop From Virtualization

“VMware and Intel deliver the innovation and performance we need to meet our ever-changing data center requirements. They’re really a great combination.”

— George Scangas, Manager of IT Architecture

Whatcom Community College


Datacenter, Desktop Virtualization Enable College to Accommodate Rising Enrollment, Shrinking Budget

“We wanted the same vendor for both server and desktop virtualization. It helps a lot with pricing, upgrades, compatibility and support. And VMware was the hands-down winner.”

— Ward Naf, IT Director



VMware Technology Streamlines IT Administration, Reducing Overall Costs While Increasing Business Agility

“Right now, we are about 75 percent virtualized for all the servers in North America. This makes our IT infrastructure much easier to manage. The amount of time we spend managing the virtual machines is about a quarter of the time compared to what we’d spend managing physical servers.”

— Mike Rappette, Global Information Systems Delivery Manager, Intel Infrastructure Engineering



Virtualization Project Saves $2 Million While Supporting Aggressive Green Initiatives

“We saved more than $2 million by using a non-traditional data center migration plan. Through virtualization, we’ve turned our high-cost, low-efficiency data center into a dynamic data center with a shared, utility-like model. Our systems are no longer constrained to hardware or geographic locations.”

— Michael Rappette, Delivery Manager Global, Infrastructure Services

Winthrop & Weinstine


Virtualization Puts People First at Winthrop & Weinstine Flexibility of Virtualized Desktops Helps Attorneys Balance Work and Home While Still Meeting Clients’ Needs

“One way our law firm attracts exceptional talent is by cultivating a work environment that allows our staff to balance work and family. VMware View virtualization technology enables our attorneys and other staff to meet our clients’ needs while gaining more flexibility to balance those needs with their own. It has definitely contributed to our efforts to make Winthrop & Weinstine a great place to work.”

— Craig Wilson, Director of IT

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families


Newly Formed State Agency Chooses Desktop Virtualization to Meet Employee Needs for Access, Mobility

“CIOs will have the best results if they give their staff the ability to come back with the toolsets that will serve them best. My team took me seriously when I asked them to find the best. They found VMware.”

— Maytee Aspuro, CIO and IT Director



Xtium provisions Tier-1 Apps and Virtual Desktops 30 times faster with Dell EqualLogic and VMware vSphere 4.1. Business opportunities for cloud providers are paving the way for new services to customers that go beyond cost savings and set the bar higher for speed and convenience in delivery of IT services.

“Customers are enjoying new services that are making them more efficient and providing new opportunities for revenue.”

— Tim Vogel, Chief Technology Officer

Infinite Group, Inc.


Virtualization is Infinitely Better Than a Physical Infrastructure for Leading Technology Group

“Our clients are often drawn to the Intel platform for their virtualization efforts based on the strength of Intel's relationship with VMware— that reason alone can be a deciding factor.”

— Jason Langone, Director of Virtualization Services

Eanes 独立学区


Eanes 独立学区为利用 VMware View 树立了典范, 降低了桌面环境的成本

“VMware View 使我们的现有技术生命 周期得以延长,因此我们的学生并未 受到经济震荡和教育预算周期的负面 影响。”

— Carl Hooker, Eanes 独立学区虚拟化协调员
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