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Accelerating processes and facilitating global collaboration

Siemens employees securely network internally from any user device without being impeded by schedules and time zones, which leads employees to engage in richer, more meaningful, real-time conversations.



Smartvie/DARZ vCloud Air Network video

Smartvie explains how, by working with VMware vCloud Air Network partner DARZ, it uses vCloud Air to provide scalability and flexibility to its retail customers using its services.

“VMware is one of the leaders in virtualization software, so the combination of working with DARZ and VMware for us means that we can have the advantages of data storage at DARZ, and the computation on the cloud. This allows us to really scale up when it’s needed, and have full flexibility as well as data security.

With the solution by DARZ and VMware, we store customers’ data securely, and have no problem with the rules and regulations set by the government.

We can be fast and agile, as well as stable and reliable for our customers.”

— Mustafa Azim, CEO, Smartvie



Nexinto discusses its role as a premium vCAN partner, and how it uses VMware solutions to enable customers to keep their business operations running at all times.

“For Nexinto customers, it’s key that the business is always on, as every minute the customer is not available, they are losing a lot of money. So the vCAN program is providing us with the opportunity to cover such challenges without investing in fixed platforms, and gives us the capability of an excellent OPEX model.”

“We offer our own financial services, but are also offering our own platform-as-a-service. So having vSAN looking at NSX and getting the automation portal together is helping us to bring up [our platform] in different locations, so even when customers out of the blue tell us they want our platform in a PCI environment, we use all the bits and pieces coming from the product to actually give them an environment that is fully controlled and still monitored by us.”

— Andre Neumann, Head of Supplier Management, Nexinto

Fujitsu TDS GmbH


Fujitsu virtualizes SAP HANA based on VMware

The Fujitsu TDS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Group and a full-service IT and SAP systems house and provides medium and large customers a wide range of data center services. One of Fujitsu's focus are offerings for SAP, and especially the offer for SAP HANA. This consists of a complete package, which includes the certified hardware, consulting and support in the implementation and servicing. Target of Fujitsu was to be able to offer SAP HANA from the Fujitsu private cloud, from a data center in Germany – cost-effective, fast and flexible as traditional SAP systems – and with optimized security.

"At Fujitsu we promise to make applications easier. To meet this commitment, the applications have to be easy to maintain and to operate. VMware helped us to achieve this goal. Today we can use the same processes and technologies for SAP HANA, that we use also for classical SAP systems."

— Manuel Thalhofer, Portfolio Manager SAP Services, Market

Beiersdorf Shared Services


From head to toe – Beiersdorf is virtualising its global server environment using VMware’s vCloud Suite

Beiersdorf Shared Services (BSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG and as a partner of Beiersdorf, BSS shares its expertise with the entire Group. In particular, the BSS operates the entire IT and accounting of the company. In order to respond more quickly to requests from its parent company, the BSS decided to virtualize the entire server landscape at its headquarters in Hamburg and at 80 locations around the world. The biggest challenge was the virtualization of business-critical applications. Today, however, the BSS is able to reduce costs and speed up processes.

“IT is nowadays resulting in costs savings for us since a large number of processes can be accelerated. Investment in IT is enabling us to respond to business queries and to our competitors’ projects within one to two days – and not within four to six weeks as in the past.”

— Andreas Liehmann, Manager Server Platform, Beiersdorf Shared Services



SAP partners with VMware to transform their businesses with software-defined architectures and solutions. Video from Keynote at VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona.

— Martin Heisig, Senior Vice President Infrastructure Services, SAP AG

Fujitsu TDS GmbH


Market advantage through virtualization

As a complete IT service provider and SAP system consultant, Fujitsu TDS GmbH, a subsidiary of the Fujitsu Group, offers medium-sized and large companies a wide variety of data centre services. In addition to IT outsourcing and application management, the focus of their services is on SAP. This includes certified SAP consulting and SAP hosting as well as SAP-based industry solutions and templates, and in-memory computing with SAP HANA. The portfolio also includes private cloud services, which Fujitsu provides from their own highly secure data centres in Germany. Well-known customers in the automotive, retail and processing industries, as well as banks and insurance companies, rely on its independent, competent support. Fujitsu manages the specific quality and security requirements of a variety of industries thanks to continuous further development. Its great capacity for implementation and its optimum results are based on the high qualifications of its IT consultants. To provide our customers with an optimum SAP infrastructure, it's essential that, in terms of technology, we always stay a step ahead of the competition. For this reason Fujitsu counted on virtualisation of SAP Sybase ASE with VMware vSphere.

"To provide our customers with an optimum SAP infrastructure, it's essential that, in terms of technology, we always stay a step ahead of the competition. With SAP virtualisation with VMware, that's exactly what we've done."

— Manuel Thalhofer, Portfolio Manager Business Development for SAP Services at Fujitsu TDS GmbH

Deutsche Telekom


The Flexible Cloud-Based Workplace

With 143 million mobile telephone customers, 31 million landline customers and more than 17 million broadband connections, Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading telecommunications companies worldwide. The company has been active in innovation and growth areas for years – especially in the IT sector. Thanks to cooperation with technology partner VMware, the Managed Workplace service was launched at the beginning of the year – with the clear goal of entrenching the subsidiary company, Telekom Deutschland GmbH, as a more powerful IT provider for small and medium-sized businesses.

“With the partnership between Telekom and VMware we have succeeded in launching our workplace model Managed Workplace on the market in a very short time.”

— Johannes Bronswick, Commercial Manager, Telekom Deutschland

Deutsche Telekom


The Flexible Cloud-Based Workplace

Telecommunication providers face an increasing need to enter new markets in order to remain competitive. The Deutsche Telekom Germany has set itself the goal to act as a more powerful IT provider for small and medium-sized businesses. With VMware, as a long-term technology partner, has helped to develop an innovative cloud workplace solution for medium-sized enterprises. Managed Workplace is based on VMware Horizon DaaS and allows employees to quickly and easily work in a familiar environment and access to corporate data. The new collaboration was not only an innovative workplace solutions to be put on the market, but also the partnership with VMware are increasingly strengthened - for both companies a win-win situation.

“For many clients, we are already the logical, on-site partner for voice communication. This is precisely what we wish to achieve for the IT sector and consequently, for cloud services. Unlike our competitors, we accept end-to-end responsibility for all of our products. We provide the applications, run them in highly secure, ISO-certified data centres in Germany, and handle service and invoicing. Furthermore, we provide our customers with the desired network connection upon request.”

— Dirk Backofen, Director of Business Customer Marketing, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Deutsche Telekom


Deutsche Telekom MNC realised it needed a software based solution for an improved Service Quality Management in order to ensure transparency in operator’s performance and provide high visibility for customers. They therefore decided to implement a system based on VMware’s IT Business Management Suite (ITBM).

“Our goals – higher efficiency and web-based reporting portal – could fully be reached with the implementation of VMware ITBM.”

— Dr. Frank Seyl, Business Excellence, MNC Sales and Service Deutsche Telekom MNC

Lufthansa Systems


Lufthansa systems provide IT for the airline & aviation industry, based in Frankfurt, they employ over 3,000 people based in 14 countries. They needed to develop a system to distribute mapping data to pilots across the globe. Flight charts are only current for 4 weeks and pilots are only given 10 days to download updates. It needed to be scalable to cope with huge peaks in demand of up to 800MB of data being downloaded by over 7,000 pilots at the same time. A VMware Hybrid Cloud solution enables them to utilise a public cloud solution with their existing private cloud, increasing scalability & agility while ensuring data security. It was the only solution to provide the capacity to handle peaks in traffic avoiding latency issues

"VMware enables us to use the capabilities and scalabilities of a Public Cloud Provider and at the same time ensuring data security and integrity.”

— Dr. Joerg Liebe, Chief Information Officer, Lufthansa Systems



Claus-Henning Cappell, Program Lead for Strategic Innovation at SAP Global IT, and Petra Bernhoff, Global Program Manager Virtualization and Cloud Management at SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG outline the successful partnership between SAP and VMware. They also introduce SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management 1.0 which integrates into VMware Management Tools.

"I think we have a very good strategic partnership between VMware and SAP. In this partnership we have been able to rethink everything that is essential to the cloud. As a result we have a very deep integration between SAP and VMware's way of managing our infrastructure."

— Claus-Henning Cappell, Program Lead Strategic Innovation at SAP Global IT

Neos Ventures GmbH


IT solutions provider helps boost system performance and security for travel industry leader with vShield implementation .

“VMware’s vShield technology provides an excellent solution to the new security challenges faced by organisations, particularly as they make the move to the cloud. The successful implementation of vShield within our customer, a leading global travel industry player, has also provided us with a best practice case study for our business automation cloud strategy proposition.”

— Hendrik van den Berg, Managing Director at Neos



ADAC e.V., Europe’s Largest Automobile Insurance Association Completes Desktop Migration. With VMware Mirage it migrated 2,400 existing desktop PCs, including user installed applications, files, and profiles to new laptops in a time constrained, three week timeframe.

“With Mirage we had exactly the same IT environment on the PC, but were able to migrate over everything that made that desktop personal to our users... IT was able to separate the IT images on the desktop PCs from the user space — applications, files, and personalization. ”

— Stefan Brandstetter, IT Manager, ADAC e.V.

Universität Bonn


Turbo für die Forschung

Maßgeschneiderte Server- und Storagesysteme für Forschungsprojekte und Lehre dank VMware-basierter Virtualisierung

„Unsere VMware-Struktur hat sich zum Wettbewerbsvorteil im internationalen Berufungskarussell entwickelt. Wissenschaftler sind immer wieder beeindruckt, wie schnell und flexibel wir ihnen damit Kapazitäten für ihre Projekte zur Verfügung stellen können.“

— Peter Middelhauve, Universität Bonn

Fujitsu TDS GmbH


Immer einen Schritt voraus: Fujitsu virtualisiert SAP HANA auf Basis von VMware

Die Fujitsu TDS GmbH ist eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft des Fujitsu Konzerns und bietet als IT-Komplettdienstleister und SAP Systemhaus mittelständischen und großen Kunden ein vielfältiges Angebot an Rechenzentrumsservices. Ein Schwerpunkt von Fujitsu ist das Angebot rund um SAP, und speziell das Angebot für SAP HANA. Dieses besteht aus einem Komplettpaket, welches die zertifizierte Hardware, die Beratung und Unterstützung bei der Implementierung sowie den Service umfasst. Ziel von Fujitsu war es, SAP HANA aus der Fujitsu Private Cloud von einem Rechenzentrum in Deutschland aus anbieten zu können und zwar genauso kostengünstig, schnell und flexibel wie klassische SAP Systeme – bei optimierter Sicherheit.

„Mit dem Software-Defined Data Center stellen SAP HANA-Systeme für Fujitsu heute keine Herausforderung mehr dar. Deshalb werden wir auch zukünftig das Ziel der vollständigen SAP HANA Betriebsautomatisierung konsequent weiter verfolgen,um Kunden noch agilere und flexiblere Anwendungen im Bereich SAP ermöglichen zu können.”

— Manuel Thalhofer, Portfoliomanager SAP Services, Market



HolidayCheck schickt Reisende noch schneller und entspannter in den Urlaub – dank VMware Virtual SAN

Die HolidayCheck AG optimiert ihre Storage-Lösung mit VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) und sorgt dafür, dass Kunden innerhalb kürzester Zeit zu Sonne, Strand und Meer kommen.

„Zu den Urlaubsstoßzeiten in den Sommermonaten ist es für unser Unternehmen besonders wichtig, dass die Systeme stabil laufen. Mit VMware Virtual SAN steigern wir die Ausfall- und Funktionssicherheit unseres Storage-Systems. Denn brechen Hosts weg, laufen diese innerhalb kürzester Zeit auf anderen Servern weiter – mit dem alten Speicher wäre das nicht vorstellbar gewesen.“

— Maximilian Schöfmann, Head of Operations, HolidayCheck

Beiersdorf Shared Services


Von Kopf bis Fuß: Beiersdorf virtualisiert weltweite Serverlandschaft mit VMware vCloud Suite

Beiersdorf Shared Services (BSS) ist eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft der Beiersdorf AG und teilt als Partner von Beiersdorf seine Expertise mit dem gesamten Konzern. Im Besonderen betreibt die BSS die gesamte IT und das Accounting des Unternehmens. Um schneller auf Anfragen des Mutterkonzerns reagieren zu können, entschied sich die BSS dazu, die gesamte Serverlandschaft am Hauptsitz in Hamburg sowie an den 80 Standorten auf der ganzen Welt zu virtualisieren. Dabei war die größte Herausforderung die Virtualisierung von unternehmenskritischen Applikationen. Heute jedoch ist die BSS dadurch in der Lage Kosten zu reduzieren und Prozesse zu beschleunigen. Zudem konnte durch die Virtualisierung der Bau eines weiteren Rechenzentrums vermieden werden.

„Zudem verfolgen wir nach wie vor unser großes Ziel, alle Bereiche zu virtualisieren, um die vollständige Automatisierung zu erreichen – eben ein Software-Defined Data Center. Und das mit Hilfe von VMware. Denn dann werden wir noch besser in der Lage sein, Beiersdorf zu unterstützen.“

— Andreas Liehmann, Manager Server Platform, Beiersdorf Shared Services

DJE Kapital AG


DJE Kapital AG wanted to outsoucre its infrastructure to ACP to be able to concentrate on security and reliability.

DJE Kapital AG wanted to outsoucre its infrastructure to ACP to be able to concentrate on important topics again. Therefore the topics security and realibility were the biggest challenges. So ACP is in cooperation with VMware today able to realize mission critical demands of financial service providers with cloud solutions.

"Durch die steigenden Anforderungen an die IT-Infrastruktur sahen wir uns gezwungen infastrukturelle Themen auszulagern und an die ACP zu geben, damit wir uns anderen Projekten besser widmen können."

— Ralf Jaenicke, IT/EDV Coordination

Fujitsu TDS GmbH


Marktvorsprung durch Virtualisierung

Als IT-Komplettdienstleister und SAP-Systemhaus bietet die Fujitsu TDS GmbH mittelständischen und großen Unternehmen ein vielfältiges Angebot an Rechenzentrumsservices. Neben IT Outsourcing und Application Management richtet sich der Fokus der Fujitsu auf Services rund um SAP: Dazu gehören die zertifizierte SAP-Beratung und SAP-Hosting sowie SAP-basierte Branchenlösungen und -templates und das In-Memory Computing mit SAP HANA. Das Portfolio runden Private Cloud Services ab, die Fujitsu aus eigenen, hochsicheren Rechenzentren in Deutschland bereitstellt. Den spezifischen Anforderungen vieler Branchen wird Fujitsu durch die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung in puncto Qualität und Sicherheit gerecht. Die große Umsetzungskraft und optimalen Ergebnisse beruhen dabei auf der besonderen Qualifikation der IT-Consultants. Um als Hoster auf dem sich ständig verändernden IT-Markt wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, muss die IT-Infrastruktur optimal aufgestellt sein. Deshalb setzte die Fujitsu auf die Virtualisierung der SAP Sybase ASE mit VMware vSphere Hypervisor.

„Um unseren Kunden eine optimale SAP-Infrastruktur zu liefern, ist es für uns essentiell, technologisch immer einen Schritt schneller zu sein als der Mitbewerb. Durch die SAP-Virtualisierung mit VMware haben wir genau das geschafft.“

— Manuel Thalhofer, Portfolio Manager Business Development für SAP Services bei der Fujitsu TDS GmbH
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