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Wall Street Systems


Wall Street Systems Boosts SaaS Success with Help from Savvis and VMware

“With the cloud model, I have infrastructure-on-demand. For me, that’s enabled Wall Street Systems to scale our business in a way that we would not normally have been able to do in the past.”

— Mark Tirschwell, Chief Technology Officer

Washington Trust Bank


Learn How Washington Trust Bank Uses VMware View to Secure Data and Customer Information.

"The nice thing about running VMware View is that all the data stays in the secure data center. It doesn’t leave the data center at all. From a security perspective, implementing VMware View was a very large step forward in securing our data from a mobility perspective."

— Chris Green, Vice President/Director IT Infrastructure Systems

Washington Trust Bank


See how Washington Trust Bank uses VMware Horizon with View to enable seamless mobility for all employees to serve their customers. better

"Where we really crossed over the acceptance threshold, in my mind, is when I could sit in a meeting with some of our line of business managers and hear them discussing their business strategy and their business plans around virtual desktop infrastructure."

— Chris Green, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Washington Trust Bank

Westpac Institutional Bank


The new virtualized infrastructure eliminates 20 individual servers and several storage devices.

We take comfort in the hardware resiliency Stratus provides, and the software resiliency of VMware

— Leigh Mahoney, Executive Director, Core Banking and Transactional Services



WorldPay wanted to create a completely automated environment to help customers provision infrastructure in a fast-paced environment. The company has completely overhauled its IT infrastructure. A major element of this was deploying network virtualization from VMware. Its estate is now 100% virtual.

“In finance, time to market is of the essence. Our customers rely on us being able to provide them with applications and infrastructure to support their payments in the quickest timeframe. VMware’s network virtualization has been crucial in allowing us to not just be fast, but instant.”

— Iain Blunden, Head Of Global Core Platform Application Development, WorldPay

福岡ひびき信用金庫(Fukuoka-Hibiki Shinkin Bank)


VMware EVO:RAIL enables creation of an easy-to-use,low-cost disaster recovery site and lowers TCO 40%

Fukuoka Hibiki Shinkin Bank sought to meet its security obligations by establishing a server virtualization framework and virtual desktop environment using VMware technology. In a move to ensure smooth business continuity, EVO:RAIL was adopted as an integral part of a disaster recovery site for the bank’s systems. Choosing this hyper-converged infrastructure appliance from VMware gave rise to significantly positive results including shorter adoption lead times and reduced costs.

“After deploying EVO:RAIL, operation management costs dropped to a 10th of what they would have been if we’d opted for a redundant blade server approach. The EVO:RAIL package is a great bargain. We’ve calculated EVO:RAIL adoption has lowered our TCO by 40%.”

— Atsushi Yoshida, Vice President of the Office of the Faculty's Systems Group, Fukuoka Hibiki Shinkin Bank

DJE Kapital AG


DJE Kapital AG wanted to outsoucre its infrastructure to ACP to be able to concentrate on security and reliability.

DJE Kapital AG wanted to outsoucre its infrastructure to ACP to be able to concentrate on important topics again. Therefore the topics security and realibility were the biggest challenges. So ACP is in cooperation with VMware today able to realize mission critical demands of financial service providers with cloud solutions.

"Durch die steigenden Anforderungen an die IT-Infrastruktur sahen wir uns gezwungen infastrukturelle Themen auszulagern und an die ACP zu geben, damit wir uns anderen Projekten besser widmen können."

— Ralf Jaenicke, IT/EDV Coordination

Marzi Steuerberatunngs GmbH


“Angenehm überrascht hat uns nicht nur, wie schnell und reibungslos die Umstellung auf virtuelle Server von Statten ging, sondern auch die Stabilität und Flexibilität im laufenden Betrieb, von der nicht nur die Mitarbeiter unserer Kanzlei, sondern auch unsere Klienten direkt profitieren.”

— Mag. Gunter Wiesinger, Geschäftsführer der marzi Steuerberatungs GmbH

Prosystems IT


Die Prosystems IT konsolidiert hunderte Terminal- und Infrastrukturserver mit VMware vSphere

“vSphere hat unsere Erwartungen vollkommen erfüllt. Der Stromverbrauch für 360 Terminalserver konnte erheblich gesenkt werden und wir haben wieder Platz im Rechenzentrum. Die zusätzliche Konsolidierung unserer Infrastruktur-Server hat die Effizienz im Betrieb der Rechenzentren deutlich gesteigert.”

— Wolfgang Fassbender, Infrastrukturplanung

ReiseBank AG


Eine Alternative zum Marktführer gab es für uns nicht. Weder Xen/Citrix noch Microsoft waren auch nur ansatzweise in der Lage, uns eine so performante und überzeugende Technologie aufzuzeigen wie VMware.

“Jedes System, das nicht unter VMware läuft, bedeutet für uns zusätzliche Kosten. Eine Alternative zum Marktführer gab es für uns zu keiner Zeit.”

— Michael Moroschan, Teamleiter Systembetrieb IT



借助 VMware View,Mahesh Bank以托管服务形式部署桌面,同时实现了管理和维护流程的自动化,降低了 50%的总体拥有成本。

“通过部署 VMware View,我们能够减少约 50% 的桌面总体拥有成本,并且能够集中管理用户的环境。此外,VMware 通过集成‘零客户端’桌面硬件来运行核心银行业务应用程序,这在印度银行业尚属首例。”

— Milind Rajhans, IT 部门经理,The A.P.Mahesh Co-Op.Urban Bank Ltd

Meridian Credit Union信贷


Meridian Credit Union 采用桌面虚拟化来加强销售和服务,从而支持自身的企业社会责任计划。Meridian 能够利用 VMware View 来增强其业务连续性规划态势,可一次性为系统上的大量用户做好准备。如今,Meridian 拥有 100个并发用户许可证,覆盖 300 名员工,包括行政人员、IT 人员和人力资源专家。Meridian计划在未来实现其所有分支机构的桌面虚拟化。

“如果开展新项目时需要构建一个新环境,使用虚拟技术只需几天或一周时间就能完成,而不用等待一到两个月。我们能够以极低的成本来快速响应业务需求。借助 VMware 技术,我们能够为会员提供高品质服务,不断提高 Meridian 的竞争优势。”

— Nelson Meneses, 基础架构运营经理



QIC Fails Systems Over Seamlessly and Continues Managing Client Portfolios During Brisbane Floods

“Ensuring our systems can be recovered within the timeframes set out in our disaster recovery and business continuity plans—and organising testing of those plans—is now much simpler and less time-consuming. I don’t have to organise a full weekend to test our systems—we can just do it when we need to.”

— Tony Hilton, Team Leader – Servers, Storage & Internet

Republic Bank 银行


桌面虚拟化使 Republic Bank 的税务服务呼叫中心 发生了变革。VMware View 4 大幅削减了成本, 提高了工作效率。

“借助桌面虚拟化,我们能够以效率和 性能都远比以前更高的方式支持我们 的退税解决方案业务,同时每年为公 司节约数十万美元。”

— Sean O’Mahoney, Republic Bank 副总裁兼高级技术服务经理





— 李永海, 中国人民银行阿勒泰地区中心支行科技科



华融湘江银行新系统开发部署越来越多,对整体运营平台的要求也更 高,面临安全、管理与业务连续性的挑战。通过VMware进行全面的虚 拟化改造,华融湘江整合了服务器资源,实现多节点复杂虚拟化平台部 署,提高了业务响应效率和IT运营效率。

“华融湘江成功进行了银行业多节点复杂虚拟化平台的部署,初步搭建了伸缩自如的IT 架构,为我们业务的进一步发展优化了IT基础。我们将发挥此次项目部署的成功经验,继续进行IT 资源虚拟化的应用实践,为云计算技术在我行的尝试做好准备。”

— 尚松鹤, 华融湘江信息科技部副总经理



VMware服务团队与哈尔滨银行的IT工程师一起遵循合理规划资源、提高效率,增强高可用性等原则,对IT架构进行了重新规划设计,同时结合了以往的成功经验,利用VMware vSphere、VMware vCenter等方案,打造出了基于虚拟化技术的全新IT架构。利用VMware P2V工具,逐步将物理机上的部分业务系统迁移至虚拟机环境,最终实现了平滑过渡。


— 曹琦, 哈尔滨银行运行维护中心总经理



VMware桌面虚拟化解决方案帮助我们实现了数据的集中化管理和用户的一致性访问。基于业界领先的VMware vSphere,即使我们同时启动300个虚拟桌面,也不会有任何性能降级的问题发生。

“通过采用VMware View桌面虚拟化解决方案,我们实现了数据的集中化管理和用户的一致性访问,大大减少了桌面系统的维护工作,降低了数据丢失的风险,提高了部署新桌面的效率,保证了数据的安全性。同时IT架构扩展变得十分简单,可随着业务发展而轻松扩展。”





“通过采用 VMware的虚拟化技术,大大提高了服务器的利用率,降低了硬件成本,简化和方便了测试环境的搭建,加快新业务的上线速度,为灾备建设打下坚实基础。”






— 张勇, 信息中心副主任
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