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Fulton Financial Corporation


VMware vSphere Creates A Virtual Platform That Allows IT Services To Be Delivered Quickly And Easily, With Lower Costs And Administration

“Our VMware deployment has helped us to enhance our operations not just from a server management standpoint, but from a business continuity standpoint as well. It’s helped us do a lot more with less, which is huge in this economy.”

— Ed Jablonski, Senior Vice President and Information Technology Manager

Fulton Financial Corporation


Fulton Financial Corporation Replaces VMware ESX With Vmware ESXi Due To Its Ultra-Thin Footprint, Improved Security And Reliability

“We were up to about 125 patches per quarter with ESX. Now that we’re running ESXi, I guess we do about three patches per quarter. So that’s made a huge difference for us.”

— Scott Armold, Engineering Manager

Atlas Bank


VMware vSphere 4 Enables Consolidation Of Physical Hardware To Eradicate Server Sprawl And Lower Power And Cooling Costs While Offering Scalability, Performance And High Availability.

“Running VMware vSphere 4 on a powerful hardware platform gives us the scalability to support our ambitious growth plans and create a private cloud that enables us to deliver our infrastructure resources as services to the business as and when required.”

— Shayan Pervaiz, Project Manager, IT Security / BCP & DR

Orbis Financial


VMware Virtualization Provides A Robust, Highly Available, Secure Infrastructure That Ensures Orbis Financial’s Systems Meet Stringent Requirements For Reliability And Performance And Can Be Marketed As An Asset To Investors.

“Implementing an infrastructure based on VMware virtualization has enabled us to project ourselves as a competitive service provider in the custodial market in India, by allowing us to meet the desired expectations of our clients under dynamic market conditions.”

— Ramkumar Mohan, Senior Manager - IT

Национальный банк «ТРАСТ»


“Virtualization technologies enable us to get much more remarkable results within the existing budget”

— Sergey Kvashuk, Director of IT Infrastructure Management Department

Raymond James


VMware Technology Creates A Virtual Environment That Maximizes CPU Utilization, Reverses Server Sprawl, Minimizes Energy Usage, And Reduces Carbon Footprint

“Perhaps the biggest thing VMware is allowing us to do is to extend the life of our data center by several years. The ability to increase server utilization, reclaim floor space, and decrease power usage has been immensely valuable.”

— Bruce Philipoom, VP, Information Technology

Gateway Bancorp


Financial Institution Sees Virtualization As A Gateway Towards Superior Service

“By helping to provide us with excellent uptime for our applications, the VMware and Intel virtualization solution has been a huge benefit for our company as a whole.”

— Wayne Wright, Senior Platform Engineer

Chittenden Bank


Chittenden Bank Prepares To Grow Its Business— Not Its IT Staff—With Virtualization

“Our ‘go-to’ environment is a virtual platform based on VMware technology and Intel processors. We look at an application and decide why it shouldn’t be virtualized, rather than why it should.”

— Doug Nelson, Network Engineer

Barnes Banking Company


Virtualization Helps Barnes Bank Prepare for a Second Century of Success

“Purchasing the Intel Modular Server to use with VMware Infrastructure 3 meant easier management, fewer pieces of hardware to worry about, and less money to spend. It was a pretty easy case to make.”

— Lex Stanger, Information Technology Engineer

Finanz Informatik


“The VMware TAM program is both profitable and beneficial for a large company such as Finanz Informatik. Through its detailed insight into a company, the TAM program can provide a better VMware-internal picture of the impact a problem is having on a customer.”

— Ralf Albers, Team Leader for Server Virtualization

Religare Securities


VMware Infrastructure Enables Religare To Run Multiple Virtual Machines On Blade Servers, Reducing Rack Space, Heating And Cooling Requirements, While Meeting Demand Fuelled By Business Growth

“VMware has enabled us to support 600,000 clients, including 50,000 who conduct trades on a daily basis, while giving us headroom to support growth fuelled by an expected increase in branch numbers to 500 across India.”

— Saurabh Srivastava, Head—Infrastructure (IT)

Russell Investment Group


VMware Virtual Infrastructure Methodology Enables Russell Investment Group to Set up Scalable Lab Infrastructure

"Our business proposition to our clients is very strong. We've grown over the last 10 years and will continue to grow. The only way we can keep up on the technology side is to put tools like this in place so we're much more flexible, agile, and quicker to respond to our business needs."

— Scott Gray , Systems Integration Manager

Marzi Steuerberatunngs GmbH


“Angenehm überrascht hat uns nicht nur, wie schnell und reibungslos die Umstellung auf virtuelle Server von Statten ging, sondern auch die Stabilität und Flexibilität im laufenden Betrieb, von der nicht nur die Mitarbeiter unserer Kanzlei, sondern auch unsere Klienten direkt profitieren.”

— Mag. Gunter Wiesinger, Geschäftsführer der marzi Steuerberatungs GmbH

Prosystems IT


Die Prosystems IT konsolidiert hunderte Terminal- und Infrastrukturserver mit VMware vSphere

“vSphere hat unsere Erwartungen vollkommen erfüllt. Der Stromverbrauch für 360 Terminalserver konnte erheblich gesenkt werden und wir haben wieder Platz im Rechenzentrum. Die zusätzliche Konsolidierung unserer Infrastruktur-Server hat die Effizienz im Betrieb der Rechenzentren deutlich gesteigert.”

— Wolfgang Fassbender, Infrastrukturplanung

ReiseBank AG


Eine Alternative zum Marktführer gab es für uns nicht. Weder Xen/Citrix noch Microsoft waren auch nur ansatzweise in der Lage, uns eine so performante und überzeugende Technologie aufzuzeigen wie VMware.

“Jedes System, das nicht unter VMware läuft, bedeutet für uns zusätzliche Kosten. Eine Alternative zum Marktführer gab es für uns zu keiner Zeit.”

— Michael Moroschan, Teamleiter Systembetrieb IT

台中商銀(Taichung Commercial Bank)



「藉由VMware vSphere,使台中商銀加速落實『兩地三中心』備援架構,並且以最小經濟成本,充分利用資源,確保備援之有效性,並提昇應變之及時性。」

— 林俊昇, 台中商業銀行資訊部經理




"“我们基于VMware View的企业级桌面云尝试是非常成功的。现 在齐鲁证券在简化桌面和应用管理的同时,切实加强了终端的安全性和控制力,为终端用户提供了跨会话和设备的个性化、高逼真用户体验。更为重要的是,我们在实现传统PC难以企及的更高安全性、可用性与敏捷性的同时,将该项目的总体拥有成本降低了近30%”"

— 彭勃, 齐鲁证券信息中心



华融湘江银行新系统开发部署越来越多,对整体运营平台的要求也更 高,面临安全、管理与业务连续性的挑战。通过VMware进行全面的虚 拟化改造,华融湘江整合了服务器资源,实现多节点复杂虚拟化平台部 署,提高了业务响应效率和IT运营效率。

“华融湘江成功进行了银行业多节点复杂虚拟化平台的部署,初步搭建了伸缩自如的IT 架构,为我们业务的进一步发展优化了IT基础。我们将发挥此次项目部署的成功经验,继续进行IT 资源虚拟化的应用实践,为云计算技术在我行的尝试做好准备。”

— 尚松鹤, 华融湘江信息科技部副总经理





— 张勇, 信息中心副主任





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