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Emerson Innovation Center


Emerson Innovation Center - Pune, adopts VMware Virtualization to help consolidate physical servers while saving costs, power and cooling

"We benefitted from VMware virtualization while migrating physical servers to the virtual environment where we did not need to reconfigure a server on the new virtual environment. We could move physical servers to the virtual environment quickly with minimal / zero downtime."

— Parag Karhadkar, Corporate IT Manager, Emerson India

TUI InfoTec


TUI Infotec explain the benefits or a Technical Account Manager (TAM)

“With the TAM program we have the ability to join beta programs so we are early adopters for some of the solutions. We can then go to our business to show them how that can fit for the future and how that fits for their business.”

— Christian Rudolph, Infrastructure Architect at TUI InfoTec



YHMAN’s ‘Shared Virtual Date Centre (SVDC) Pathfinder’ Project would provide a secure shared virtual server and storage service, leveraging its regional Data Centres and existing resilient network. In order to meet these objectives, YHMAN chose VMware technology to run at the heart of Pathfinder. The first phase of the project utilises VMware vSphere technology to virtualise its infrastructure and allow for the consolidation and sharing of resources in a number of regional data centres in operation across the network. Having a secure, multi-tenancy environment was vital and YHMAN again turned to VMware for the solution, using vShield Edge to create secure, hardware-independent perimeters around its virtual data centre environments.

“VMware’s technology has played a critically important role in the development of our industry leading shared virtual data centre service. This not only offers the potential for cutting costs, through rationalisation and consolidation, but facilitates a reduction in our carbon footprint and an improvement in service levels for our clients. The vShield products, in particular, have been at the heart of our ability to deliver the security required of a shared service offering in the educational sector.”

— Ed Carter, Business Manager, YHMAN

Arizona Department of Economic Security


Learn how the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES), turned to VMware solutions to replace its outdated hardware-based shared infrastructure with a flexible and resource-efficient private cloud.

”Implementing a VMware-virtualized cloud environment has given us a way to not only maintain our agency services, but add to them—despite budget constraints and IT staff attrition. We don’t know why any government agency would use anything else. ”

— Eric Mayer, Data Center Administrator

Seven Principles Solutions & Consulting (7P)


Discover how 7P partnered with leading European Infrastructure-as-Service provider Colt, whose VMware vCloud® Datacenter Services leverage VMware technologies to provide agile and secure infrastructure on-demand.

“With technology advancements and the reality of how secure they are, the only decision will be what type of cloud strategy a company will institute.”

— Patrik Menne, Senior Consultant



ZettaGrid, Australia’s first vCloud Powered VSPP and winner of VMware’s VSPP of the year in 2012, discuss how they built their entire business on VMware technologies and offer Infrastructure as a Service solutions to the general public. Three of ZettaGrid’s customers talk about how Cloud Computing has transformed their businesses: Useful Inc. – an inspiring Perth-based start-up organisation that links non-profits to volunteers, describe how cloud services provide the platform for their business and how their business would never have started without ZettaGrid’s IaaS solutions. Speech Solutions – provide voice-to-text dictations services for doctors and medical practitioners utilising ZettaGrid’s infrastructure to instantly convert voice recordings to text. IFS Global – a top-tier world-wide supplier of asset management solutions discuss how ZettaGrid’s IaaS provides a template turn-key infrastructure solution for each of their customers.

“The cloud is a disruptive technology, it is coming in, it is changing things, it is changing the way people think, it is transforming businesses and industries…. customers can come on, they can log on to the site, within five minutes they create an account, they create a virtual datacenter, they create how much storage they want to do, they pay with their credit card.”

— Nicki Pereira, General Manager

Foley & Lardner LLP


Foley leveraged VMware View to offer desktops as a service. The new architecture also enables a bring-your-own-device mobile computing model so that end users, instead of IT, now procure and set up mobile devices.

“Another great benefit that VDI brings to the Bring Your Own Device program at Foley is that the virtual desktop resides in the data center behind our secure infrastructure so when attorneys connect there's very little information that has to go back to the endpoint device and that's a great security model for the era of BYOD."

— Rick Varju, Director of Engineering and Operations



Working with a Technical Account Manager reduces turnaround times for virtualization projects and delivers cost savings by eliminating the risk of poor investment decisions.

“With the VMware TAM service, we have been able to streamline the operation of our virtual infrastructure, and establish long-term plans for its development. Our Technical Account Manager has expertise and experience which are difficult to find elsewhere, and has been a valuable and trusted partner to us.”

— Łukasz Pociask, Virtualization Architect, PGNiG



See how CENTCOM replaced an aging and cumbersome virtualized desktop environment with VMware View to improve manageability, more efficient allocation of storage hardware, and greater usability.

“Our desktop systems are as critical to CENTCOM’s mission as our F-18 fighters. We have to have 100 percent uptime, and with our VMware View environment, we do.”

— Tony Emery, Senior Systems Engineer, Contract Lead

Universiti Malaysia Perlis


Universiti Malaysia Perlis chose the Zimbra Collaboration Suite to provide the advanced user experience UniMAP’s students, faculty and staff required across the multiple campus locations.

“Zimbra is familiar for anyone who has used Microsoft Outlook, but with many added features and open-source technology.”

— Nasrudin Abd Shukor, Director ICT Center

SEGA Europe Ltd.


Sega worked with VMware and COLT to create a hybrid cloud through which Sega could enjoy a secure environment to mirror builds from internal systems onto a compatible external public cloud. The business impacts were: greater consistency and control of Q&A testing; and quicker time-to-market for new games & versions.

“Moving to a VMware hybrid cloud infrastructure has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our testing processes, giving us more time to test our games and provide a higher quality product to our customers. The Colt vCloud solution allows us to manage our infrastructure availability and costs far more easily, allowing us to scale up capacity when needed and reduce when not, and operate in a far more cost efficient way.”

— Stuart Wright, IT Director, SEGA

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.


Learn how Acorda Therapeutics successfully implemented a strategic disaster recovery (DR) capability to protect its highly virtualized IT operations and data.

"One of the most prominent changes is recovery time, especially with this technology such as virtualization using VMware. You no longer need to restore from physical tape and see recovery times of upwards of 24 hours, something that we hadn’t seen until recently. We implemented Site Recovery Manager (SRM) from VMware and we can now do that same recovery in about four hours."

— Josh Bauer, Senior Manager of Network Operations

Texas A&M University


Texas A&M chose Zimbra for its open source technology which allows users to collaborate with others using a variety of devices. With Zimbra, the university can provide access for all students, faculty and staff from a wide range of mail clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

“We are very happy with our decision to choose Zimbra. It boils down to this: The solution is very good and the support has been extremely helpful. We’ve really enjoyed working with the entire Zimbra team.”

— Tom Golson, Chief System Engineer

NYSE Euronext


NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of NYSE Euronext leveraged VMware virtualization technology to create the new Capital Markets Community Platform to respond to changes within the global capital markets industry.

“Today’s markets are both electronically fragmented and highly volatile. The stage is set for new, collaborative technologies that will allow our clients to achieve the business results they seek—whether that means capitalizing on current conditions or developing whole new products or markets.”

— Stanley Young, CEO



JanPak needed an affordable email and collaboration system that allowed for the integration of custom applications, onsite storage of mail, and access of mail data by JanPak’s internal applications.

“The ability to integrate mail, calendar and new applications will be the biggest increase in productivity we will have.”

— Chuck Rinaldi, IT Director



Based on VMware vSphere, Facilicom virtualised almost all its servers, including the company-critical SAP systems. VMware offers Facilicom more control over the central server environment which supports all the operational applications.

“With VMware vSphere and vMotion it’s a lot easier to transfer or upgrade applications. Now everything happens more quickly and with less downtime. Distributing server loads is also easier. That’s really useful when deploying applications which need a lot of CPU power temporarily. We are also hardware-independent and the environment is scalable enough to keep growing.”

— Anton Harder, IT Architect Technology and Innovation, Facilicom



See how Acxiom deployed VMware vShield to streamline its security architecture for a leading Fortune 20 financial services customer. The results include granular visibility and control.

“With vShield you can show the security blanket across systems. It makes it a lot easier for us to demonstrate that we are doing the things that are required legally and contractually.”

— Brandon Nelson, Team Leader and Systems Engineer

Transylvania University


Discover how Transylvania University lowered total cost of ownership for collaboration software licensing and support by 61% with Zimbra while adding new capabilities such as high availability (HA) and on-demand access to virtual servers load-balanced between the physical servers (VMware vSphere® vMotion®).

“Zimbra gives us a gorgeous Web interface for students as well as a connector to keep our Outlook users happy and synchronized. Zimbra and VMware have become our two favorite technologies.”

— Jason Whitaker, Director of IT

Foley & Lardner LLP


Discover how VMware View supports a desktop-as-a-service model, allowing Foley to improve system uptime and reduce its mobile device costs by 22 percent.

“VMware View let us move to desktop-as-a-service, which is easier for IT to manage. And our lawyers have more flexible access to the desktops. Anywhere in the country or globally, and no matter where they are, they get the exact desktop they have in the office.”

— Doug Caddell, CIO

DHDW Consulting LLC


DHDW Consulting LLC chose VMware View to enable efficient, centralized provisioning of an enterprise suite of applications across all associated user communities.

“Cost containment, agile service delivery and high availability are now a reality for this mission-critical organization.”

— Don Wiggins, President
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