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University of Óbuda, Neumann János Faculty of Information Technology


By the server and desktop side virtualisation of the educational environment, the Neumann János Faculty of IT was able to improve the efficiency of monitoring and energy consumption, therefore it is planning to continue future investments and developments in the same direction. An even higher advantage is, however, that by using virtualisation in a live environment, the teachers and students have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge at the same time as learning theoretical studies. This includes fine tuning and optimisation of resource utilisation apart beyond the design and monitoring of virtualised environments. It is of high importance to the Neumann János Faculty of Information Technology to be able to teach state-of-the-art IT technologies not just on the theoretical level but in practice, too, because this is the precondition to provide to the students up-to-date knowledge with value on the labour market. Virtualisation occupies a distinguished place among these technologies. VMware Hungary provides all support it can in this field to the University of Óbuda in the form of professional advice, presentations and software licences.

“It is of utmost importance to us to be able to teach highly developed technologies like WMware View not only on a theoretical level but in practice, too, since this is the only way we can provide up-to-date knowledge to our students representing value on the labour market.”

— Dr. Tamás Schubert, Director, Institute of Information Systems, Neumann János Faculty of Information Technology, University of Óbuda



BancVue is one of the fastest growing companies in the financial space. Their charter is to help credit unions and small banks compete with mega banks by providing them innovative products and services.

“One of my goals as the VP of Systems Operations in the datacenter is to have a private cloud where we are fully in control of who touches the servers, what is being administered on the servers, and able to give those results to auditors upon request.”

— Sunny Nair, VP of IT and Systems Operations

March Networks


VMware vSphere Provides the Foundation for New Managed Video Network Services Offerings

“What do I think of the VMware solution? It’s employee retention in a box. I honestly don’t know how I could do my job without it.”

— Andrew Jones, Director of IT



Insurance Giant Discovers A Unique And Trusted Partnership With Their VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM)

“Our TAM is absolutely essential to our success. He constantly delivers technical expertise, experience we couldn’t get anywhere else and a long-term vision for our infrastructure. Those skills, along with empathy and honesty, make him a trusted and valuable part of our team.”

— Max Walker, Solution Architect

City of Boston


Use VMware Infrastructure And VMware View To Save Money, Time And Energy

“We sometimes walk people through our datacenter, show them all the empty racks, and say, ‘This is what virtualization has done for us.’ Before we started using VMware Infrastructure, those racks were full. It’s a powerful way of making the point that that you don’t need to buy a server every time you need one. Instead, you can license VMware for a robust infrastructure of virtual machines that give you as much or more computing power as physical servers.”

— David Nero, Director of Infrastructure and Technology



Amway Uses VMware Infrastructure To Consolidate Hosts While Improving The Reliability And Manageability Of Its Technology Infrastructure, Both At Its Headquarters And Remote Offices Worldwide

“Besides server consolidation, I think the biggest advantage we get from VMware technology is in the area of disaster recovery. About two years ago we made a strategic decision to virtualize everything on our disaster-recovery source list, for instance, Tier 1 applications like EMC Documentum. We’ve identified virtualization as the key enabler to protect our most important applications.”

— Tom Van Harn, Systems Support Advisor

Dunedin Casino


VMware Virtualization Enables Centralized Management Of Servers And Desktops While Delivering A Dynamic, Responsive Infrastructure

“We have successfully brought our recovery time objective down from four hours to a few minutes, thanks to the ability to quickly bring up a new virtual machine in the event of a problem.”

— Bertie Enochs, IT Manager

TRW Automotive


TRW Turned To VMware Virtualization To Reduce Its Server Footprint And Save On Power And Cooling Costs Under A Company-Wide 'Green IT' Initiative

"Without virtualisation, we would have had to purchase more UPS systems, server racks and cooling units in our datacenters".

— Chin Kar Wai, Service Delivery Manager, TRW Global IS



VMware Desktop Virtualization Enables Creation Of Multiple Environments With Isolated Operating Systems And Services While Server Virtualization Constrains Hardware Sprawl And Delivers A Flexible Infrastructure At Minimal Cost

"While we invested an additional A$200,000 or so in upgraded storage, we saved about A$500,000 in combined storage and server hardware we would have had to purchase had we not implemented VMware.”

— Stephen Beckwith, Infrastructure Manager

ABB Grain Ltd


By Adopting VMware Virtualization, ABB Grain Was Able To Meet Its DR Requirements While Rapidly Integrating New Acquirees Into Its Business. The Organization Saved A$60,000 In Server Maintenance Costs While Implementing A Dynamic Infrastructure.

“VMware has delivered a robust, scalable, dynamic infrastructure that allows us to quickly integrate newly-acquired businesses and implement a standard corporate environment without making huge investments in new hardware.”

— Tony Garland, Infrastructure Projects Supervisor

University of Óbuda, Neumann János Faculty of Information Technology


Az oktatókörnyezet szerver és desktop oldali virtualizálásával a Neumann János Informatikai Kar már az eddigiekben is javítani tudta a felügyelet és az energiafogyasztás hatékonyságát, így jövőbeni beruházásait, fejlesztéseit is ebben az irányban tervezi folytatni. Ennél is nagyobb előnyt jelent azonban, hogy a virtualizácó éles környezetben történő alkalmazásával az oktatók és a hallgatók az elméleti ismeretek elsajátítása mellett egyúttal értékes gyakorlati tudásra tesznek szert. Ez a virtualizált környezetek megtervezésén és felügyeletén túl a finomhangolásra, az erőforrás-kihasználás optimalizálására is kiterjed. A Neumann János Informatikai Kar számára kiemelten fontos, hogy a legfejlettebb IT-technológiákat ne csak elméleti szinten oktassa, hanem a gyakorlatban is alkalmazza, mivel ez az előfeltétele annak, hogy kurrens, a munkaerőpiacon értéket képviselő tudást adjon a hallgatóknak. A virtualizáció ezen technológiák között kiemelten fontos helyet foglal el. A VMware Magyarország szakmai tanácsok, előadások és szoftverlicencek formájában minden támogatást megad ezen a téren az Óbudai Egyetemnek.

„Kiemelten fontos számunkra, hogy az olyan fejlett technológiákat, mint a VMware View ne csak elméleti szinten oktassuk, hanem a gyakorlatban is alkalmazzuk, mivel hallgatóinknak csak így adhatunk kurrens, a munkaerőpiacon értéket képviselő tudást.”

— Dr. Schubert Tamás, igazgató, Informatikai Rendszerek Intézet, Neumann János Informatikai Kar, Óbudai Egyetem

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.


Teva's huge volume of servers, totaling about 1,700 servers in Israel and more than 1,500 servers globally, presents numerous challenges for the company in the fields of administration, maintenance, power consumption, air conditioning, floor space and backup. The transition to virtualization was inevitable, and Teva, as a company at the forefront of technology, was indeed one of the first companies in Israel to adopt the virtualization solution on such a large scale.

"We now have 1,700 servers in Israel, 70% of which are virtual, and throughout the world we have an additional 1,500 servers, 60% of which are virtual. It is now evident that due to this transition, we have succeeded in saving about 75% of the costs we would have incurred without virtualization - undoubtedly very significant savings".

— Assaf Rozner, Senior Director of infrastructure at Teva and the person responsible for Teva's IT infrastructure throughout the world
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