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IBM Global Technology Services (GTS)


VMware Partnership and Value of VMware NSX for Hybrid Cloud

IBM Global Technology Solutions is a VMware partner and customer. IBM GTS focuses on infrastructure services for all industries including healthcare, education and financial. It is critical to their business to have a stable and effective networking solution to manage the risk and solve their customers’ technology challenges. For IBM GTS, VMware NSX was game changing providing a virtualization tool enabling their hybrid cloud scenarios along with providing CAPEX and OPEX savings. They cite multiple NSX use cases describing the value of automation and distributed firewalls for their customers.

“I’m able to gain efficiency in my capital expenditures and my operational expenditures by using NSX automation and really transforming my network and IT environment.”

— Steve Currie, Executive Consultant, IBM Global Technology Solutions

Fulton County Schools


VMware NSX Helps Transform Security for Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools leverages VMware NSX micro-segmentation of virtual firewalls and be able to protect their horizontal traffic as well as the vertical traffic in and out of the virtual environment.

“We are putting a tablet device in every student’s hands at Fulton County Schools and better securing our environment with VMware NSX.”

— Kenny Wilder, Director of Network Infrastructure, Fulton County Schools

BDP International


BDP International Leverages VMware Horizon® to Seamlessly Deliver Desktops and Applications

BDP International leverages VMware Horizon to seamlessly deliver desktops and applications, supporting the company’s vision to deliver the best logistics experience in the world.

“We were excited BDP was finally in a position where now we were on a globalized collaboration platform, but were unable to deliver it in a responsive manner to our users globally.”

“VMware was a neat opportunity to not only try out a technology that I had a lot of confidence in, but also a name change to show that we are progressing and moving away from what was then Citrix.”

— Jason Bullock, Executive Director of IT Global Infrastructure & Support, BDP International



NetApp delivers secure, seamless virtualized desktops and applications for nearly 10,000 users in 12 days using VMware Horizon

NetApp® wanted to improve its security within the engineering environment with secure virtual desktops to enhance employee productivity and provide access to resources from anywhere. The company needed centralized desktop management to quickly deliver a robust desktop environment to employees and enable employee workflow simplification. Leveraging VMware Horizon®, NetApp successfully deployed virtualized environments globally to nearly 10,000 users in 12 days. Users have secure access to internal resources within a familiar desktop experience across devices and NetApp corporate offices.

“We’ve been able to increase productivity by enabling engineers to start and stop work whenever they need to. Engineers don’t have to be chained to their desks in order to get work done securely. Whether building code on a work laptop or reading internal wikis on a phone, employees can access a secure environment from all devices without a diminished experience.”

— Chris Gebhardt, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

George Washington University


Standardizing IT Services and Delivering Faster with VMware NSX

GWU became a broker of IT enabling its students and faculty with secure access to everything they need including desktop virtualization in labs, development platforms, kiosks, and remote access. Delivering services now in minutes, GWU uses VMware NSX for security and multi-tenancy; as well as improving scalability by automating IT integrating vRealize Automation. GWU continues to expand uses including Horizon DaaS (Desktop as a Service) leveraging NSX to provide self-service.

“In order to become a service provider for the university, NSX gave us the final piece that we needed. We can now deliver scalable, logical, secure networks to all our tenants, whether it’d be other IT organizations or academic researchers.”

— Brian Mislavsky, Manager Infrastructure Services | Division of IT, George Washington University

Southern States Cooperative


Southern States Modernizes Retail Operations to Improve the Customer Experience

Southern States leverages VMware Horizon® 6 to deliver virtualized desktop and applications, supporting their mission of being customer-focused and the best at providing products, services and growing solutions for farms.

“Our users have definitely become more productive. We actually now have a standard with Horizon that we’re deploying to all the endpoints.”

“With the old way, it was taking days, if not weeks to onboard a new employee. We’re now able to onboard employees within one day.”

— Steve Tupponce, Manager, Infrastructure Delivery Services



Rent-A-Center powers critical transformation on VMware

Rent-A-Center is the largest rent-to-own operator in the United States offering high quality durable products such as major consumer electronics, appliances, computers, and furniture and accessories under flexible rental purchase agreements that typically allow the customer to obtain ownership of the merchandise at the conclusion of an agreed-upon rental period. Rent-A-Center operates stores across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Their rental purchase agreements are designed to appeal to a wide variety of customers by allowing them to obtain merchandise that they might otherwise be unable to obtain due to insufficient cash resources or a lack of access to credit. With thousands of stores nationwide, they rely on their technology partnership with VMware to help with growth of their IT infrastructure while addressing compliance challenges efficiently. Their Infrastructure has tripled in 18 months. Growth through acquisition has brought together varied technology that VMware’s solutions help work together. They also recently moved their Point of Sale system from on premise servers hosted in stores to a virtual machine in their corporate datacenter. VMware automation tools provide a consistent, efficient experience for that infrastructure. Today, Rent-A-Center has a push button catalog of items to deploy new applications and systems quickly and with few staff.

“With the new tools, we are able to deploy a hundred stores a day with minimal staff.”

— Michael Conroy, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Rent-A-Center



VMware vCloud Air and Lumeta Corporation

In this world of advanced and complex cyber threats, Lumeta empowers information security professionals with the industry’s most comprehensive network situational awareness solutions. The accurate and timely intelligence Lumeta provides on network architecture, network segmentation and cyber-security analytics allows our clients to validate IT policies, analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns and policy weaknesses, and proactively secure their critical assets. Lumeta is the foundation for a healthy, secure network.

Most of Lumeta’s Customers are in the Fortune 500 or 100. They also have large Federal Customers. And Lumeta helps organizations and their customers understand their network architecture, network segmentation by providing a cloud-based software solution that uses VMWare vCloud Air as its delivery vehicle.

The technology initiatives that Lumeta has put in place now are moving their support and IT Operations into a more virtual environment. They have moved their go-to-market to more of a virtual delivery through VMWare products and services. And helping drive business innovation through the partnership with VMWare has been impactful in allowing them to provide situational awareness products through VCloud Air.

"We chose VMware hybrid cloud because it is the most flexible solution on the market right now. The flexibility of having both on premise VMware resources as well as VMware resources in the cloud is very powerful. And it is kind of a differentiator. And the ability to have those two sets of infrastructure in our operations and work as one is very important for us. It helps with our efficiency, our ease of deployment and our RND process."

— Joe Sorial, VP of Products, Lumeta Corporation

Creative Solutions in Healthcare


Creative Solutions in Healthcare with VMware vCloud Air

Creative Solutions in Healthcare is the largest independent owner and operator of skilled nursing facilities in Texas. The company was founded in 2000 and today operates more than 49 skilled nursing and 13 assisted living facilities with a staff of 6,000 employees.

Creative Solutions in Healthcare strives everyday to enhance the quality of life for seniors in their care facilities. This extra service grants their patients the comfort in knowing that the company will go the extra mile to deliver the best possible care.

They believe that caring for the elderly is a high honor. Their resident-respect approach to caring is what continues to be the driving force in the core strategy of their company, including their focus on deploying proven, best-in-class technologies. Their love for their residents is best measured by the respect, dignity and compassion they extend daily to them.

As part of its commitment to delivering outstanding patient services, the company decided to migrate from its co-located physical environment to the cloud to save costs, improve application availability, and update its core infrastructure to comply with HIPAA requirements. After an early pilot with Microsoft Azure failed, the company turned to VMware to migrate quickly to a more robust infrastructure. Using VMware vCloud Air, Creative Solutions in Healthcare gained the technology and control to achieve HIPAA certification and improve application availability while reducing the IT budget by one-third. The company has been able to extend its capabilities to the cloud and implemented a sophisticated electronic health record (EHR) system, including electronic prescriptions and online physician orders, to improve staff agility and patient care.

"We are adaptable, we are ready, we got a very flexible infrastructure with VMware vCloud Air where if we need to motion in a new workload, we can do that more rapidly than any other vendor that we have worked with."

“That’s why we chose VMware vCloud Air as our infrastructure provider partner because we are able to focus on our interaction with our business peers and not have to mind all of the servers and all of the infrastructure and the networking. And we have partnered up with the best organization we feel in the industry to deliver that."

— Shawn Wiora, CIO, Creative Solutions in Healthcare

Airbus France


Airbus gives contractors increased access to Aircraft development applications through VMware Horizon with View

Airbus, a world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer, has deployed VMware Horizon with View to give its staff and contractors secure remote access to develop, test and support business applications.

“Airbus is leveraging its current virtual desktop solution enabling IT talent to develop, test and support business applications, paving the way to access a team of engineering talent using VMware Horizon with View.”

— Arnaud Albinet, ICT Merger, Acquisition and Outsourcing Project Manager

Hartlepool College of Further Education


Hartlepool College saves £32k a year and increases student retention with VMware® Horizon™

Hartlepool College of Further Education was looking to improve the student and staff’s Virtual Desktop experience, in order to increase student retention, grow prospect numbers and offer remote working for the teaching and administrative staff.

To solve this, Hartlepool College deployed VMware Horizon to offer end-users a virtualized desktop solution. This would enable students to access their own applications from any virtual PC in the college, whilst greatly improving user experience and reliability and PC performance.

“You can’t overestimate the importance of technology within our college. For students, the level of IT we offer can make the difference between whether they stay on to graduate, or drop out. With our funding directly tied to student enrolment and course completion, we wanted to invest in an IT system that would impress prospects and enable current students to be more productive and achieve better grades. VMware Horizon did exactly that; while previously we spent all our time putting out fires and attempting to deal with the hundreds of help desk calls we received, we are now able to offer a smooth, reliable service for both students and staff. The IT department has gone from being an area of perennial complaint to one of the college’s most valuable assets. The feedback has been incredible and we have increased student retention rate.”

— Gerald Nicholson, IT Manager, Hartlepool College of Further Education



VMware vRealize Suite Transforming IT as Rent-A-Center

Learn how Rent-A-Center, a leader in the rent-to-own space in North America, uses the vRealize Suite and automation and hybrid cloud management capabilities to empower and speed infrastructure delivery to modernize their IT infrastructure and point of sale software delivery.

“Before we had these tools (vRealize Suite and NSX), it took literally dozens of people a week to get a store deployed. Just because of all the back-end changes that had to occur. With the new tools, we’re able to deploy a hundred stores a day with minimal staff.

In addition to the time savings, with the use of the infrastructure tools that come with the vCloud Suite, we have an 85% (improvement) in infrastructure utilization, in time to deploy, in disk space utilization… it’s just been a tremendous savings in every dimension.”

— Michael Conroy, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Rent-A-Center

Dayton Superior Corporation


Dayton Superior Sees Concrete Benefits by Switching to a Virtual Desktop Solution with Guidance from VMware Professional Services

Dayton Superior worked with VMware Professional Services—including a VMware Dedicated Technical Account Manager—to deploy virtual desktops via VMware Horizon™ 6 Enterprise Edition for greater mobility, productivity, customization, and reliability for its workforce.

“From design and planning to deployment, VMware Professional Services was extremely responsive and focused on our needs at all times. Plus our VMware Dedicated TAM guided us throughout the project and continues to help us with ongoing planning and implementation.”

— Bobby Keller, Senior Systems Administrator, Dayton Superior



Armor Shields Its Customers from Cyber Threats with VMware NSX

VMware NSX enables Armor to scale and protect its customers, with the essential benefits of micro-segmentation and multi-tenancy.

“Because of the VMWare NSX relationship, we're able to better secure our customers and, defend them against cyber threats.”

— Chris Drake, Founder and CEO, ARMOR

“NSX and VMWare give us that ability to orchestrate our customers in a Cloud-like environment, but give them the security wrapper that allows them from day one to be born secure.”

— Jeff Schilling, Chief Security Officer, ARMOR

SAIC - (Science Applications International Corporation)


SAIC Uses VMware NSX for US Cybersecurity

SAIC is a federal systems integration firm whose largest client is the US government. Discover why they see automation and VMware NSX as fundamental to next-generation IT and combating our nation’s cybersecurity threats.

"At SAIC, we view Automation and NSX as being fundamental to being able to respond to the types of Cyber threats we see facing our Nation and our Customers today."

— Coby Holloway, Vice President of Cloud Computing Services and Business Transformation Services, SAIC

Cloud Carib


Cloud Carib Propels Performance, Productivity and Growth with VMware Hyperconverged Solutions

Cloud Carib was rapidly growing its customer base as a cloud service provider (CSP) and was eyeing new markets. The company had to increase storage capacity and performance—but at a lower cost and with less complexity. Continuing to add external storage was unsustainable. When Cloud Carib converted to VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions built on VMware Virtual SAN™, the company reined in the costs and complexity of expanding, and accelerated its growth with new services and revenue.

“Our customers are surprised by the speed and responsiveness of their applications. Cloud Carib now has the ability to host any demanding application a customer wants to run.”

— Stelios Xeroudakis, Founder and Managing Director, Cloud Carib



Populous leverages NVIDIA GRID vGPU support for VMware Horizon® 6

Populous, international architecture and design firm, leverages VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU to enable its mobile workforce with 3D graphics applications.

“When you look at it from an IT manager's standpoint and keeping the lights on, I think it's going to allow us to grow as a company.”

“I think the virtualized desktop is really allowing us in IT to be looked at as thought leaders.”

— Kelby Marsh, IT Manager, Populous

City of Avondale


City of Avondale Improves Security with VMware NSX

With their VMware partnership and solutions such as VMware NSX, The City of Avondale is modernizing and securing their environment providing an improved level of service for their firefighters and police and protecting their citizens’ information.

"NSX came into the picture and we found that we could provide even a better level of service for much cheaper price point. Which thereby gave the firefighters and the police officers the kind of information and, and data flow that they really needed."

"NSX allows us to block off unused, unnecessary, or even security holes within the servers to be able to prevent that malware from even contacting the servers to begin with. NSX has transformed the way we do security."

— Wesley Harris, Senior IT Systems Engineer, City of Avondale

Fujitsu TDS GmbH


Fujitsu virtualizes SAP HANA based on VMware

The Fujitsu TDS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Group and a full-service IT and SAP systems house and provides medium and large customers a wide range of data center services. One of Fujitsu's focus are offerings for SAP, and especially the offer for SAP HANA. This consists of a complete package, which includes the certified hardware, consulting and support in the implementation and servicing. Target of Fujitsu was to be able to offer SAP HANA from the Fujitsu private cloud, from a data center in Germany – cost-effective, fast and flexible as traditional SAP systems – and with optimized security.

"At Fujitsu we promise to make applications easier. To meet this commitment, the applications have to be easy to maintain and to operate. VMware helped us to achieve this goal. Today we can use the same processes and technologies for SAP HANA, that we use also for classical SAP systems."

— Manuel Thalhofer, Portfolio Manager SAP Services, Market

SAIC - (Science Applications International Corporation)


SAIC uses NSX and vRealize Automation to Dynamically Configure Security

Learn from their VP of Cloud Computing and Business Transformation how SAIC, a public systems integration firm, uses the combination of VMware vRealize Automation and NSX to provide network-based automation to address the rapidly changing security threat challenges we face today.

“We view the combination of automation and software-defined networking, like you get with NSX, as being fundamental to being able to respond to the types of cyber-threats we see facing our nation and our customers today.”

— Coby Holloway, VP, Cloud Computing & Business Transformation, SAIC
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