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Seventy Seven Energy Inc.


VMware vCloud Air at Seventy Seven Energy (77NRG)

Seventy Seven Energy is an Oklahoma-based company that offers drilling, pressure-pumping, oilfield rental tools and trucking services and they serve major E&P companies in the United States. They have around 3,500 employees. Their commitment is to offer best-in-class oilfield services to their customers. Seventy Seven Energy delivers world-class technology, operational efficiency and proven industry experience to equip their customers with sustainable competitive advantage.

They choose to use VMWare vCloud Air over some of the other competitors in the market because they knew the name. VMWare has been around for years, and they trusted us as an organization. vCloud Air also gave them the flexibility that they needed for the organization especially since they have decided to not have a data center. vCloud Air holds current applications such as directory, operational applications, SECM as well as applications that support the field.

“We chose V-Cloud Air over some of the public Cloud providers because of their ability to flex with us and provide us consistency and reliability for traditional applications that don't always work well in public Clouds.”

— Jarin Dykstra, Sr. Manager, Information Systems, Seventy Seven Energy

Seventy Seven Energy Inc.


VMware and Seventy Seven Energy (77NRG)

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Seventy Seven Energy provides a wide range of wellsite services and equipment to U.S. land-based exploration and production customers operating in unconventional resource plays.

VMware Horizon Air, vCloud Air, and AirWatch, all being hosted solutions, gave Seventy Seven Energy the flexibility to manage the constant acquisition and divesture cycle of the oil industry.

“We chose to use VMWare over some of the other competitors in the market because VMWare had been around for years, and we trust the organization.”

“What we found from VMWare was a maturity that we didn't find in the other vendors -- that made it easy, to make the transition.”

— Jarin Dykstra, Sr. Manager, Information Systems, Seventy Seven Energy

Tata Consultancy Services


The IT Infrastructure Services division of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) provides Indian businesses access to infrastructure, applications and other resources from the cloud. By using VMware virtualization to power its India Cloud Platform, TCS can reduce customer costs by 30 percent, bring new customers on board in 20 days, and deliver minimum infrastructure availability of 99.9 percent and application availability of 99.5 percent."

"We went with VMware because of the abundance of skill and knowledge about the vendor’s virtualization technologies in the marketplace, and the fact no other product was as mature."

— Mahesh Menon , Head - TCS-IT IS India Cloud Platform

Telefonica Spain


Telefonica are a leading integrated operator in the telecoms sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions. Operating in 25 countries, they have over 300 million customers. A Software Defined Data Centre approach has provided Telefonica with virtualized infrastructure services intelligence, to automate provisioning on demand. This integrated solution for hybrid cloud infrastructure simplifies the work of IT administrators while providing the best service level agreements for all applications.

"We selected VMware because we can cover the whole end-to-end solution, we are now able to fulfill all the different requirements from our customers."

— Francisco Hernansanz, Cloud Services Product Manager, Telefonica

Tribune Media


Business Transformation at Tribune Media

Tribune Media has over 42 owned or operated TV Stations, WGN Cable, Gracenote for Entertainment Metadata and Tribune Movie Studios, and is one of the nation’s largest independent broadcasters. VMware has really helped Tribune Media stop the conversations around technology, focusing instead on the outcomes it needs to operate the business. Now they can concentrate on increasing security capabilities, decreasing costs and responding to customer needs faster. Tribune Media can grow the business and go after new markets, and that translates into more revenue per customer.

“VMware has been really critical to drive the fluidity back to the business. My head of engineering has literally a saying over his door. It says, ‘If we can’t automate it we don’t need it’. If we deploy an application in our infrastructure to automate processes, we give that time back. What ends up showing up to the business is our ability to do more projects and do them faster, cheaper and better.”

— David Giambruno, SVP and CIO, Tribune Media

Tribune Media


See How Tribune Media Succeeds with VMware Automation

See how Tribune Media tripled its productivity and kept staffing costs in check with the VMware vRealize Cloud Management Platform, including vRealize Automation. Application setup and configure times are now measured in minutes instead of days, all with help from VMware's Cloud Management Platform.

"We looked at the whole technical landscape, and we came to a really simple conclusion. We knew we were going to build an internal cloud to put our core internal operation platforms on. How do we operate faster, cheaper, better, and more secure? VMware was the choice.”

“In five months, we set up this infrastructure. We moved 141 apps onto the infrastructure and we had 9 helpdesk calls. So guess what? It works. It really works.”

“We have gone from the Flintstones to the Jetsons in less than 18 months."

“It’s literally ‘click a button’ to provide services and capabilities out to the business. We operate in minutes and seconds, not days and weeks.”

— David Giambruno, Senior Vice President and CIO, Tribune Media

University of Derby


The University of Derby wanted technology to improve the running of its IT estate, including its business critical applications running Oracle Databases. Having virtualized a number of smaller applications to start with by early 2012, the University of Derby decided to move its Oracle PeopleSoft applications across to its virtual infrastructure to help increase the efficiency and agility of services.

“We virtualised our most critical business applications with VMware and completely rely on it to keep them agile. We started virtualizing with VMware to save costs, but now it has become an absolutely crucial technology to support our current and future IT infrastructure”

— Ianto Jones, Servers and Storage Manager at the University of Derby

University of Zurich


The University of Zurich was considering modifications to its in-house infrastructure which would permit it to react to potential disruptions in the OLAT system with more agility. The solution focused on VMware vFabric tc Server, since it was critical for the migration that the integration be able to proceed problem-free. The operations team now has a central console for monitoring and management of the application server. As a result, potential problems can now be detected before they occur, so that timely action can be taken before users are impacted.

“VMware vFabric tc Server has significantly accelerated the deployment of new application servers, reducing time to market of new functionality.”

— Dr. Alan Moran, Head of OLAT

VIF International Education and VMware


User traffic on VIF International Education's Learning Center, an online professional development platform for K–12 educators, grew by more than 500 percent in one year, but its on-premises IT infrastructure couldn’t keep up. This mission-critical service was running on a single server blade without power or network redundancy, leading to unacceptably high downtime. By moving to the VMware vCloud® Air™ platform, VIF gained vastly higher availability and near-unlimited scalability, improved resource utilization by 300 percent, and reduced its IT systems management workload.

VIF International Education builds global education programs that prepare teachers and students for success in an interconnected world. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the firm supports teachers, schools, and school districts with programs for professional development and curriculum, language acquisition, and cultural exchange. VIF is proud to be a B Corp, certified to meet specific standards for social and environmental performance. VIF is dedicated to developing globally competent citizens with the skills to thrive in an increasingly global marketplace.

“VMware vCloud Air represents for us the opportunity to deliver on our mission to deliver global education for all.”

— David Young, CEO, VIF International Education



WorldPay wanted to create a completely automated environment to help customers provision infrastructure in a fast-paced environment. The company has completely overhauled its IT infrastructure. A major element of this was deploying network virtualization from VMware. Its estate is now 100% virtual.

“In finance, time to market is of the essence. Our customers rely on us being able to provide them with applications and infrastructure to support their payments in the quickest timeframe. VMware’s network virtualization has been crucial in allowing us to not just be fast, but instant.”

— Iain Blunden, Head Of Global Core Platform Application Development, WorldPay

Boekel De Nerée


Boekel De Nerée wilde haar serveromgeving consolideren om de hoeveelheid hardware terug te dringen. Op basis van VMware vSphere heeft Boekel De Nerée inmiddels 95 procent van de alle servers gevirtualiseerd, inclusief de bedrijfskritische systemen voor SAP, document management, SharePoint en mobiele apparatuur. Met VMware heeft het bedrijf meer grip op de centrale serveromgeving die alle bedrijfsapplicaties ondersteunt.

“Een belangrijk aspect van VMware is dat we nu onafhankelijk van hardware zijn, waardoor de flexibiliteit is toegenomen. Een nieuwe server inrichten is nu een kwestie van minuten. Voorheen duurde dit aanzienlijk langer. Capaciteit is dus ‘on-the-fly’ beschikbaar. Daarmee vergroten we de slagkracht van de IT-organisatie, maar belangrijker is dat we kernactiviteiten effectiever ondersteunen tegen lagere kosten.”

— Frank Keessen, ICT manager Boekel De Nerée

Gemeente Zoetermeer


De gemeente Zoetermeer verving de verouderde desktops door virtuele desktops op basis van VMware View. De gemeente wilde resources on demand kunnen bijschakelen en kunnen inspelen op de snel veranderende markt. Ook dient de gemeente te voldoen aan compliancy-regels die onder meer stellen dat bepaalde activiteiten binnen twee dagen weer up-and-running moeten zijn na een calamiteit. Door over te stappen op desktopvirtualisatie kan de gemeente aan al deze eisen voldoen.

"Wij hebben een keuze gemaakt voor VMware View om een aantal belangrijke knelpunten op te lossen. Je moet hierbij denken aan verbeterde flexibiliteit. Flexibiliteit om vanaf elke werkplek in te loggen met behoud van eigen zelf samengestelde desktop beleving, plaatsonafhankelijk werken en het losknippen van de afhankelijkheden tussen hardware van de computer, besturingssystemen en de applicaties."

— Richard Thiele, ICT-projectleider, gemeente Zoetermeer

Schuberg Philis


Schuberg Philis versnelt applicatie-uitrol met netwerkvirtualisatie. IT-outsourcing bedrijf Schuberg Philis maakt glasheldere afspraken met klanten. Het bedrijf biedt klanten 100 procent functionele uptime voor hun bedrijfskritische applicaties. Schuberg Philis neemt dan ook de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor hun applicatielandschap op zich. Met deze aanpak ondersteunt het de gehele ICT-keten van bijvoorbeeld fi nanciële dienstverleners, retailbedrijven en energiemaatschappijen; van functionele uptime tot de interfaces met derde partijen. Om klanten maximale fl exibiliteit, beschikbaarheid en performance te bieden, optimaliseert Schuberg Philis continu haar eigen infrastructuur en processen. Daarbij heeft het bedrijf inmiddels een aantal jaar geleden ook de stap naar netwerkvirtualisatie gezet.

“Een nieuwe server opzetten is niet langer een kwestie van netwerken optuigen, machines inrichten en de bekabeling in orde maken. We kunnen VMs én netwerken snel modelleren en het applicatielandschap razendsnel uitrollen. Dit proces kostte voorheen al snel een paar weken. We kunnen het nu in ruim 18 minuten. Dat is enorme tijdwinst.”

— Edwin Beekman, Netwerk engineer bij Schuberg Philis



ADAC e.V. in Germany is Europe's largest automobile association. With VMware Mirage they managed to fully migrate their 2.400 desktops , including personally installed applications, data and profiles , in just under three weeks from their old desktop PCs to new laptops. That all happened without business interruption and at low costs.

"Mirage sorgte dafür, dass auf allen PCs genau dieselbe IT-Umgebung vorhanden war, wir jedoch alle Elemente und Einstellungen der persönlichen Desktops unserer Anwender migrieren konnten ... Die IT war in der Lage, die IT-Images auf den Desktop-PCs vom Anwenderbereich, d.h. Anwendungen, Dateien und personalisierten Einstellungen, zu trennen."

— Stefan Brandstetter, IT-Manager, ADAC e.V.

DAV Summit Club


The DAV Summit Club, the travel agency of the German Alpine Association, has high requirements regarding availability of their system in case of a failure. More than 10,000 customers book their alpine travels via the homepage of the Summit Club today. With the help of VMware and the hosting partner inoX-tech they implemented a flexible, stable and reliable hybrid cloud environment.

"Our top priority is safety and a smooth communication process. In case of a system failure we rely on standardized processes and an optimized system technology that further secure a seamless operation.“

— Ingo Nicolay, Managing Director, DAV Summit Club

Gemeinnützige Salzburger Landeskliniken Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (SALK)


Mit insgesamt 5.400 MitarbeiterInnen bieten die Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK) rund um die Uhr eine erstklassige medizinische Versorgung. Neben fachlich kompetenter Betreuung ist eine hochmodere IT- Infrastruktur für Diagnose und Therapie der Patienten von großer Bedeutung. Die SALK setzen daher schon seit 2004 auf Virtualisierungslösungen von VMware.

KELAG - Kärntner Elektrizitäts- Aktiengesellschaft


Kosten-Optimierung stand im Mittelpunkt des Virtualisierungs-Projekts der SAP-Landschaft bei der Kelag, dem Energieversorger aus Kärnten mit Schwerpunkt Wasserkraft. Ausgewählt wurde der weltweit führende Anbieter VMware, der eine Partnerschaft mit SAP eingegangen ist, um die Vorteile beider Technologien für gemeinsame Kunden zu maximieren. Unter der Projektführung des VMware Partners ACP wurden in 1,5 Jahren alle Systeme virtualisiert. Als Ergebnis schlagen sich verringerte Kosten und verbesserte Reaktionszeiten positiv zu Buche.

„Die Zusammenarbeit mit VMware und dem Partner ACP hat für uns ausgezeichnet funktioniert. Die Berater sind sehr kompetent, sie reagieren flexibel auf Anforderungen aus dem Projekt und sind vor allem trotz intensiver Auslastung immer für Unterstützung verfügbar gewesen.“

— Dipl.-Ing. Georg Olivotto vom Rechenzentrum der Kelag,

Messe München GmbH


Als eine der weltweit führenden Messegesellschaften geht die Messe München International mit der Zeit und setzt auf Nachhaltigkeit und E˜ zienz – auch bei der IT. Seit Jahren sind dafür Lösungen von VMware im Einsatz und decken ganz verschiedene Bereiche ab. Auch bei der Umstellung der gesamten IT-Infrastruktur durfte VMware nicht fehlen: Mit VMware vCenter Operations Manager erreicht die Messe München ein umfassendes Monitoring seiner gesamten virtuellen Infrastruktur – und eine bessere Planung, Transparenz und Nachvollziehbarkeit der IT-Kosten.

„Der Einsatz des vCenter Operations Managers bedeutet für uns einen immensen Zeitgewinn. Insgesamt ist die Lösung sehr gut, wir haben stets den Überblick über die Effizienz unserer Infrastruktur und profitieren von einer einwandfreien und ausfallsicheren Umgebung.”

— Daniel Schumacher, Technical Analyst VMware und SAN, Messe München International



Jürgen Urbanski, Cloud-Cheftechnologe bei T-Systems, spricht über die strategische Partnerschaft von VMware und T-Systems. Mit den von T-Systems angebotenen, zertifizierten VMware vCloud Datacenter Services können Unternehmen nunmehr ihre internen IT-Ressourcen einfach und schnell mit den Cloud-Kapazitäten von T-Systems erweitern – ohne, dass vorher getätigte Investitionen hinfällig werden oder fixe Kosten entstehen.

"Das VMware-Portfolio an Cloud-Infrastruktur- und zugehörigen Verwaltungslösungen, seine Cloud-Anwendungsplattform und Anwenderlösungen ermöglichen es T-Systems, ihren Kunden sichere und verlässliche Cloud-Services anzubieten, die deutschen Sicherheits- und Compliance-Regeln entsprechen."

— Jürgen Urbanski, Cloud-Cheftechnologe bei T-Systems

University of Zurich


Die Universität Zürich zog Veränderungen ihrer internen Infrastruktur in Betracht, um schneller auf potenzielle Unterbrechungen im OLAT-System reagieren zu können. Die neue Lösung stützt sich auf VMware vFabric tc Server, da eine reibungslose Integration entscheidend für die Migration war. Das Betriebsteam verfügt nun über eine zentrale Konsole für die Überwachung und das Management des Anwendungsservers. So lassen sich potenzielle Probleme erkennen, bevor sie auftreten, und Gegenmaßnahmen können rechtzeitig ergriffen werden, bevor der Anwender beeinträchtigt wird.

„Durch VMware vFabric tc Server konnte die Bereitstellung neuer Anwendungsserver erheblich beschleunigt und die Einführungszeit neuer Funktionen verkürzt werden.“

— Dr. Alan Moran, Leiter OLAT
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