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Twin-Set Simona Barbieri


La sfida
Creare una nuova infrastruttura di virtualizzazione su data center remoto e ottimizzare le prestazioni e i servizi. Organizzare le attività in modo da gestire con precisione e senza problemi un successivo trasloco presso la nuova sede dell’azienda. Il tutto per far crescere l’infrastruttura tecnologica e adeguarla al cambiamento aziendale in atto.

La soluzione
Twin-Set Simona Barbieri adotta la soluzione vSphere with Operations Management, che consente un migliore utilizzo della capacità e il monitoraggio delle prestazioni.

“La virtualizzazione ci ha consentito di far crescere l’It e i suoi servizi in parallelo alla crescita vissuta negli ultimi anni dall’azienda”.

— Pierluigi Sacchetti, Infrastructure Manager, Twin-Set Simona Barbieri

Università degli Studi di Torino


Università degli studi di Torino ha scelto VMware per avviare un progetto di virtualizzazione desktop con l’introduzione di Thin Client. Dal 2006 è in corso anche un progetto di virtualizzazione server, a oggi 170 contro 30 fisici

“Abbiamo avviato una fase pilota di virtualizzazione desktop con i principali produttori presenti sul mercato, ma in poco tempo abbiamo deciso di affidarci a VMware perché ci ha garantito sicurezza e compatibilità, oltre a un notevole contenimento dei costi.”

— Carmine Montefusco, IT Manager Università degli Studi di Torino

Ashdod Port


Ashdod port is virtualized using VMware solutions

"VMware virtualization solution has brought a million and a half dollars cost savings in the past four years, when 50% cane from savings in software licenses and 50% from electricity, conditioning and hardware such as servers and switches"

— Tal Marder, management supervisor of the virtual environment and the organizational storage array in Ashdod Port

Clalit Health Services


Clalit Health services virtualized their IT environment using VMware solutions

"I see VMware's SDDC revolution as an evolution for the infrastructure of the private cloud. today, all the subject of storage management, security and network is taking a lot of resources. If we are able to virtualize and automate these components, there is no doubt we could improve our savings and deliver a better service for our customers".

— Moshe Belker, Manager of 6 expert teams and 5 System and DBA teams

Haifa University


The transition to the cloud services will enable faculty staff to build virtual servers on-demand model. Now we are able to have advanced management capabilities, business continuity improved and unified management of all environmental organization.

"Given the budgetary constraints we ware facing, the cloud computing solution allows us to be cutting edge of technology, while maintaining reasonable costs. "

— Mark Snir, CIO, Haifa University

Maccabi Healthcare


VMware virtualization solution enables Maccabi health care to get huge savings in costs next upgrade management capabilities, survivability and availability.

" Maccabi Health Services used VMware solution To leapfrog technology, while Creating considerable cost savings of electricity, Purchase servers, merge, floor space, Ongoing maintenance and management. All this alongside Significant improvement in survival and continuity capability Business required it as a Holder and director of medical information records."

— Aviram Agmon, Maccabi Health care CTO

Mellanox Technologies


Mellanox Technologies is the leading internet provider for datacenter and storage, with 1300 employees, they are listed on NASDAQ and the Israeli Stock Exchange. VMware technology has enabled them to provide the world’s 1st scalable pay-as-you-grow 40 gigabit Ethernet solution. A hybrid cloud model is used to run a private cloud internally while enabling the company to benefit from also using public cloud technology. This has enabled them to increase application performance by 30%. VMware Horizon Mirage has also enabled them to centralize the management and recovery of all company laptops. This has resulted in a reduction of OPEX costs and enabled the reallocation of IT resources for other projects.

“The combination of VMware and Mellanox technologies, not only enable us to increase our application performance by 30%, but also to run more applications on our private cloud, which means that we can consolidate our storage infrastructure, saving on electricity and real estate and build a solution that is going to take us to the future.”

— Gilad Shainer, Vice President, Marketing, Mellanox

Mellanox Technologies


Using VMware vSphere 5.0 in the private cloud, Mellanox has upgraded the ERP system with focus at business continuity and backup of the system at many points around the world with no interruption.

"In order to make the infrastructure most effective it can be, there is need of fast communication, which became possible as a result of the combination of the fast infrastructures of Mellanox and the private cloud of VMware".

— Gilad Shainer, Vice President, Marketing Mellanox Technologies

Petach Tikva Minicipal


In order to give the city residents better municipal services, we establishing a private cloud and implementing server consolidation using VMware infrastructure.

"The passage of a hybrid cloud, enabling both worlds, both from the cloud first, the ability to meet the existing regulations on information security and it's the public cloud, the capabilities it offers growth, expansion and performance."

— Ran Shalom, CTO, Petach Tikva municipal

Strauss Group


"I see VMware's SDDC revolution as an evolution for the infrastructure of the private cloud. Today, all the subject of storage management, security and network is taking a lot of resources. If we are able to virtualize and automate these components, there is no doubt we could improve our savings and deliver a better service for our customers".

— Yaron Romano, Director of technology & infrastructure | IT division Strauss Group and Eran Niditz, system manager,

Ziv Medical Center


Ziv Medical Center in Zefat previously had various distributed systems across the hospital and they wanted to unify them using a single solution which will be easy to manage, allow them to gain a unified view of all the systems simply and easily, and, of course, will be highly resilient. That's why they chose VMware View. The VMware view solution that they implemented at the zivMedical Center consists of two resilient storage systems that work in a cluster. This system caters for around 1,000 work stations. It's an environment that works as a 'Kiosk'. Their users enjoy a new work environment, a very fast one, with excellent response times. As a user logs in, he gets exactly what he needs. It's an environment that goes everywhere with him, it's dedicated to him - and roams with him. Doctors for example, may work in several different wards. They may finish work in one ward, log out, move to the next ward, log in - and receive a new environment that is adapted to their exact needs.

"The Ziv Medical Center in Zefat was founded roughly a century ago. It serves around 150,000 residents in the upper Galilee region, among them cities such as Karmiel, Kiryat Shmona, and Hatzor. This is the northernmost hospital in Israel and it therefore also often serves the IDF. They operate 1,000 PCs, 700 printers, and 80 servers, which are mostly VMware's. The vast majority of systems in the hospital are computerized. This includes labs, ORs, X Ray facilities, external infirmaries, hospital admissions, the trauma center and more. Our IT unit employs 11 people. One needs to understand that the systems we manage are life-supporting. These systems must be constantly up and running".

— Zion Levy, Head of IT Department, Ziv Medical Center



Productos Alimenticios Belros ha consolidado una plataforma heterogénea de servidores en un conjunto más reducido en número, escalable, potente y que además ha supuesto grandes ahorros de costes.

“VMware y Grupotec nos recomendaron proceder con la virtualización de nuestros servidores. Gracias a este proyecto, hemos conseguido mejorar el rendimiento de nuestro centro de datos haciéndolo más potente, eficiente y seguro.” / “Las soluciones de VMware nos han permitido transformar nuestra infraestructura tecnológica para hacerla más robusta y eficiente. Este espíritu de innovación constante es el que ha llevado a Belros a posicionarse como líder europeo de su sector.”

— Francisco Javier Monllor Gil, Information Technology Manager, Belros

Canal de Isabel II Gestión


Desde 2002, primero Canal de Isabel II y luego Canal de Isabel II Gestión, S.A. han abanderado la virtualización en España, una tecnología que facilita el uso de los sistemas de información necesarios para que la empresa gestione el ciclo integral del agua en la Comunidad de Madrid.

“Todos estos años nos han demostrado que la virtualización no sólo funciona, sino que marca el camino a seguir para nuestra política tecnológica en Canal de Isabel II Gestión. Este tipo de soluciones nos hacen más ágiles y eficientes para poder seguir mejorando nuestro servicio a los ciudadanos”

— Ángel Rodríguez, subdirector de Sistemas de Información, Canal de Isabel II Gestión



Euskaltel, S.A. is a telecommunications company based in the Spanish autonomous community Basque Country, with its headquarters in Derio (near Bilbao). La compañía de telecomunicaciones precisaba de un conjunto de funcionalidades sobre las que desarrollar una solución de Infraestructura como servicio (Iaas) multicliente, es decir, una Cloud Publica, con las máximas garantías de fiabilidad y rendimiento para poder albergar procesos críticos. VMware vCloud Directores la solución óptima desde el punto de vista de madurez y funcionalidad para garantizar dichos requerimientos de rendimiento y disponibilidad de los clientes.

“Con las soluciones de VMware ahora somos capaces de prestar servicios Cloud Públicos con un modelo de gestión y conocimiento alineado con el desarrollo de la virtualización y la Cloud Privada de Euskaltel”.

— Josu del Álamo, Director de Sistemas, Euskaltel

Ministerio de Justicia de España


El Ministerio de Justicia necesitaba evolucionar su plataforma SAP de Recursos Humanos. Con su virtualización, se han eliminado los costes de adquisición de nuevo hardware así como los de administración y explotación, reduciendo además los tiempos de aprovisionamiento y aumentando la disponibilidad.

“Las soluciones de VMware nos han permitido modernizar nuestra infraestructura de TI para conseguir importantes ahorros de costes, agilizar los procesos de aprovisionamiento y aumentar la disponibilidad”. “Tener los sistemas SAP virtualizados ha supuesto grandes beneficios para los departamentos involucrados en su explotación, mantenimiento y desarrollo, lo que se ha traducido en una mejora del servicio ofrecido a los usuarios del Ministerio y de la Administración de Justicia”.

— Juan Emilio Ayuso, Jefe de Área de Producción, Subdirección General de Nuevas Tecnologías de la Justicia, Ministerio de Justicia

Telefonica Spain


Telefónica Global Solutions necesitaba garantizar la continuidad de negocio (BRS) para el sistema más crítico, CSP, proporcionado a grandes clientes y multinacionales de cara a cumplir los acuerdos, SLAs, RPOs y RTOs. VMware contaba con una tecnología que cubría todas las necesidades además de permitir seguir la línea de evolución nativa de las plataformas Clouds sobre los propios productos de VMware.

“Con las soluciones de VMware hemos sido capaces de garantizar los servicios prestados a nuestros clientes sin comprometer el rendimiento ni la escalabilidad de los mismos”.

— Javier Olcoz Herrero, IT Operations Manager, Telefónica Global Solutions



Virtualizácia pomohla spolocnosti ESET zefektívnit a skvalitnit prevádzku IT

Spoločnosť ESET je popredným svetovým poskytovateľom bezpečnostného softvéru pre firemnú klientelu a domácnosti. Vyvíja špičkové bezpečnostné riešenia a stále si udržuje popredné miesto na trhu proaktívnej detekcie počítačových hrozieb. Vzhľadom na rozsiahle testovacie a vývojové prostredie je pre ESET virtualizácia úplne kľúčová. So spoločnosťou VMware spolupracuje ESET od samého začiatku využívania virtualizácie. Mal tak možnosť otestovať celú škálu riešení už od prvých verzií. A práve vďaka pozitívnym skúsenostiam s funkcionalitou a spoľahlivosťou investuje ESET do rozvoja súčasného prostredia VMware dodnes.

“Aby sme mohli poskytovat riešenia v takom rozsahu, v akom ich robíme dnes, stala sa pre nás virtualizácia absolútnou nutnostou. So spolocnostou VMware spolupracujeme od samého zaciatku a jej riešenia nám zaistili tú najlepšiu pridanú hodnotu, ktorú môžeme od virtualizácie ocakávat.”

— Ján Kulich, IT manager, ESET



Spoločnosť Rackscale je mladou slovenskou firmou, ktorá sa zameriava výhradne na oblasť cloud computingových služieb. Vznikla v máji 2011 v reakcii na rastúcu popularitu cloud computingu a požiadavky trhu v oblasti IT. Cieľom Rackscale je poskytovať komplexné IT vo forme služby predovšetkým malým a stredným firmám (SMB), pre ktoré je tento model po ekonomickej aj technickej stránke výhodnejší než štandardná investícia do vlastnej IT infraštruktúry.

„Cieľom Rackscale je poskytovať malým a stredným firmám prvotriedny servis v oblasti cloud computingu a reagovať na ich špecifické potreby. Spolupráca so spoločnosťou VMware nám otvára dvere k najnovším technológiám a technologickým riešeniam, ktoré potom môžeme vo forme pokročilých služieb poskytovať našim zákazníkom.“

— Erik Kirschner, Founder and CEO, Rackscale



Excanto har valt VMware som strategisk partner för att utveckla konceptet Hybrid-IT – en kundunik lösning där Excanto kombinerar outsourcing och molnbaserade tjänster med kundens lokala lösningar. Den virtuella basinfrastrukturen för servrar i Excantos datacenter, som ett hundratal kunder använder sig av, bygger på virtualiseringsplattformen VMware vSphere. För att möta den växande efterfrågan på VDI-lösningar erbjuder Excanto VMware Horizon.

“Kombinationen outsourcing, molnbaserade tjänster och lokala lösningar ger en ökad affärsnytta för kunden i och med att de lättare kan klara stora och snabba förändringar. “

— Marcus Lindstedt, CEO Excanto



För att bredda sitt utbud och tillgodose kundernas ökade efterfrågan på hybridmoln har Ipeer valt VMware som strategisk partner. Med Hybrid Cloud kan Ipeer erbjuda sina kunder en helhetslösning, Hosted VMware.

“VMware har ett starkt varumärke som är efterfrågat bland våra kunder. Med Hosted VMware kan vi nu erbjuda kunden en möjlighet att flytta resurser anpassat för stunden och bara betala för sitt faktiska användande.”

— Magnus Persson, responsible for development, Ipeer
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