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Deploying a VMware private cloud to ensure high availability and quick recovery while reducing costs, lowering the burden on datacenter facilities and delivering a chargeback facility.

“Given its market-leading position and history of innovation, we chose VMware as our private cloud solutions partner. Working with them has been an exciting and rewarding experience.”

— John Miller, Chief Executive Officer

VMware VMworld


VMware Enables VMworld 2010 Labs on Virtualized Desktops Running in Hybrid Cloud

“By implementing our VMworld 2010 labs in a hybrid cloud environment, we demonstrated that this is a mature technology that can deliver significant value to us and to our customers. The hybrid cloud environment was robust and stable. And it gave us the automation tools, horsepower and flexibility we needed to offer more labs to more people, without requiring more support staff.”

— Dan Anderson, Principal Architect



VMware Technology Simplifies The Creation, Deployment, And Administration Of Virtual Machines That Save Time And Money

“For us, VMware isn’t just a technology; it’s a way of life. It’s made our life easier in so many different ways—from streamlining our own internal IT infrastructure, to allowing our consultants on the road to easily spin up IT environments when they meet with customers— that we can’t really imagine a world without VMware in it. VMware has been a great enabling technology. It’s something that allows me to sleep at night because I know that the technology works. I can rely on it.”

— Nate Stuyvesant, CTO

Rockford Public Schools


RPS Engaged VMware And Data Strategy For Its IT Strategy And Realized Many Savings: Several Hours Each Time It Implemented New Applications, Physical Server Space By Consolidating Five Racks Of Servers To Two Racks, The Ability To Easily Monitor Their Systems And Remove Computer Viruses

“We used VMware on the server side and our experience with it was great – which persuaded us to try it for desktops. VMware partnered with us and met our most important consideration in choosing a partner - understanding our best interests as a school district. VMware has proven that it cares about the quality of its products and its implementation, which allows us to build a great working relationship.”

— Peter Young, Chief Information Officer



VMware Technology Streamlines IT Administration, Reducing Overall Costs While Increasing Business Agility

“Right now, we are about 75 percent virtualized for all the servers in North America. This makes our IT infrastructure much easier to manage. The amount of time we spend managing the virtual machines is about a quarter of the time compared to what we’d spend managing physical servers.”

— Mike Rappette, Global Information Systems Delivery Manager, Intel Infrastructure Engineering

Georgian College


Use VMware Software to Add Virtual Instead of Physical Machines, Processing the Workload of 25 Physical Servers with Less Than Half that Number

“The initial driver for virtualization was cost avoidance: we were able to do the work of 25 servers with just 12. Besides maximized hardware utilization, minimized disruptions, and the ability to consolidate and share resources, probably the biggest benefit I see from virtualization is saving a considerable amount of time, thanks to simplified management.”

— Arlene McDonald, Manager, IT Operations

Russell Investment Group


VMware Virtual Infrastructure Methodology Enables Russell Investment Group to Set up Scalable Lab Infrastructure

"Our business proposition to our clients is very strong. We've grown over the last 10 years and will continue to grow. The only way we can keep up on the technology side is to put tools like this in place so we're much more flexible, agile, and quicker to respond to our business needs."

— Scott Gray , Systems Integration Manager

Abacus International Pte Ltd




— 周文光博士, 靜宜大學副校長暨圖書館館長





— 企业信息化部系统支撑组, 四川电信



增加部分物理服务器,通过共享服务器虚拟化平台和企业存储,结合网络,Connection Server(用于桌面交付控制),用户桌面设备(升腾瘦客户机),数据库和AD/DNS服务器,打造出完整的虚拟桌面云环境。

“通过部署升腾CT Vision桌面虚拟化解决方案,昆明市第一人民医院建立起了面向终端用户的云计算架构,搭建了完整的桌面云环境,并成功引入了云计算服务。云桌面环境下的桌面集中化管理和数据集中化访问,不仅显著提高了IT系统的管理维护效率,也带来了安全性和灵活性的显著提升。而虚拟化所带来的强大容灾恢复能力,更是为昆明市第一人民医院的业务连续性提供了有力保障,并进一步提升了医院的运营效率和服务水平。”


泰科安全设备 (Tyco Safety Products)


VMware助力Tyco Safety Products提升开发效率 实现统一部署管理:TSP中国研发中心采用VMware Lab Manager自动化解决方案,为开发人员提供更加快捷、简便的自助式多虚拟机环境预配置功能,并同时帮助IT部门加强对策略的控制。

“VMware Lab Manager与vSphere 平台的无缝集成,让TSP能够充分利用 VMware云操作系统的全部优势,让不同团队快速访问资源,共享服务,节省研发成本,获得更强的控制服务水平和更高的灵活性。”

— RickyChen(陈波), TSP亚太区IT经理

肇庆移动 (Zhaoqing Mobile)


VMware助力肇庆移动打造绿色营业厅:基于VMware 虚拟桌面基础架构的SunRay虚拟桌面解决方案,为肇庆移动营业厅提供了非常好的桌面环境和各类应用,具有更高等级的安全性,让终端用户拥有更大的移动便捷能力。

“VMware虚拟桌面基础架构与Sun的Virtual Desktop(虚拟桌面)解决方案的结合,为肇庆移动提供了非常好的桌面环境和各类应用,具有更高等级的安全性,并成功实现了节能环保的绿色营业厅。”


三井金属鉱業株式会社 (Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.)


三井金属がVMware ESX Serverを活用しテスト環境の仮想化と作業の大幅な効率化を実現

VMware ESX ServerによりERPテンプレート「リアルモデル」のテスト環境を1台のサーバに集約。 多様化するテスト環境の構築や管理を容易にし、作業の大幅な効率化を実現しました。

日立ソフトエンジニアリング株式会社 (Hitachi Software Engineering Co.,Ltd.)






Infrastruktura wirtualna w PGNiG rozwija się w bardzo szybkim tempie. Spółka potrzebowała dostępu do specjalistycznej wiedzy, pozwalającej na rozwiązywanie bieżących problemów oraz planowanie dalszego rozwoju. PGNiG poprawia jakość wirtualnej infrastruktury dzięki usłudze VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM). Technical Account Manager pozwala na skrócenie czasu realizacji projektów wirtualizacyjnych i gwarantuje oszczędności, eliminując ryzyko nietrafionych inwestycji.

“Dzięki usłudze TAM mamy możliwość usprawnienia pracy naszej wirtualnej infrastruktury oraz stworzenia długoterminowych planów jej rozwoju. Nasz opiekun dysponuje ekspercką wiedzą i doświadczeniem, których trudno szukać gdziekolwiek indziej. To dla nas bardzo cenna, pełna zaufania współpraca partnerska.”

— Łukasz Pociask, architekt wirtualizacji, PGNiG
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