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VMware Desktop Virtualization Enables Creation Of Multiple Environments With Isolated Operating Systems And Services While Server Virtualization Constrains Hardware Sprawl And Delivers A Flexible Infrastructure At Minimal Cost

"While we invested an additional A$200,000 or so in upgraded storage, we saved about A$500,000 in combined storage and server hardware we would have had to purchase had we not implemented VMware.”

— Stephen Beckwith, Infrastructure Manager



Linxdatacenter is constantly evolving in response to the growing needs of clients. Linxdatacenter decided to extend the portfolio of services provided to clients and to introduce Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) based on the FlexPod platform. The current and prospective clients, who are using typical ICT and collocation services, gained an opportunity to rent comprehensive virtual environments – a virtual data center. In practice this means that, with access to processing capacity, RAM and significant disk space, they are able to create and manage virtual servers on their own. The entire hardware solution is managed by VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 products.

“Clients want to make sure that their data is secure and they want to know where exactly the data is stored. LinxCloud meets both of these requirements. Our service, also called “the private cloud”, enables our clients to process and store data on a secure platform and at the same time reduce the costs of hardware and software administration and maintenance. Also, the cloud allows for flexible and immediate adjustment of the hardware platform performance to meet the current needs of the company. The same rule applies to software, which does not need to be bought. You can pay for its use in the same way you pay for electricity consumption. Such an option is much more affordable compared to the traditional licensing model”.

— Arno Coster, Chief Sales & Operations Officer (CSO & COO)

Major Telecommunications Provider


Major Telecom Provider Uses Virtualization To Give Customers Greater Flexibility And Lower Costs in Outsourced Datacenters

“Working with VMware Professional Services has definitely been one of the most rewarding projects I’ve completed in my 23 years in IT.”

— Anonymous, Principal Solutions Architect

Mecklenburg County


Mecklenburg County, North Carolina chose to implement Horizon View and has reaped cost savings and avoidance of $1,000 per user in anticipated upgrades and $1.2 million annually in operation costs. Their unique implementation has dramatically increased the efficiency of their family services case workers and enabled them to add a layer of security while in the field.

"The Horizon product has revolutionized the way we do everything. We were just notified that we won the 2013 Digital Government Achievement award for our one to one initiative; one person one device device based on VMWare."

— Cliff Dupuy, Technical Services Director

Mecklenburg County


The Mecklenburg County technical services team chose to deploy VMware Horizon View—over Citrix and Microsoft solutions—to securely mobilize and empower nearly 6,000 county employees. As part of the North Carolina county’s “One Person, One Device” initiative, executives, Youth and Family Services social workers, Park and Recreation employees, and Food Service inspectors use tablets and virtual desktops to securely access and input information on the go. Now more productive employees better reach and serve constituents while saving the county an average of $3.2 million per year.

"The benefits of using VMware Horizon View are in hardware cost and time savings. It equals out to be about $3.2 million savings per year for the organization. That's money that we can put back into services for the citizens of Mecklenburg County."

— Cliff DuPuy, Director of Technical Services Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Mecklenburg County


Mecklenburg County chose Horizon View, over Citrix and Microsoft, to securely mobilize and empower nearly 6,000 county employees. This video takes a deeper look into Mecklenburg County's field workers, including Parks and Recreation and Youth and Family Services, who leverage mobile devices to access their virtual desktops while traveling throughout the county. Now they can securely access and input information on the go, to better protect and serve the community.

"Social workers have told us that getting immediate access to their applications and replacing their bulky paper case files with a small tablet has improved their safety. Without all of that paperwork, their risk of being targeting is lower. They enjoy coming to work more now. They say their travel time has been greatly reduced while their productivity and safety has been significantly increased."

— Cliff Dupoy, Director of Technical Services

Mellanox Technologies


As a global supplier of server and storage interconnects, Mellanox continuously has a need for real-time responsiveness to its customers. This high-level customer service and ongoing innovation led Mellanox to tremendous growth, and the company’s IT staff¬ encountered a crossroad on how to best manage and recover the laptops of its increasingly remote staff¬. The business decided to implement the VMware Horizon Mirage system. VMware Horizon Mirage provided Mellanox Technologies with a Comprehensive, Centralized Management and Recovery Solution.

“Using VMware’s Horizon Mirage technology has revolutionised the way our IT department operates. We’re able to have a team of just three manage the laptops of over 1000 employees so it’s amazingly cost effective. We get fantastic feedback from everyone from end users to our efficient IT staff.”

— Alexander Smirnov, Sr. Director of Global Strategy Planning, Mellanox

Orange Business Services


Orange is a global telecommunications provider operating in 34 countries. They employ over 170,000 worldwide, including 104,000 employees in France. Orange Business Service is the B2B branch, serving integrated IT and telecoms solutions to over 4000 multinational customers. Their customers are looking for flexibility, agility, elasticity when it comes to their digital transformation. To develop their cloud offerings Orange Business Services chose VMware, to provide the key features for cloud, offering multi tenancy solutions and self-service solutions.

“If you want to deliver the ultimate promise of the cloud, of virtually unlimited capacity, you have to have a very smart capacity management tool or you will overspend. vCenter Operations is just that tool we need to be able to manage this very large estate without losing the visibility of individual behaviour of VMs that are critical to the business.”

— Christian Eychene, Vice President Orange Transformation, Orange Business Services

Planview, Inc.


Discover how Planview uses vCloud Air Disaster Recovery to provide disaster recovery services to their customers without building, managing, and supporting their own virtual infrastructure in another location.

“With vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, it does not require us to spend capital to build a virtual infrastructure somewhere else. We’ll be able to offer our customers significantly better RPO and RTO without any additional costs.”

— Jerry Sanchez, Vice President of Hosting Operations, Planview



Savvis is a managed hosting company and a cloud provider. Their business drivers are around delivering applications quicker to their cloud, helping customers bring their applications and work loads into the cloud environment and growing the cloud revenue. In the Savvis business unit for cloud, TAM is able to help them deliver services and bring in new technologies that they can take to their customers and to their partners. The most valuable part for them is the expertise that TAM brings to Savvis and able to tap into the rest of VMware to bring expertise to their problems and their customers problem.

"The TAM program gives us access to an expert on VMware products that we can sit down and go through strategy and roadmap discussion with. Whenever we need a resource within VMware he is able to pull these resources from VMware quickly to help us answer questions."

— Ken Owens, Cloud CTO, Savvis

The Oberoi Group


The luxury hotel and tourism operator needed to improve returns on its technology assets. Implementing VMware Horizon View with VMware vSphere has reduced operating costs and enabled centralized control and maintenance of desktops and servers, while enabling employees to continue providing high-quality services to guests and corporate clients

"VMware Horizon View and VMware vSphere have improved our TCO by significantly extending the life span of client terminals in our hotels, and mimimizing the carbon footprint of our datacenter and end-user computing environment"

— Ashish Khanna, Assistant Vice President Corporate IT

TRW Automotive


TRW Turned To VMware Virtualization To Reduce Its Server Footprint And Save On Power And Cooling Costs Under A Company-Wide 'Green IT' Initiative

"Without virtualisation, we would have had to purchase more UPS systems, server racks and cooling units in our datacenters".

— Chin Kar Wai, Service Delivery Manager, TRW Global IS



Here, Sören Sandell, CIO at Vasakronan and Marcus Lindstedt, CEO of Excanto talk about Vasakronan’s journey of moving from a traditional office environment to an activity based offices and how Excanto helped in delivering their vision. In their new environment the individual is in the center, and through smart IT solutions that build on VMware vSphere and VMware View provides its employees the freedom to work whenever they want, wherever they want and on whichever device they choose, in a simple, accessible and secure IT environment.


CMBI (Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics)


Met het High Performance Computing-cloudplatform beschikt het CMBI over de fl exibiliteit om snel van start te gaan met het berekenen van eiwitstructuren en onbeperkt op te schalen. Extra rekencapaciteit is eenvoudig en direct beschikbaar. Hierdoor bespaart het CMBI veel tijd en geld.

“Waar we vijf jaar geleden nog servers door heel Europa nodig hadden voor onze berekeningen, hebben we nu ruimschoots voldoende aan dit cloudplatform.”

— Professor Gert Vriend, Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics

DATIS IT-Services GmbH


DATIS IT-Services GmbH is a regional data center provider in Mannheim. Since 1969 they serve over 25 SMB customers. As data center provider they need a secure, robust and flexible technology in order to meet the demands of their customers. By virtualizing their IT infrastructure, they are able to meet these challenging demands.

"Today, companies cannot do without virtualization. With it organisation can reach an incredible flexibility. "

— Alexander Weber, DATIS IT-Services GmbH

DER Reisebüro GmbH & Co OHG


DER Reisebüros is the biggest travel agency in Germany with 500 offices. A challenging fact is the great number of offices of DER. This means that the desktops are not based at one site. Also, they are facing a great challenge due to the use of high resolution videos for sales purposes. This was the reason why they needed one central and managable environment, and decided to use VMware.

"We have to be open towards Cloud Computing. We will also see if a hybrid cloud is possible, always under the security aspect. This is the future."

— Sascha Karbginski, Team Lead IT Operations Support

Deutsche Telekom AG Commundo Tagungshotels


Commundo Tagungshotels, with 315 event rooms and 1550 hotel rooms, have to be flexible when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Every day they roll out 50 seminars; this makes it 3500 in the year. The challenge was to reduce time, personnel and costs and also allow more flexibility for IT administrators.

"With the old infrastructure, the flexibility for rolling out seminars was no longer guaranteed. Due to the increasing demands of the advanced training we had to raise our flexibility. This is the reason why we have chosen VMware's virtualization solutions."

— Jürgen Daust, Deutsche Telekom AG-Commundo Tagungshotels, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Lufthansa Systems


Herausforderung Sehr hohe Anforderungen der Kunden an Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit Ergänzung des Private Cloud-Angebots um eine Public Cloud, die sicher und schnell bereitzustellen ist Lösung Mit vCloud Director realisiert Lufthansa Systems die schnelle Bereitstellung von virtueller Infrastruktur unter Berücksichtigung hoher Sicherheitsstandards Lufthansa Systems ist damit in der Lage, schnell virtuelle Infrastruktur in einer Public Cloud bereitzustellen Ergebnisse Bessere Skalierbarkeit und Agilität bei gleichzeitiger Datensicherheit Geringere Komplexität bei Bereitstellungsprozessen Steigerung der Flexibilität

„In cooperation with VMware we succeeded in facilitating the provisioning process with its complex procedures. Accordingly, we can provide our customers with defined services – fast and as often as required.“

— Dr. Jörg Liebe, CIO Lufthansa Systems

NH Hoteles


Holger Golenia, Director of Information Technology bei NH Hoteles, beschreibt die Server-Virtualisierung mit VMware. Mit Hilfe von VMware Essentials Plus konnte NH Hoteles auf überflüssige Hardware verzichten, Energie einsparen und Management-Funktionalitäten erweitern. Für die Zukunft sind Desktop-Virtualisierung und “Bring your own device“ mit VMware in Planung.

"Wir wollen in Zukunft auch unsere Desktops virtualisieren , desweiteren ist "BYOD" bei uns ein Thema. Auch in diesen Fällen hat VMware sehr schöne Lösungen auf die wir mit Sicherheit zurückgreifen werden."

— Holger Golenia, Director of Information Technology bei NH Hoteles

Airbus France


Airbus gives contractors increased access to Aircraft development applications through VMware Horizon View

As part of Airbus’ campaign to provide its large numbers of specialist contractors, subcontractors and partners with access it its core IT systems and work in tandem with its employees, Airbus is now using VMware View to allow external users to login to shared 2D applications and access authorised files. The creation of a secure desktop service for third parties is also expected to lead to significant cost savings over the next few years, while providing system flexibility and agility.

“VMware was able to demonstrate its capabilities far exceeded Citrix in terms of the delivery of 2D applications. We have a worked successfully with VMware in the past on server virtualization and VMware View had a reputation as one of the top desktop virtualization products on the market”

— Arnaud Albinet, Acquisition and Outsourcing Project Manager, Airbus
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