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SVC Bank


SVC is using VMware vSphere™ to run virtualization across two clusters. The first cluster of three servers supports about 20 virtual machines running head office applications. The second six-server cluster supports 15 virtual machines running the core banking application, which is accessed by about 1,000 staff.

“VMware has enabled us to move our entire core banking application onto a virtualized platform, improving the speed and management of our resources. It has also allowed us to create a cloud environment so that we can provide our core banking application to other banks as a managed service.”

— Ravikiran Mankikar, General Manager IT



Swedbank Cuts Costs, Ensures Continuity and Increases Agility with VMware Compelling Business Case Wins Management Support

“Swedbank undertook virtualization as a technology project that delivers profound business advantages including reduced cost, improved service levels and increased agility for the bank to respond quickly to changing market demands.”

— Mart Nael, Head of Core Infrastructure

Tampa Bay Water


Virtualization Keeps The IT Systems Running And The Water Flowing In Tampa Bay

“Our data center was pushing the limits on power, cooling and space; VMware and Intel technology worked together to help us solve our challenges.”

— Steve Kroesen, Network Systems Administrator

TechTeam Global


Stefanini TechTeam Deploys VMware View to Support Global Help Desk Expansion; Data Strategy Helps Architect, Implement Desktop Virtualization as Foundation for Agile Growth

“I would tell my peers in IT that VMware View really helps you centralize management of IT resources while delivering excellent desktop performance for remote users. At TechTeam, it’s enabling us to expand our revenue-generating helpdesk operations cost-efficiently, through an infrastructure that can scale and adapt quickly to meet future demands.”

— Daniel Chapiewski, Global Infrastructure Director

Tecnotree Convergence Ltd


Tecnotree deployed VMware virtualization to meet a range of objectives, including reducing the strain on datacenter facilities and real estate, and improving efficiency of resource utilization.

“VMware has enabled us to dramatically increase available storage space, improve server administration and save a significant amount on hardware investment. We have also improved our application availability. In addition, VMware has made it easy to demonstrate our products at client locations across the world.”

— Ahamadhul Kabeer, Systems Manager



"Zdecydowaliśmy się na konsolidację naszej infrastruktury serwerowej przy pomocy oprogramowania VMware. Wdrożenie - co aż dziwne - przebiegło bez żadnego problemu, a efekt wręcz przerósł nasze oczekiwania. Oszczędności uzyskaliśmy prawie wszędzie. Kiedyś zdarzyła się nam awaria jednego fizycznego serwera obsługującego maszyny wirtualne. Dzięki VMware i funkcji VMotion po 2 minutach wszystkie maszyny wirtualne działały z powrotem, a użytkownicy mieli tylko kilka minut przerwy w pracy.

— Dariusz Zawistowski, IT Department Manager



Teradata Deploys A Private Cloud Based On vSphere While Streamlining Their Cloud Administration With VMware vCenter Lab Manager

“Energy savings from deploying a private cloud paid back our investment in just six months.”

— Scott Gnau, Chief Development Officer for R&D

Texas A&M University Kingsville


Discover how Texas A&M University-Kingsville turned to VMware® View desktop virtualization for an agile and adaptive solution.

“VMware View allows us to maintain a competitive edge by providing the freshest applications and operating systems to users. If we had to run around and update our 4,000 PCs with the latest web browsers and versions of Microsoft Office, we’d never keep up.”

— Robert Miller, Associate CIO

The Oberoi Group


The luxury hotel and tourism operator needed to improve returns on its technology assets. Implementing VMware Horizon View with VMware vSphere has reduced operating costs and enabled centralized control and maintenance of desktops and servers, while enabling employees to continue providing high-quality services to guests and corporate clients

"VMware Horizon View and VMware vSphere have improved our TCO by significantly extending the life span of client terminals in our hotels, and mimimizing the carbon footprint of our datacenter and end-user computing environment"

— Ashish Khanna, Assistant Vice President Corporate IT

Total Oil India


Implementing VMware enabled Total Oil India to deploy business-critical applications in individual virtual machines, several of which could run on one physical server.

“Deploying VMware has enabled us to support the expansion plan driven by Total France that required all affiliates to adhere to the same standards. During this program, we had to deploy additional servers and VMware virtualization enabled us to do so while saving Rs 10 lakh in hardware costs and cutting power and cooling costs by 10 percent.”

— George Matthew, Senior Manager Systems

Transit Authority of River City (TARC)


Transit Authority Uses Virtualization To Keep Things Moving

“Selecting Intel based hardware for our VMware virtualization solution was a wise decision. The number of cores running on each processor gives us all the processing power we need to run our critical transit applications.”

— Craig Gosselin, System Manager



VMware vSphere 4 Provides A Virtualization Platform That Increases Scalability, Availability, And Manageability Of IT Infrastructure

“We’ve already saved $2.1 million dollars since moving to VMware vSphere, and expect to see these savings grow over the next few years. We’ve consolidated our servers at a 20:1 ratio, significantly reducing hardware costs. We’ve saved energy and space. We’ve even saved time because VMware technology has eliminated the extra time, steps, and costs of procuring and provisioning physical servers. From an operational and capital expense standpoint, going with VMware vSphere made a lot more sense.”

— Tom Hines, CIO

TRW Automotive


TRW Turned To VMware Virtualization To Reduce Its Server Footprint And Save On Power And Cooling Costs Under A Company-Wide 'Green IT' Initiative

"Without virtualisation, we would have had to purchase more UPS systems, server racks and cooling units in our datacenters".

— Chin Kar Wai, Service Delivery Manager, TRW Global IS

TTX Company


VMware Is The Business Solution Driving TTX Agility

“As a leader in cloud computing, VMware is enhancing the ability of companies like TTX to achieve our business goals. We can be more flexible and agile, and leverage our technology to swiftly respond to changing business conditions or emerging business needs. VMware is much more than a technology solution—it is a business solution.”

— Rob Zelinka, Director of Infrastructure

Tullow Pakistan (Developments) Ltd


VMware server virtualization software enabled Tullow Pakistan (Developments) Ltd to cut costs in its Islamabad datacenter by 50 percent, reduce power consumption, provision new virtual servers in minutes to support test and development requirements, and run production applications.

“We had 25 physical servers, which cost up to US$5,000 each. Now we are running two servers at about US$8,500 each with storage and VMware software licenses for about half the previous cost.”

— Faisal Niaz, Information Systems Manager



VMware virtualization enabled Ufone to lower datacenter costs and make resources available to business units quickly and more efficiently.

“The integration of technologies such as VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director and VMware vShield make this the ideal platform for our cloud computing environment.”

— Ali Ahmed Sarwar, Head – Enterprise IT Infrastructure

University of British Columbia


Virtualizing Oracle Database Servers Readies University of British Columbia to Achieve Infrastructure Goals

“When I talk to people about VMware virtualization, I tell them ‘don’t believe everything you think.’ We’re proving here at UBC that VMware is very viable. It works in production environments, it works for Oracle database servers, and everywhere in-between. VMware technology lets you architect a very reliable, very dynamic solution to your computing needs.”

— Michael Thorson, Director of Infrastructure

University of Derby


The University of Derby wanted technology to improve the running of its IT estate, including its business critical applications running Oracle Databases. Having virtualized a number of smaller applications to start with by early 2012, the University of Derby decided to move its Oracle PeopleSoft applications across to its virtual infrastructure to help increase the efficiency and agility of services.

“We virtualised our most critical business applications with VMware and completely rely on it to keep them agile. We started virtualizing with VMware to save costs, but now it has become an absolutely crucial technology to support our current and future IT infrastructure”

— Ianto Jones, Servers and Storage Manager at the University of Derby

University of Illinois


The University of Illinois identifies and solves issues with VMware vFabric tc Server. The University of Illinois is the premier public university in the state, operating campuses in Chicago, Springfield and Urbana Champaign.

“tc Server helps us reduce the number of potential problem sources and focus on the areas where the issue might exist, saving us hours on troubleshooting a problem.”

— Nyle Bolliger, Director of Application Development and Support

University of Malaya ICT and CSR Cluster


VMware vSphere enables the University of Malaya’s ICT and Computational Science Research Cluster to consolidate its server fleet, improve the return on its hardware investments, reduce its IT management load, and implement cloud computing.

“System administrators can create virtual machines within 30 minutes rather than wait months for new physical servers to be ordered and delivered.”

— Dr Teck Chaw Ling, Associate Professor, Dean, ICT and Computational Science Research Cluster
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