Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Run VMware

Small and medium-sized businesses run on VMware. In many cases, they have evaluated other offerings in the marketplace, but ultimately chose VMware.


We considered other server virtualization platforms during our exploratory process, but security is a big concern for us and we felt that the secure foundation on which VMware’s ESXi platform is built upon, the ease of deployment and management, plus the number of applications per host density, VMware offers made them the obvious choice. VMware is the brand that large and medium-size companies—in serious need of reliable virtual systems—choose. Beyond that, VMware solutions present remarkable benefits and are proven to be easy to integrate with most existing IT platforms.

Brian Vizina, IT Manager, ParetoLogic

Myron F. Steves and Company

It took us a month to get it [Microsoft Hyper-V] working...Within two days [of trying VMware vSphere] it was fully functional… Ten years ago, we had around 13 IT people on staff. Today we have six, and we're supporting the same number of employees.

Tim Moudry, Associate Director of IT, Myron F. Steves and Company

JSR Group

VMware came top of our evaluation in terms of cost effectiveness and we were very impressed with the tools and features available with vSphere. Other solutions, such as Microsoft Hyper V, were overly complex and unsuitable for a business of our size.

Richard Hanson, Group IT Manager, JSR

Bartholomew County

With VMware technology, we’re not limited to any one physical server, location or desktop. Resources are more flexible, resilient and better able to support reliable, high-quality service to county citizens…We felt VMware was the market leader. We’d looked at Hyper-V and other vendor solutions, but they were never serious contenders.

Jim Hartsook, Director of Information Technology, Bartholomew County