Enhance Education While Reducing IT Costs

Reduced funding, rising costs and new technologies are driving change across academic institutions. From K-12 to universities and community colleges, IT leaders in education are seeking ways to improve learning and meet the needs of diverse student, faculty and alumni populations while watching costs. To stretch budget dollars, you can extend the latest innovations to more students with VMware’s virtualization and cloud computing technologies. Virtualization helps academic institutions of all sizes reduce their capital and operating expenses while improving education.

  • Improve learning environments.
  • Foster greater staff collaboration.
  • Support business-critical administrative services.

End-to-End Solutions

Reduce costs and increase server utilization through server consolidation.

Improve productivity, reduce risks and drive down costs with desktop virtualization.

Build a flexible, automated infrastructure and deliver services on demand with cloud computing.

VMware Is Eligible for E-Rate Funding

Virtualization software is now eligible for E-Rate funding as a server-based, shared product used for an eligible server function.

VMware Eligibility for E-Rate FAQ

VMware Academic Specialization

Earn VMware Specializations through the VMware Academic Specialization program. You can access education-specific pricing and market information.

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