VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ is available with two license models—per processor and per virtual machine or physical server—and in four editions.

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vCenter Operations Management Suite is available with two license models:

  • Per Processor with Unlimited VMs: For virtual environments with high consolidation ratios, the vCenter Operations Management Suite is available per processor as part of the VMware vCloud® Suite or VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™.
  • Per Virtual Machine or Physical Server: For virtual environments with low consolidation ratios, the vCenter Operations Management Suite is also available a-la-carte in 25-VM or OS instance license packs.

Choose Your Edition

vCenter Operations Management Suite is available in four editions targeting teams responsible for managing VMware vSphere® and virtual infrastructure, heterogeneous virtual and physical environments, or hybrid cloud infrastructure at the OS and application level: Foundation, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.


VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite
Edition Name
Foundation Monitor vSphere performance and health.
Standard Optimize vSphere performance, health and capacity consumption.
Advanced Comprehensive performance, capacity and configuration management for virtual or physical environments.
Enterprise Ensure service levels, operational efficiency and continuous compliance of business critical applications running on hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Support Offerings

Production or Basic support contracts are available for all vCenter Operations Management Suite editions. One year of SnS is required. Learn more about support.


Global support available 24x7 for your production environments where fast response times for critical issues are required. Includes product updates and upgrades. Learn more about Production Support.


Support for non-critical applications and platforms that require support during normal business hours only. Includes product updates and upgrades. Learn more about Basic Support.

Entitlement Path for Existing Customers

Existing vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.7 customers are entitled to receive the matching edition of the vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8 free of charge as part of their support and subscription entitlement. Existing customers can enjoy many new capabilities across the board.

Currently Own Equivalent vCenter Operations 5.8 Edition
vCenter Operations 5.7 Standard vCenter Operations 5.8 Standard
vCenter Operations 5.7 Advanced vCenter Operations 5.8 Advanced
vCenter Operations 5.7 Enterprise vCenter Operations 5.8 Enterprise

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