VMware vCloud® Connector™ links your internal private cloud with public clouds, so you can manage them as a single hybrid environment and transfer workloads back and forth.

vCloud Connector is now free!
The core and advanced editions have been converged as one free product in the 2.6 version of vCloud Connector.

Connected Clouds

Transfer workloads between your connected clouds with reliability and speed.

Unified View

View, copy and operate on workloads, including virtual machines, vApps and templates across internal data centers and private or public clouds.

Data Center Extension

Accelerate the deployment time of your workloads without needing to reconfigure the destination network settings.

Content Sync

Manage a single content catalog across your entire cloud environment using Content Sync.

Evolve Your Data Center

Easily attach compatible, scalable and compliant cloud resources to your private VMware vSphere® data center by using vCloud Connector and the VMware vCloud® Air™.

vCloud Learning Center

How-to and template guides help you to move forward in your journey to the public cloud.

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vCloud Connector Documentation

Access product documentation for vCloud Connector.

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