VMware vRealize Log Insight: Automated Log Management for Hybrid Clouds

vRealize Log Insight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics and broad third-party extensibility, providing deep operational visibility and faster troubleshooting.


Deliver Powerful Real-Time Log Management

Discover how vRealize Log Insight enables enterprise-wide visibility into your entire environment.


vRealize Log Insight Introductory Demonstration

Discover how sophisticated and scalable log analytics and log management organizes chaotic log data and gives you meaningful, actionable insights across multiple tiers of hybrid cloud environments. 

What vRealize Log Insight Does

Intelligent and Extensible

Integrates with vRealize Operations and many other vendors to provide proactive management capabilities to infrastructure and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Intuitive and Affordable

Provides powerful built-in, customizable dashboards with easy to understand problem analysis and meaningful, actionable results with an unlimited data pricing structure.

Highly Scalable

Analyzes massive amounts of log data generated in dynamic, heterogeneous infrastructures in near real-time and applies sophisticated analytics to solve complex IT problems.

Free Log Insight for vCenter

For each instance of vCenter Server that you own or purchase you are entitled to a free 25 OSI license of vRealize Log Insight for vCenter.

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Universal Log Collection and Analytics

Leverage vRealize Log Insight to collect and analyze all types of machine-generated log data. Administrators can connect it to everything in their environment—operating systems(including Linux and Windows) , applications, storage, firewalls, network devices or something else—for enterprise-wide visibility via log analytics.

Enterprise-Class Scalability

In recent internal testing, Log Insight was found to be six times faster than the leading solution in query tests across 1 billion log messages. Each node can ingest double the data per node, supporting up to 15,000 events per second per node.

Intuitive GUI & Easy Deployment

An intuitive, GUI-based interface makes it easy to run simple interactive searches, as well as deep analytical queries for quick insights that provide immediate value and improved IT efficiency. vRealize Log Insight automatically chooses the best visualization for your data, saving you valuable time.

Built-in vSphere Knowledge

Developed by VMware experts, vRealize Log Insight comes with built-in knowledge and native support for VMware vSphere with Operations Management. You can analyze logs beyond your virtual infrastructure and use a central log management solution to analyze data from your entire IT environment.

Integration With vRealize Operations

Integration with the vRealize Operations platform extends operational visibility and proactive management capabilities across infrastructure and applications. It also helps you maximize ROI by bringing unstructured data (such as log files) together with structured data (such as metrics and key performance indicators).


vRealize Log Insight is available for purchase two ways. It is available per operating system image (OSI) with one flat rate for collecting logs from any server, virtual machine or hypervisor. It is also available per CPU, for one flat rate fee for collecting all logs generated from the hypervisor and any guests on a single CPU socket.


Purchasing Options

  • Per Operating System: vRealize Log Insight is licensed on a per operating system instance (OSI) basis, which is defined as any server, virtual or physical, with an IP address that generates logs, including network devices and storage arrays.You can analyze an unlimited amount of log data per OSI. The advantage of this is a simple and predictable pricing model that is based on the size of the infrastructure. You don’t have to buy additional licenses to cover the worst-case scenario and pay more for increased log volumes. This is an important distinction because systems and devices can generate huge amounts of log data during peak times or while monitoring and troubleshooting for various IT issues. 
  • Per CPU: vRealize Log Insight is also available on a per CPU basis, where there is one flat fee for all log data sources from a single CPU, regardless of hypervisor or number of guest OSs. For more information about pricing, contact Sales.

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