Desktop Virtualization

Virtualize, Simplify and Control Your Desktops

Recent market estimates suggest that there are over 650 million business PCs worldwide, with business desktops outnumbering servers 10:1. According to industry analysts Morgan Stanley, desktop virtualization is now a $2.3B market opportunity thru 2015 [1].

VMware is building the new End-User Computing (EUC) platform for the post-PC era. This new platform helps to optimize existing desktops and enable the adoption of new technologies to deliver end-user freedom without compromising IT control. The platform addresses the needs for IT to simplify the technology components and manage them more efficiently while enabling the workforce to connect to technology and each other. With the EUC Platform, IT can break the current technology barriers and shift focus to delivering services that enable business agility and increase workforce productivity.

Engaging a VMware Partner with a Desktop Virtualization Solution Competency is the best way to embark on your virtualization journey. VMware Partners with Desktop Virtualization Solution Competencies are end-user computing experts who understand this market and your challenges inside and out. Having helped thousands of customers just like you, Desktop Virtualization Solution Competency partners can help you design the perfect virtualized desktop and application solution for your company.

IT Benefits:

  • Centralized management and control
  • Virtualization enables isolation, encapsulation, flexibility
  • Data secure in data center
  • 94% reduction in desk side support
  • 85% reduction in imaging time
  • 57% decrease in app packaging and deployment time
  • 65% reduction in configuration time

End User Benefits:

  • A device of your choosing
  • Secure and flexible anytime access
  • Dynamic and adaptive experience
  • Familiar desktop experience
  • Improved technology support
  • 71% reduction in downtime

Business Impact:

  • Reduce Desktop TCO up to 50%
  • Reduce IT support costs by 55%
  • CAPEX flexibility with endpoint devices
  • Reduce end-user productivity loss up to 58%
  • Gain business ability
  • Faster time to M&A, secure divestiture
  • Beginning step in transformation to End-User Computing Platform

[1] Morgan Stanley Research North America, Industry View In-Line – Software, November 2011

Horizon (with View) provides a desktop virtualization solution that delivers applications more effectively while simplifying administration and reducing costs When I came on board as CIO, desktop virtualization was one of the major projects that we needed to implement—and so far our use of Horizon (with View) has been very, very successful within our organization.

Cathy Crowley, CIO, Columbia Memorial Hospital