Securely and Efficiently Manage Enterprise End-User Desktop Virtualization

VMware and HP have developed a blueprint for desktop virtualization that efficiently increases end-user productivity and flexibility while at the same time allowing IT control to protect sensitive company information. The HP Client Virtualization Gen8 Enterprise Reference Architecture (RA) for VMware View includes VMware vSphere, vCenter Server and VMware View software, as well as HP ProLiant Gen8 servers. When complemented by consulting and support services, the RA contains all the information needed to deliver an enterprise desktop virtualization solution that expands up to 4,500 users.

  • Protect sensitive company information and meet compliance requirements – Company information remains secured behind the corporate firewall so that even when an end-user device is lost or stolen, confidential data is safe. And, securing information in the data center improves the ability to meet compliance requirements.
  • Minimize IT management costsHP Insight Control is integrated with VMware vCenter to simplify management for both physical and virtual servers and storage, all from a single console. This is in addition to the decreased costs of managing centrally the virtual desktops.
  • Decrease risk and quicken deployment – Designed to support up to 2,400 end-users, the RA is based on hundreds of hours of testing to deliver specific optimizations for client virtualization sizing and performance. It includes a complete list of components and configuration guidelines to accelerate deployment.

Make IT a Strategic Enabler of Changing User Demands

Mobility, cloud computing, Social Media and a variety of other forms of IT consumerization have created a massive shift in the way your organization consumes—and therefore must deliver—IT resources. The SDDC gives you a set of virtualized resources that can be deployed at the click of a button to support all of your users in all of the ways they want to interact with technology.

  • Quickly respond to changing user demands – IT can deploy solutions as needed, when needed, and bill only for what is used, allowing IT to be a strategic enabler of the business—and users to take control of the process and work at their own speed.
  • Allow elasticity and on-demand self service for virtual compute resources – Virtualized resources can be deployed and managed in a highly automated fashion, according to established policies and with the ability to monitor and measure the entire environment in a more holistic and transparent way.
  • Take advantage of reliable, proven solutions – HP and VMware are leveraging our experience as market leaders, our expertise built over 13 years of partnership, and our extensive investment in joint research and development to deliver on our vision of the SDDC.