Deliver On-demand Cloud Resources as Efficiently as Possible

The SDDC is a revolutionary new way for you to use virtualization and cloud technology to become more agile and boost resource efficiency. The SDDC creates pools of virtualized resources that can be sliced, diced and served up on demand. That makes the SDDC the ideal mechanism for delivering on-demand cloud services in the most efficient way possible. This allows you to:

  • Support the agility demanded by users and the enterprise – Leveraging SDDC, IT can provide a simplified and transparent way—including a direct view of services and associated costs—to provision and enable a more modular and dynamic IT infrastructure that relies heavily on cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with a software-based foundation.
  • Put IT back in the driver’s seat – When you have the ability to deliver on-demand cloud resources, you can bring workloads back under data center control, stemming the flow of rogue SaaS solution purchases and the moving of workloads to unauthorized platforms that don’t have the appropriate service-level agreements (SLAs), security and compliance assurances.
  • Take advantage of reliable, proven solutions – HP and VMware are leveraging our experience as market leaders, our expertise built over 13 years of partnership, and our extensive investment in joint research and development to deliver on our vision of the SDDC.

Everything You Need to Get Started With Virtualization and Cloud

As your business grows and requirements become more advanced and complex, introducing or extending virtualization technologies is a significant step toward creating a more agile infrastructure to support the needs of your business. Affordable HP Flex-Bundles for VMware Operations Management (vSOM) give you everything you need to virtualize your infrastructure or take the next step toward the cloud.

  • Take advantage of greater performance and cost efficiency – VMware vSOM packages the world’s leading hypervisor with the management analytics you need to succeed—vCenter Operations Management (vCOPS). vCOPS delivers management analytics on availability, performance and optimization that can help you further reduce CapEx by up to 30 percent, increase utilization by up to 40 percent, and improve mean time to recovery by up to 26 percent over vSphere alone.
  • Reduce costs and riskHP Flex-Bundles are pre-configured, tested and certified to streamline deployment; they allow you to reduce the number of servers in your system footprint and lower energy consumption costs, and they simplify IT management and maintenance to reduce errors and costs.
  • Simplify managementHP OneView and vCenter Operations Management are ideal together. By pairing the capabilities of these solutions, you get complete element monitoring and configuration control plus analysis to focus scarce IT resources on the metrics that matter to the business.
  • Trust the market leaders in virtualization and cloud to get it right – HP and VMware work together to help you realize the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing through joint development, testing and performance engineering. HP is the first partner to integrate both physical and virtual management into VMware vCenter Server, through HP Insight Control, and has almost 1,400 VCPs.

Simplify Data Backup and Recovery for Virtualized and Cloud Environments

HP and VMware have integrated HP Data Protector (powered by HP StoreOnce Backup) with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director, the market’s only enterprise backup application to deliver fully automated and policy-based backup and recovery processes for VMware-based virtualized and cloud environments.

  • Maximize backup efficiencyHP Data Protector together with HP StoreOnce delivers high-performance and improved storage utilization at a lower cost. Backups are up to three times faster and recovery up to five times faster. Federated deduplication creates flexibility and unique algorithms that reduce the amount of data in the backup target, improving utilization.
  • Eliminate existing protection gaps – One-touch backup policy configuration automates the protection of dynamic VMware environments. Backup administrators are able to automatically apply customizable policies to virtual machines and vApps as they are created or failover.
  • Improve ability to meet SLAs – Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery extensions use array-based snapshots to provide virtual environment back-up at any time without disruption to the production environment, as well as automated data and application recovery.