VMware® Virsto™, a software-defined storage offering, abstracts block storage and sequentializes virtual machine storage I/O traffic, improving performance, efficiency and utilization.

Integrated with VMware vCenter and Horizon (with View) Manager

VMware Virsto is a 100 percent software solution that installs as a virtual storage appliance, integrating seamlessly with VMware® vCenter™ and VMware View® Manager™.

Boost Storage Performance

Implement a virtual storage layer that transparently leverages a log architecture to speed up I/O writes.

Advanced Data Services

Reduce storage costs and greatly enhance utilization with virtual machine storage self-provisioning, automated storage space reclamation and thin provisioning.

High-Performance Snapshots

Leverage the industry’s most capable, scalable snapshots and writable clones for lightning-fast provisioning and superior backup and recovery

Software-Based Tiering

Create up to four distinct storage tiers to flexibly manage your software-defined storage priorities and costs.

Bulk Virtual Machine Provisioning Wizards

Provision storage for virtual machines in 5 seconds instead of the 20 minutes required for manual provisioning.

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