IT Solutions for Transforming Government

Secure Digital Workspace for Federal Government

Citizens and government employees expect a more responsive, flexible and innovative government, yet agencies are balancing the benefits of mobile workforces with the risk of compromising intelligence and the burden of managing data security across a multitude of end-user devices, personas and applications. The VMware Secure Digital Workspace for Government—powered by Workspace ONE— is a transformative end-user computing solution for federal agencies seeking to modernize IT infrastructure, strengthen data security, ensure Continuity of Operations (COOP) and mobilize agency workflows to advance missions.

Secure Federal Agency Data, Desktops and Devices

The rise in cyber security crimes and data breaches across platforms requires strengthening existing security postures and adopting a defense in depth approach. With the Secure Digital Workspace for Government, agencies can secure desktops, applications and mobile devices across the Software-Defined Data Center.

  • Support for Federal CAC/PIV cards, derived credentials, and biometric authentication.
  • Protect data with FIPS 140-2 encryption, file editing and sharing restrictions and remote device wipe.
  • Policy-driven access to data and applications on any device.
  • Store data in the data center, not on endpoint devices.
  • Segregate desktop and application traffic to specific workloads in the data center.

Enable Mobile Access to Government Resources

With a diverse workforce ranging from active duty military personnel to IRS accountants, agencies and citizens can significantly benefit from mobile access to government resources. The Secure Digital Workspace for Government provides government employees with secure remote access to the applications, data and resources they need to do their jobs, respond to an emergency or advance a mission.

  • Access to full desktops and applications across any mobile environment or device.
  • Support for Windows 10 with streamlined deployment.
  • Secure access to file sharing, collaboration tools and email on any mobile device.
  • Managed access to Windows, web, and mobile apps within a unified app store.
  • Same-day support for OS updates.

Achieve Continuity of Operations for All Employees

Today’s government IT infrastructure must support secure teleworking as one component of a larger COOP strategy. The Secure Digital Workspace for Government enables agencies to deliver on teleworking, COOP and disaster preparedness goals by ensuring high availability and access to critical resources from any device or location.

  • Remove dependencies on physical systems.
  • Enable on-demand, remote access to resources, even in the case of a natural or manmade disaster.
  • Access data across any device type or OS.
  • Support COOP requirements and reduce office costs, absenteeism, and employee turnover.

Modernize Federal IT Infrastructure

In one year, 26 federal agencies spent a total of $60 billion on legacy investments. Antiquated, siloed apps and infrastructure cannot support modern, mobile workforces and citizens. The Secure Digital Workspace for Government bridges legacy environments with a cloud-based platform that streamlines IT operations; increases efficiency; reduces maintenance, storage and hardware costs; and provides new levels of data security and flexibility that are unachievable with legacy systems.

  • Deliver virtual or published desktops and applications through a single platform.
  • Transform app delivery and lifecycle management.
  • Reduce IT capital, support, hardware, and data center storage costs.
  • Deliver immersive 3D graphics from the cloud.
  • Support a consistent user experience across device types.

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