IT Solutions for Transforming Government

Secure Digital Workspace for State and Local Government

Mobility has become the next iteration of computing, bringing with it a host of opportunities to radically improve mission effectiveness, service delivery and agency productivity. The VMware Secure Digital Workspace for Government—powered by Workspace ONE—transforms workflows and advances agency missions by integrating identity, application and enterprise mobility management into secure, unified employee workspaces available across any computing environment.

Mecklenburg County securely mobilizes and empowers employees with VMware solutions.

Mecklenburg County securely mobilizes and empowers employees with VMware solutions.

Mecklenburg County securely mobilizes and empowers employees with VMware solutions. (3:21 min)

Secure Agency Data, Desktops, and Devices

Protecting sensitive data across the entire computing environment is critical within government. The Secure Digital Workspace helps government agencies safeguard desktops, applications, and mobile devices across the Software-Defined Data Center.

  • Policy-driven access to data and applications on any device.
  • Automated operating system (OS) security patches and updates.
  • Advanced data-loss prevention with remote device wipe, as well as file editing and sharing restrictions.
  • Data storage in the data center, not on endpoint devices.
  • Ability to segregate desktop and application traffic to specific workloads in the data center.

Enable Mobile Access to State and Local Government Resources

Employee mobility is on the rise and agencies are struggling with how to enable secure mobile workflows to improve service delivery. From health and human services caseworkers to first responders and law enforcement, the Secure Digital Workspace empowers field workers to be more productive and successfully achieve objectives.

  • Full desktop and application access across mobile environments and devices.
  • Support for Windows 10 with streamlined deployment.
  • Secure access to file sharing, collaboration tools and email on any mobile device.
  • Managed access to Windows, web and mobile apps within a unified app store.
  • Same-day support for OS updates.

Achieve Continuity of Operations for Department Employees

Government can never shut down. As such, teleworking is part of many agencies’ Continuity of Operations strategy. The Secure Digital Workspace for Government provides the mobile flexibility and agility that today’s government employees expect while ensuring high availability and access to critical resources for all employees from any device or location—even in the event of unplanned downtime.

  • Remove dependencies on physical systems.
  • Enable on-demand, remote access to resources, despite natural or manmade disasters.
  • Access data across any device type or OS.
  • Support teleworking and increase employee morale.

Modernize IT Infrastructure

Budget-constrained offices need ways to augment legacy infrastructure to drive mobility initiatives and increase efficiencies. The Secure Digital Workspace for Government enables state and local IT departments to bridge legacy investments with mobile-cloud technology.

  • Provide virtual or published desktops and applications through a single platform.
  • Transform app delivery and lifecycle management.
  • Save on IT support, capital, hardware and data center storage costs.
  • Deliver immersive 3D graphics from the cloud.
  • Enable a consistent user experience across device types.

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