Enabling Secure Collaboration with High Performance 3D

The manufacturing industry is undergoing significant change including globalization, outsourcing, complex 3D designs, joint ventures, and a shift to a more mobile workforce. The VMware Solution for Manufacturing provides a platform including technology from leading 3D graphics vendors that enables workers to collaborate securely on complex designs while supporting the new mobile workforce.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges and VMware Solutions

  • Manufacturing sites are often dispersed and located in countries where electricity and network connectivity are unreliable. Desktop virtualization using VMware Horizon 6 ensures that data and work are preserved in the data center whenever there are outages.
  • The manufacturing industry is characterized by a high degree of acquisitions, spinoffs and adjustments to business cycles. During these events, optimizing virtual desktops is essential to keep costs in check while enabling flexible scalability.
  • Manufacturers not only need desktops delivered to multiple geographic locations, they also require a high degree of mobility, from visiting customer sites to working on the shop floor. Desktop virtualization delivers anytime, anywhere access to data and applications.
  • Manufacturers often outsource work to third parties to control costs or leverage their expertise. Keeping intellectual property and customer data secure is critical when dealing with third parties. Desktop virtualization keeps data secure in the data center.
  • Manufacturers working on complex 3D designs need access to workstation-like graphics capabilities to get their job done. VMware has partnered with leading graphics vendors to deliver hardware accelerated graphics so users get the performance they need while still delivering the benefits of desktop virtualization.

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