VMware vCloud Suite comes in three editions, all designed for vSphere environments: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

vCloud Suite’s cloud management, automation, and business components are designed specifically for vSphere environments.

Standard Advanced Enterprise
Cloud Management and Automation
Automated Delivery for vSphere Environments
Application and data services – Application provisioning, changes and data Yes
Governance – Approvals, reclamation, cost profile and transparency Yes Yes
Extensibility – Infrastructure integrations, workflows and customizations Yes Yes Yes
Infrastructure provisioning and management Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent Operations for vSphere Environments
Application Monitoring – OS, middleware, databases Yes
OS-level change, configuration and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, SOX..) Yes
Extensibility – Adapters for third-party OS and application monitoring tools Yes
Extensibility – Adapters for third-party infrastructure monitoring tools Yes Yes
vSphere hardening, change and configuration management Yes Yes
Application discovery and dependency mapping Yes Yes
Operations dashboard – Health monitoring and performance analytics Yes Yes Yes
Capacity management – Resource monitoring, planning and optimization Yes Yes Yes
Business Insight for vSphere Environments
Automated infrastructure costing and metering Yes Yes
Integrated pricing with self-service provisioning Yes Yes
Cloud Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery Automation
Automated disaster recovery planning, testing and execution Yes
Compute Virtualization
Virtualized infrastructure with policy-based automation Yes Yes Yes

NSX for vSphere can be purchased as an add-on to all editions of vCloud Suite and provides advanced networking and security features.
vCloud Suite can be extended to the hybrid cloud with the purchase of the vRealize Suite and vCloud Air
vCloud Connector is now available as a free offering.