VMware Virtual SAN is a radically simple, enterprise-class storage solution, enabling an ideal hyperconverged infrastructure for vSphere virtual machines.

Virtual SAN 6.1 delivers a mature, enterprise-level storage solution

  Virtual SAN 5.5 Virtual SAN 6.1
Embedded in the Kernel
Flash Read/Write Caching
Storage Policy Based Management
Distributed RAID
Replication 15 Minutes RPO 5 Minutes RPO
All Flash
Stretched Cluster (Zero RPO)
Capacity Monitoring & Planning
Health Monitoring & Remediation (root-cause analysis)
Performance Monitoring
High-Performance Snapshots
High-Performance Clones
Rack Awareness Availability
  • All-Flash architecture with SSD data persistence: Deploy an all-flash architecture, flash-based caching and data persistence on SSD devices to provide exceptionally high performance with consistent, low latency.
  • Stretched Cluster: Enable enterprise-level availability that ensures no data loss and near zero downtime even in the event of an entire site failure. Virtual SAN now supports stretched clusters to synchronously replicates data between two metro distance datacenters.
  • Virtual SAN Management Pack for vRealize Operations: Reduce troubleshooting and monitoring time with Virtual SAN’s new management pack for vRealize Operations. A new, comprehensive set of management features include global visibility across Virtual SAN clusters, proactive notifications of health and availability alerts, root-cause analysis with remediation strategies, and advanced performance and capacity monitoring.
  • Health Check Plug-in: Further enhance the management capabilities of vRealize Operations with a free vCenter plug-in that delivers hardware, firmware and driver compatibility checks, network and real-time diagnostics and advanced configuration options are consistent across the cluster.
  • Single-pane-of-glass management with vSphere: Eliminate the need for training on specialized storage interfaces and tools by using the standard vSphere Web Client-based management. Provisioning storage is now as easy as two clicks.
  • VM-centric policy-based control and automation: Deploy storage policies with a single click during VM creation to assign common storage service levels across similar virtual machines. Storage resources are automatically provisioned based on these policies—no LUNs or RAID configurations are necessary.
  • Self-tuning: Automatically rebuild and rebalance storage to align with the storage service levels assigned to each virtual machine in the cluster. No manual adjustments are needed.
  • Built-in failure tolerance: Protect your data even in the event of disk, host, network or rack failures with the built-in distributed RAID and cache mirroring. Maximize resiliency by defining availability on a per-VM basis. You can specify how many host, network, disk or rack failures to tolerate in a Virtual SAN.
  • Interoperability with the VMware stack: Virtual SAN is fully integrated with core vSphere features such as High Availability, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), Fault Tolerance (FT) and vMotion. Use vSphere Snapshots, vSphere Data Protection, and vSphere Replication for data protection, backup, rapid cloning and data transfer across clusters or sites. VMware Site Recovery Manager provides automated orchestration for DR purposes. VMware Horizon with Virtual SAN delivers an ideal solution for virtual desktop environments.
  • Unique architecture built within the hypervisor: Virtual SAN is embedded into the vSphere kernel and thus provides the shortest I/O data path, optimizing performance with the least impact on CPU and memory.
  • Server-side caching: VM performance is improved and storage latencies are minimized by caching and accelerating read/write disk I/O traffic, leveraging enterprise-grade server-side flash.