Build your own cloud infrastructure in your datacenter and remote sites on VMware vSphere®, the world’s leading server virtualization platform.

vSphere ESXi

A robust, high-performance virtualization layer that abstracts server hardware resources and makes them shareable by multiple virtual machines.

Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS)

Aligns compute resources with business priorities through automatic load balancing across hosts. Optimizes power consumption by turning off hosts during lower load periods.


Eliminates application downtime due to planned server maintenance by migrating live virtual machines between hosts.

Big Data Extensions

Runs Hadoop workloads on vSphere to achieve higher utilization, reliability and agility.

Network I/O Control

Lets you define priority access to network resources according to established business rules.

Distributed Switch

Centralizes network provisioning, administration and monitoring using data center-wide network aggregation.

High Availability

Delivers high availability across your entire virtualized IT environment without the cost or complexity of traditional clustering solutions.

App HA

Detects and recovers from application or OS failure.

Fault Tolerance

Provides continuous availability for applications with zero data loss in the event of server failures.

Data Protection

Safeguards your data through agentless disk backups with de-duplication to minimize use of backup disk space.


Eliminates third-party replication costs through built-in vSphere replication.

Auto Deploy

Allows you to deploy and patch vSphere hosts in minutes.

Host Profiles

Lets you create a profile once and then use it to configure multiple vSphere hosts.

Update Manager

Reduces time spent on routine remediation by automating the tracking, patching and updating of vSphere hosts.

vCenter Server

Provides centralized management for the vSphere platform.

vRealize Orchestrator

Lets you assemble workflows using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

vShield Endpoint

Eliminates anti-virus footprints in virtual machines and improves AV scan performance by offloading functions to a security virtual appliance.

Storage DRS

Provides smart virtual machine placement and load-balancing based on I/O latency and storage capacity.

Profile Driven Storage

Streamlines storage provisioning by grouping storage resources according to user-defined policies.

Storage vMotion

Performs non-disruptive storage migration, eliminates virtual machine storage and I/O bottlenecks and frees up valuable storage capacity.

Storage I/O Control

Prioritizes storage access by continuously monitoring I/O storage loads and dynamically allocating available I/O resources to virtual machines according to business needs.


Simplifies virtual machine provisioning and administration with a high-performance cluster file system optimized for virtual machines.

Storage Thin Provisioning

Increases virtual machine storage utilization through dynamic allocation and intelligent provisioning of physical storage capacity.

Storage APIs

APIs enhance storage awareness, data protection and array integration, and let you leverage multi-pathing capabilities from third-party storage vendors.

Flash Read Cache

Virtualizes server side flash providing a high performance read cache layer that dramatically lowers application latency.