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More than 250,000 customers worldwide trust VMware's proven, production ready technology in their datacenters. Now you can rely on VMware to deliver globally consistent enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure services. Offered by VMware-certified service providers and built on proven VMware vCloud infrastructure technology, including vSphere, vCloud Director, and VMware vCloud Networking and Security, vCloud Datacenter Services allow you to extend your datacenter to the cloud with confidence.
vCloud Datacenter Services give you a path towards a dynamic and compatible operating environment allowing you to leverage internal and external IT resources when and where you need them in a secure hybrid cloud.

  • Guaranteed Performance and Uptime: Scale your IT resources with guaranteed performance and uptime meeting SLAs of 99.9% or higher.
  • Trust: Get auditable security and compliance through SAS 70 Type II or ISO27001 compliant clouds built on a secure VMware stack with VMware vCloud Networking and Security, layer 2 isolation, and role based access control (RBAC).
  • Extend Your Datacenter:Gain the freedom to move workloads from your virtualized datacenter to a secure public cloud, with the flexibility to transfer them back and forth as needed.

Procure Scalable IT Resource on Demand


In these days of do more with less, there is an ever-growing need to respond to market forces and customer demands almost immediately, sometimes in a matter of hours. Business and technical users need on-demand computing resources. Now you can respond quickly to resource requests or allow self-provisioning, using vCloud Datacenter Services. Provision what you need only when you need it for maximum flexibility. Move workloads to their optimal location, between and across vCloud Datacenter Services and private clouds, whenever you want.

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Get Enterprise-Class Security

Built to predefined specifications and based on secure VMware cloud infrastructure technology, vCloud Datacenter Services provide multilevel, auditable security through SAS 70 Type II or ISO 27001 compliance. vCloud Datacenter Services also provide best-in-class virtual firewall capabilities, Layer 2 isolation, role-based access control and the ability to integrate with Active Directory. Access to end user activity logs keeps you in control and allows you to calibrate user access levels for enhanced end user security.

Cloud Computing Adoption

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Quickly Move Applications from Internal Datacenter to vCloud Datacenter Services and Back

VMware vCloud Connector enables customers to move VMs, vApps and templates between internal datacenter and all vCloud Datacenter Services with a "single pane of glass" hybrid cloud management UI. Built on VMware vCloud API and vSphere API, vCloud Connector plugs into vSphere Client and allows VI administrators to connect all virtual and cloud environments, copy VMs and vApps from one cloud to another, power on and off these VMs and access their consoles remotely.

Global Connect - One Contract, Multiple Providers

This capability of vCloud Datacenter Services allows you to use cloud computing services from multiple providers as if they are from a single virtual cloud. You can get the cloud computing infrastructure you need, where you need it, and when you need it – including geographies where your primary service provider may not offer vCloud Datacenter Services.

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