Software as a Service (SaaS)
Basic Support

Weekday Global Support for SaaS Deployments

  • Global, 12x5 access to support
  • 24x7 for SaaS Severity 1 issues
  • Unlimited number of Support Requests
  • Online access to documentation and technical resources, knowledge base, discussion forums
  • SaaS updates


VMware Software as a Service Basic Support is designed with your access to SaaS products in mind. We are committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support with a single objective in mind: your success. Our global support centers are staffed around the clock to ensure you have access to the products from your web browser anywhere the Internet is available. VMware handles software deployment and maintenance, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Feature  SaaS Basic
Hours of Operation 12 Hours/Day
Length of Service 1, 2 or 3 Years
SaaS Updates
Services Supported

VMware IT Business Management
VMware IT Financial Management
Socialcast Dedicated Cloud Platform
Socialcast SaaS Platform
Socialcast Town Hall Add On for SaaS or Dedicated Cloud Platform

Method of Access
Access to VMware Discussion Forums and Knowledge Base Yes
Max Number of Technical Contacts per Contract
Number of Support Requests Unlimited
Target Response Times
Critical (Severity 1)
Major (Severity 2)
Minor (Severity 3)
Cosmetic (Severity 4)

1 hour or less: 24x7
4 business hours
8 business hours
12 business hours