Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Even Microsoft Knows VMware Costs Less.

Fact #2 - The More Secure, Purpose-Built Platform  

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Studies prove that virtualizing with VMware offers a total cost of ownership that’s less than Microsoft’s. And Microsoft knows it.


They had to find a way to make Windows-based virtualization appear cheaper. Their solution: give Hyper-V away for free. Except it’s not really free. There are all kinds of other necessary technologies you have to pay for to actually run the platform, and Microsoft upcharges you for all of it, not to mention maintenance and downtime costs.


Unlike Microsoft, VMware products provide tighter integration between the virtualization platform and management tools. System administrators complete tasks faster, making the IT staff more efficient.


The results are greater business agility, reduced risk, and a virtualization platform with a lower total cost of ownership.

VMware's Customer Stories

VMware helped JSR expand their operations to the cloud and deliver a competitive edge

VMware came top of our evaluation in terms of cost effectiveness and we were very impressed with the tools and features available with vSphere. Other solutions, such as Microsoft Hyper V, were overly complex and unsuitable for a business of our size.

Richard H


VMware delivered to The National Institute of Education (NIE) a flexible, robust, highly available infrastructure for their critical applications

Our proof of concept—which involved testing and creating virtual machines, conducting a physical-to-virtual migration for some of our servers and testing the vMotion feature for high availability—convinced us that VMware had the most mature and flexible product.

Tan H.


Myron Steves was able to cut disaster recovery times and costs with VMware virtualization

Our disaster recovery was costing us $400,000 per year. By eliminating that cost, our VMware infrastructure paid for itself within 10 months.

Tim M.