VMware vCloud Service Provider Services

Whatever you’re looking for from the public cloud—a robust test and development environment, pay-as-you-go infrastructure resources, on-demand capacity for seasonal workloads, or a high-performance platform for stable enterprise applications—you’ll find a VMware vCloud Service Provider services that ideally meets your requirements.

VMware vCloud Data Center Services: Need to quickly scale out IT resources to support specific production applications—with guaranteed performance and SLAs of 99.9 percent or higher? Then vCloud Data Center Services are the obvious choice to securely extend your on-premises infrastructure and create an enterprise-class hybrid cloud. 

  • Supports both new and existing applications with no rework.
  • Auditable security based on ISO27001 or SSAE16 compliance.
  • Workload portability across vCloud services vendors and your internal data centers.

vCloud Powered Services: Choose among a broad ecosystem of public cloud services optimized for a range of different use cases: seasonal projects, transient workloads, test and development and many more. Quickly deploy workloads to a public cloud with the flexibility to move them back and forth between internal and external environments as needed.

  • VMware-based infrastructure, management and security models
  • Worldwide availability
  • Legacy applications supported without reconfiguration and rewrites      

VMware vCloud Connector: Manage all your hybrid cloud resources through a “single pane of glass” management console. Gain instant capacity-on-demand by moving VMs, vApps and templates back and forth between your internal data center and your public vCloud infrastructure services.

  • Complete, unified visibility into your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Rapid, reliable workload transfer
  • Efficient cloud resource management and pooling to accommodate scheduled maintenance, respond to peak demand and meet new project needs