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VMware Ready designates VMware’s highest level of endorsement for products and solutions created by our established partners. VMware Technology Alliance Partner members can develop their products and solutions to meet VMware standards and submit them for testing and review. Products and solutions that meet VMware Ready requirements will display the VMware Ready logo.

The VMware Ready logo helps customers quickly identify VMware partner’s products and solutions that are optimized for VMware vSphere and Horizon (with View). VMware Ready products and solutions interoperate seamlessly with a virtual infrastructure and have met specific VMware integration and interoperability standards. The VMware Ready logo indicates the unique features and capabilities of VMware-integrated products and solutions and a solid commitment of long-term feature support. Lower integration costs and the opportunity to eliminate legacy products that don’t deliver a complete solution for a virtualized infrastructure let customers save both money and manpower.

Each VMware Ready product and solution category requires successful completion of specific integration and interoperability testing. Customers can rely on VMware Ready products and solutions to be reliably inter-operable with a vSphere environment and to deliver unique features with significant value.

VMware Ready Categories

Includes Server Certification, IOVP and vSGA.

For Storage Vendors integrating with Storage APIs and certifying with vSphere.

Networking and Security solutions are integral components of building agile and secure virtual datacenters. Partner solutions integrated with VMware products deliver security, compliance, and advanced networking to help customers realize the full efficiency and agility of cloud computing.

For partners interested in the developing of management applications for VMware's Management platform.

To validate Mobile Secure Desktop Solutions and Horizon (with View) Thin Clients components.

Applications in this category are fully supported by the partner, and have been tested to ensure reliable operation under fully-loaded conditions. These products do not integrate or interoperate with VMware products.

To get started and express interest in enrolling in a VMware Ready program, please fill-in the online VMware Ready Request Form.