Cloud Business Management

Running IT like a Business

In a heterogeneous and hybrid world, IT and business need accurate information about cost and service quality in order to move fast and respond to new opportunities. VMware cloud business management solutions the deliver cost and service quality transparency needed to make good decisions.

Converging Operations

The strategic importance of cloud computing to IT grows daily. VMware IT Business Management Suite™ solutions create transparency into the cost, quality and value of cloud services and delivers complete, consolidated views into IT capital, operating and service expenses across a broad range of financial data sources. They collect and abstract information, model it and publish service, cost and governance models.

IT Business Management Suite provides benchmarking capabilities, including objective industry and peer benchmark costs as well as the ability to run what-if scenarios against your current state. Armed with meaningful measurements and reports – including a bill of IT services, chargeback, service performance reports and vendor scorecards – IT can now clearly communicate the costs, quality and value of its services. The result is more effective engagement with your CFO and line of business stakeholders.

360 Degree IT Cost Transparency

VMware IT Business Management Suite solutions import physical infrastructure costs and meter virtual and cloud resource consumption to provide comprehensive insight into physical, virtual and cloud IT costs. These include labor, vendor, service, customer, asset and application costs. Our unique approach to Business Management for Cloud and IT Financial Management provides bottom-up metering to capture real consumption of services (as well as underlying infrastructure and applications) and top-down planning to enable a big picture view and fact-based sourcing and provisioning decisions.

IT as a Services Broker

VMware IT Business Management Suite, together with VMware vCloud® Automation Center™ enables IT to act as the single point of contact for all sourcing and provisioning decisions as well as cloud service-related information. In this way, IT becomes the channel through which business consumes cloud services. As a result, enterprises can make informed financial trade-offs based on business priorities, delivering insight into service cost, quality and value needed to align with business needs.

IT Business Management Suite helps IT teams evaluate services according to costs, SLAs and time to value to identify opportunities to move to the cloud. IT Business Management Suite meters and models private and public cloud environments to ensure they deliver the right service quality at the right price. It also lets you compare the cost, quality and value of your internal services against those delivered by public cloud providers.