Cloud Operations Management

To ensure service levels, operational efficiency and compliance of hybrid cloud infrastructures, today’s IT departments require an integrated, analytics-based approach to cloud operations management.

Embedded, Integrated Management

The demands of virtualized applications running on dynamic, shared infrastructure, self-service provisioning and deployment models have outstripped the capabilities of traditional IT management tools and processes. Our embedded and integrated approach to virtualization and cloud management reduces complexity and enables higher levels of automation. VMware vSphere®, the industry’s leading virtualization platform, features built-in high availability, fault tolerance, dynamic resource scheduling and disaster recovery capabilities that improve manageability, availability and business continuity. The automated performance management capabilities of VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager Foundation™ have been embedded in vSphere, resulting in even greater platform performance and efficiency.

VMware Cloud Operations

VMware Cloud Operations

Intelligent Operations

Operations management disciplines are converging in the cloud. Performance, capacity and configuration are becoming inseparable due to the dynamic nature of converged infrastructure. Configurations are fluid, and capacity is shared and sourced from many places, all of which impacts performance. As a result, enterprises need intelligence—in the form of visibility across the system—and analytics to decipher what is important in their ever-increasing volumes of data.

VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ delivers an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management for a comprehensive view of virtual and physical cloud infrastructure health. Through tight integration with VMware® vCenter Server™, the foundation for virtualized management, vCenter Operations Management Suite delivers higher service levels and reduces operational expenses with built-in automation and intelligent policy management. The suite also provides comprehensive visibility into health of workloads running on hybrid clouds through a single dashboard.

vCenter Operations Management Suite provides patented analytics that aggregate performance data from vCenter Server and third-party monitoring systems. As a result, the solution learns normal behavior and sets dynamic performance thresholds for more intelligent alerting, proactive intervention and rapid problem resolution across virtual and physical infrastructures and applications.

Capacity Optimization

vCenter Operations Management Suite helps you right-size your infrastructure resources. Automated capacity analysis identifies and reclaims waste from over-provisioned and idle VMs for more efficient infrastructure utilization. What-if analysis allows you to forecast capacity trends to better meet future business demands.

Continuous Compliance

vCenter Operations Management Suite conducts automated provisioning, patching and configuration analysis of infrastructure and applications to provide continuous compliance with operational best practices, security guidelines and regulatory requirements. Integrated performance and configuration management enables visual correlation of in-guest configuration change events and their impact on performance with right-click remediation of any issues. Leveraging easy to use templates, vCenter Operations Management Suite facilitates compliance management with IT, vendor and regulatory requirements across virtual, physical and cloud environments, while allowing you to track and audit your compliance posture.

Log Analytics

The newest member of VMware’s operations management portfolio, VMware® vCenter™ Log Insight™, extends VMware’s analytics-based approach to IT Operations to include log data. vCenter Log Insight automates collects, analyzes and searches log data to enable administrators to eliminate time consuming tasks when troubleshooting complex problems, security monitoring or reporting on compliance status. vCenter Log Insight tightly integrates with the vCenter Operations Management Suite to provide enterprise visibility across infrastructure and applications and to enable seamless transition from monitoring to root cause analysis. vCenter Operations Management Suite and vCenter Log Insight together provide VMware’s complete operations management portfolio purpose-built for managing dynamic hybrid cloud infrastructure.