Cloud Automation

Many customers have standardized on VMware vSphere® for their cloud infrastructure because it provides the most efficient and agile solution. They now want to automate their virtualized infrastructure, stand up an IaaS or a PaaS, or establish IT as a broker of services.

With VMware’s cloud automation solution customers can enable the agility the business needs with the control IT requires through a flexible solution for automating the delivery of IT services.

VMware Cloud Automation

VMware Cloud Automation
Agility Through Automation

Slow delivery of IT services is impacting the performance of the business. Reasons include:

  • Implementing service automation solutions takes too long.
  • It takes too long to deliver services and applications to the business.
  • Service consumers have no easy way to access their services and applications.

VMware cloud automation addresses those challenges by providing comprehensive, purpose built functionality and pre-defined services, which allow for rapid service delivery. A self-service portal provides on-demand access to personalized IT services. Finally, services are managed throughout their entire lifecycle from requisition to retirement.

Using VMware cloud automation, customers can not only stand up and manage infrastructures, but also applications, and desktops. In addition, it provides a framework to integrate “Anything” as a Service (XaaS).

Control Through Governance

IT has insufficient control over who provisions what service and where because:

  • Service and software sprawl impacts IT’s support ability.
  • Unrefined policies do not reflect the granularity required by IT and the business.
  • Virtual machines and applications are provisioned with the wrong configurations and service levels.
  • Un-used and over-sized virtual machines and applications cannot easily be identified to eliminate waste of resources.

VMware cloud automation also addresses those challenges by providing a framework to standardize on services for IT control and compliance. Furthermore, personalized, business relevant policies enforce unique IT and business needs. Access and delivery policies provide the right-size service at the right service level and automated reclamation policies improve resource utilization.

Choice Through Flexibility

Inflexible automation approaches do not map into the existing infrastructure, processes and environments. As a result:

  • Automation requires time- consuming and costly rework of the existing infrastructure.
  • Hard-coded workflows and processes, which do not reflect IT and business requirements, are forced on the organizations.
  • Integration of third-party capabilities require time – consuming coding.
  • Limited environment support prevents organizations to optimize service delivery to reduce time and cost.

VMware cloud automation supports multi-platforms to integrate into the existing infrastructure and tools. Workflows and processes can be customized to meet unique IT and business needs. Complementary service delivery solutions provided by a vibrant partner ecosystem are published on marketplaces ready for consumption. Finally multi-cloud support allows to deploy services into any heterogeneous environment.