Clients need help transforming their often inflexible IT environment into a flexible, automated cloud infrastructure, helping to reap cost savings and achieve productivity benefits. Together with VMware, Capgemini provides the insight, roadmap and support to help our clients achieve this and derive maximum value from existing virtualization efforts.


VMware and Capgemini: Focusing the Business on Results

Capgemini's high-level, strategic partnership with VMware gives our global team of architects and technologists the experience to deliver the results you're seeking, with many successful client engagements in the virtualization and cloud space to date.

Let Capgemini and VMware help you begin the journey to a private cloud with datacenter virtualization:

  • Offer the highest levels of availability and responsiveness with VMware vSphere, the industry’s most complete and robust virtualization platform.
  • Create resource pools to manage computers, network, and storage capacity with ease, and deliver the highest levels of service with the lowest total cost per application workload.
  • Deploy a private cloud, increase control through service-level automation so you can deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).

Capgemini has more than 40 years of experience with Enterprise Data Center service, experience, and innovation. Our mission is to empower our clients to respond faster and more intuitively to changing market dynamics, and we enable them to become more agile and competitive through leveraging new technologies. The seamless collaboration of our consultants, IT specialists and outsourcing experts forms the backbone of our unique approach, creating truly integrated services.

What also sets us apart is the way we work together – with each other, with our partners and with our clients. We call our approach the Collaborative Business Experience® - it’s at the heart of our every interaction and is how we forge closer, more effective relationships.