VMware vRealize Business™ offers transparency and control over IT costs, services and quality and automates manual processes.

vRealize Business provides transparency into costs of cloud environments and IT services. Infrastructure teams can understand the costs of supplying private and public cloud environments, while CIOs and IT executives can understand the costs of supplying IT services.

IT Financial Management

vRealize Business uses a deterministic engine and powerful modeler to allocate or translate IT costs—including physical and virtual systems, vendors, overhead, facilities, software and support—to each IT business service.

  • View and analyze TCO and unit costs along with their breakdowns and trends for all IT services.
  • Identify and show the top spenders and consumers of all IT services.
  • Analyze key IT efficiency ratios and compare to industry benchmarks.
  • Track actual versus planned and forecasted to capture variances.
  • Prepare a bill of IT covering who consumed what IT services and resources.
  • Spot ongoing potential cost saving strategies, such as potential for virtualization, consolidation, retirement or refresh, SLA reduction, and tiering.

vRealize Business provides the cost of a virtual machine and utilization of shared resources to help you better manage demand, budget, CapEx/OpEx; driving accountability over cloud resources to lower TCO. Optimize your costs and sourcing across internal virtual infrastructure / private cloud and public cloud.

  • Supplies data on IT costs of physical, virtualized and cloud resources, storage and network resources, and other cloud-IT cost drivers.
  • Delivers common reporting and usage metering coverage for measuring, analyzing, reporting and invoicing based on usage across private and public cloud.
  • Offers advanced analytics of collected data from cloud operation tools to track resources and manage cost according to business organizational structures and needs.
  • Integrates cloud usage reporting with cloud provisioning and management strategy to allow users to manage the infrastructure cost for cloud offerings.

vRealize Business

IT Benchmarking

vRealize Business's peer benchmarks provide objective evidence to indicate where your organization’s IT spending is today, where it could be in the future and what paths you need to take to improve.

VMware benchmark data enables you to discover where you stand and where you could better align IT capabilities and costs with enterprise goals and run IT more like a business. VMware IT Benchmarking™ is available as a standalone service via services engagements with VMware and select partners and benchmarking data can be viewed and analyzed within vRealize Business.

  • Covers more than 3,500 benchmark measurements across 20 industries, 18 towers or domains and four geographies.
  • Benchmarks cover items like hardware, software, infrastructure, personnel, applications, IT structure, costs and more.
  • Information is current; data is less than 18 months old.
  • Data can show relative differences (and similarities) with your peers and decile performers.

Comparing to Benchmarks

Comparing to Benchmarks

Service Quality Management

With vRealize Business’s service level management and vendor management capabilities, you can better understand the trade-off between cost and quality and run IT more like a business.

  • Visually define, collect and manage service levels and operational compliance/quality metrics in the context of IT services.
  • Create and manage workflows to orchestrate, track and approve agreements, commitments, sign-offs and capture auditable adjustments.
  • Alert when an SLA, OLA, KPI or UC commitment is in danger of being missed.
  • Publish monthly service reports and booklets covering performance, along with root cause and business impact reports to identify remedial action.
  • Automatically track, validate and manage vendor invoices on an ongoing basis against contract terms, actual spending and service performance/value metrics.