Socialcast brings social networking to the enterprise, delivering a single, unified workspace with everything you need to connect with people, find information, work on projects, and focus on what matters.

Enterprise Social Platform

Socialcast lets you create a common social experience across all your business applications, making conversations, people, documents, and projects easily discoverable and more actionable.

  • Unified workflow – Everything you need to connect with people, find information and work on projects is all in one place so you can focus on the things that matter.
  • Socialcast Reach – Embed social collaboration directly within Microsoft® SharePoint® or other intranets, CRM, Help Desk, or HR business systems to create a unified platform for getting work done.
  • REST APIs – Customize Socialcast to make your community more engaging and relevant. Create applications in any programming language and take advantage of the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol for increased security.

Socialcast Collaboration Video

Socialcast Collaboration Video

Work more effectively together

Enterprise Security

Socialcast provides comprehensive security and data integrity features to keep your community safe and in compliance with company policies and industry regulations. Many companies within highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and government trust Socialcast as their social platform.

  • Multiple deployment options – On-premise or SaaS deployment options allow you to choose the right solution for your business.
  • Automated account provisioning – Socialcast supports LDAP synchronization with your company user directory to quickly create, update, and remove employee accounts.
  • Legal compliance – Data retention and purge controls allow you to delete data if you choose, at intervals you select, and also export data for backup and archival purposes.

Team Work

Socialcast brings people, content, projects, and ideas together in one central workspace. Leverage the power of community to get work done faster and with higher quality.

  • Socialcast Projects – Integrate projects and tasks into the daily flow of communication. Keep track of deliverables, action items, and due dates with fewer spreadsheets, emails, or status meetings.
  • Socialcast Challenges– Crowdsource ideas to drive your business forward. Engage every employee in developing the steady flow of inspiration you need to stay competitive.
  • Socialcast groups – Organize communications and activities around a project, team, or topic.
  • Share documents – Include photos, links, videos and more as part of any conversation, project, or idea.

Real-Time Messaging

Share information instantly and privately with one or more colleagues. Keep your discussions organized in one place so you can stay on top of what’s happening without interrupting the flow of work.

  • Enterprise-class messaging – Private Messages and its companion mobile app, Socialcast Messenger, provide an enterprise-class secure messaging platform.
  • Fewer inboxes – Manage ad-hoc conversations in one place, reducing the need for email, third-party IM or messaging apps.
  • Mobile-desktop synchronization – Socialcast Messenger synchronizes with Socialcast, keeping work-related communications secure and organized.

Anytime Access

Socialcast mobile apps allow you to access Socialcast from Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows devices. Stay in touch with team members, post messages from the road, and view documents, photos and videos.

  • Socialcast mobile apps – Stay on top of work while on the move with instant access to the Socialcast community from your smart device.
  • Real-time notifications – Get alerts from Socialcast on iOS devices even if your Socialcast mobile app isn’t open.
  • One-tap connections – Launch calls and emails from your desktop or any device directly from employee profiles.

Deeper Engagement

Socialcast connects you to your company’s vision, purpose, and people. Discover more about your colleagues and tap into your company’s collective wisdom.

  • Socialcast profiles – Learn about colleagues in the community. Profiles include a photo, job description, certifications, skills, education, passions and more.
  • Socialcast org chart – View an always up-to-date organizational structure, so people know where they fit in and how to engage other team members by function and role.
  • Town Halls – Bring executives and employees together in a moderated, real-time conversation directly inside the Socialcast community. Create a context-rich forum to ask questions and get answers in an open setting that can be archived for future viewing.

Business Intelligence

See the important people, conversations and topics in your Socialcast community, and measure the power of your collaborative efforts at a glance. Socialcast analytics delivers:

  • Employee engagement – Identify the most active conversations and instantly drill down to see what people are talking about.
  • Trending topics – Keep your finger on the pulse of your community with an up-to-the-minute list of the most popular messages, tags, and topics.
  • Community dynamics – Track the growth of your Socialcast community over time, and the groups and organizations with the strongest adoption rates.
  • Leaderboards – Find social leaders in your organization and track individual influence.