VMware® vRealize™ Log Insight™ delivers real-time log management for VMware environments, with machine learning-based Intelligent Grouping, high performance search and better troubleshooting across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Log Insight Overview

Log Insight Overview

Universal Log Collection

vRealize Log Insight collects and analyzes all types of machine-generated log data, including application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages, performance data and system state dumps. Administrators can connect it to everything in their environment—operating systems, applications, storage, firewalls, network devices or something else—for enterprise-wide visibility via log analytics.

Log Insight Functionality

Log Insight Functionality

Powerful Log Analytics

vRealize Log Insight provides faster analytical queries and aggregation than traditional tools, especially on larger data sets. It adds structure to all types of unstructured log data, so administrators can troubleshoot quickly, without needing to know the data beforehand. It delivers sophisticated log analytics, with real-time monitoring, search and analytics, and is coupled with a dashboard for stored queries, reports and alerts. Now IT can derive meaningful insights from terabytes of log data and correlate events across multiple tiers of a hybrid cloud environment in a single location, cutting down troubleshooting times, improving operational efficiency and reducing IT costs. vRealize Log Insight also provides a single location to collect, store and analyze logs at scale.

Enterprise-class Scalability

vRealize Log Insight helps get the job done faster. In recent internal testing, Log Insight was found to be 6 times faster than the leading solution in query tests across 100 Million log messages. Version 2.0 also shows a 6X improvement in ingestion rate in terms of messages per second, due to new clustering Technology.

Now with Windows Support

vRealize Log Insight 2.0 supports universal collection with a high-performance Windows logging agent that can easily be deployed to thousands of desktops with the push of a button. vRealize Log Insight can collect data from more types of files and devices than ever before with the vRealize Log Insight Windows Monitoring Agent.

Easy to Use and Deploy

Since it is made available as a virtual appliance, vRealize Log Insight is easy to deploy. Its intuitive, GUI-based interface makes it easy to run simple interactive searches, as well as deep analytical queries for quick insights, providing immediate value and improved IT operational efficiency. There is no need to learn a new query language to get started. To make things even simpler, vRealize Log Insight automatically chooses the best visualization for your data, saving you valuable time. At the same time, vRealize Log Insight provides 20 new powerful visualizations to give virtualization administrators the clearest view possible of their infrastructure.

Built-in vSphere Knowledge

Developed by VMware experts, vRealize Log Insight comes with built-in knowledge and native support for VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™. It is the solution best suited for your VMware environment. With vRealize Log Insight you can analyze logs beyond your virtual infrastructure and use a central log management solution to analyze data from your entire IT environment, including your physical infrastructure, operating systems, applications, network and storage devices.

Log Insight UI with vSphere content pack displayed

Log Insight UI with vSphere content pack displayed

Integration with vCenter Operations

Integration of vRealize Log Insight with the vCenter Operations platform extends operational visibility and proactive management capabilities across infrastructure and applications in a dynamic, hybrid cloud environment.

Integration also helps you maximize ROI and value by bringing unstructured data (such as log files) together with structured data (such as metrics and key performance indicators), offering a significantly enhanced solution for end-to-end operations management.

Simple and Predictable Pricing Model

vRealize Log Insight has a simple, flat pricing model that includes unlimited amounts of data with the license. Unlike other solutions, it does not penalize you if your devices start generating more log data; you do not have to purchase licenses based on peak log volumes and worst-case scenarios.