Automated Operations Management for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ provides a set of management and automation solutions to:

  • Intelligently automate operations management to maximize efficiency and agility.
  • Proactively manage performance across the entire infrastructure.
  • Gain comprehensive visibility and manage compliance with cloud automation.

vSphere with Operations Management is built for cloud and sets the industry standard in operational efficiency and allows you to proactively ensure virtual/cloud infrastructure performance for your business critical applications, provide continuous compliance with operational and regulatory requirements, and optimize resource utilization and cost.

  • Automated Operations Management: Dramatically simplify and automate operations management using patented analytics to provide the intelligence and visibility needed to proactively ensure service levels in dynamic virtual and cloud environments.
  • Optimize the Infrastructure: Plan ahead with intelligent forecasting to identify capacity shortfalls and minimize waste by reclaiming unused resources.
  • Tight Platform Integration: VMware continues to simplify and innovate management by embedding and tightly integrating management capabilities into its cloud platforms that customers have learned and continue to trust.
  • Innovative, accurate and actionable information: Unique advanced vSphere health-models provide the most accurate and actionable data for fast root-cause and accurate capacity management & optimization.
  • Integrated Cost Metering and Reporting: Provide visibility into the financial value of consumed resources and enable administrators to optimize for lowest cost.
  • Application Dependency Mapping: Bring application-level awareness to infrastructure and operations teams to ensure service levels and disaster recovery protection for all critical application services.

All of these solutions work in conjunction with VMware® vCenter Server™ to help you monitor all VM activity in the virtual data center. No other virtualization platform vendor delivers this breadth of virtualization management capabilities.

Features VMware vRealize Operations 5.1 Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V with System Center 2012 Citrix XenServer 6 Platinum Edition
Foundation of Self-learning behavioral analytics
Dynamic thresholds that adapt to the environment
Powerful visualization and quick drill down in dashboards
Capacity planning and optimization
Integrated cost metering and reports
Delivered in a "vApp" configuration for easy deployment