Capgemini is combining its business-centric approach with VMware’s proven virtualization technologies to focus IT on delivering business value. Through its suite of “V2B: Virtualization to Business” service offerings, Capgemini provides the insight, roadmap and support to help clients derive maximum value from existing virtualization efforts and make the transition to a cloud infrastructure.

The V2B offerings bridge the gap between virtualization and the business, and remove the barriers to obtaining a high level of virtualization. This enables organizations to take the next step towards business agility, and to focus IT on delivering business value.

Capgemini’s V2B offerings include:

  • Business Infostructure enables companies to realize the cost savings available with virtualization and gain an understanding of the business impact of wide-scale transformation.
  • Virtual Infostructure provides agility to an organization that has agile infrastructure but is unable to deliver agile services to the business.
  • IT-as-a-Service delivers a feasibility analysis for the implementation of a self-service and consumption-based charging model. This service tackles all key issues around the development and delivery of easily consumed business services