Expertise is the key to unlocking bigger deal sizes, better close rates and higher profits. VMware offers a range of partner training programs to build your solution skills and enable you to become a trusted advisor to customers.

Expand your knowledge and further your career while increasing value to your company and customers. VMware individualized partner learning paths provide a simplified training roadmap, allowing you to earn badges of recognition for your expertise.

  • Solution-specific accreditations for sales, technical pre and post-sales, as well as operations and licensing professionals.
  • Instructor-led, virtual event, and 24/7 self-paced options.

VMware Solution Competencies recognize partner proficiency in selling and deploying VMware virtualization and cloud solutions. A proven route to revenue and profitability, Solution Competencies offer:

  • Opportunity to differentiate your company's expertise
  • Quantifiable returns on training investments
  • Increased eligibility for VMware Partner Network benefits

A master schedule for upcoming partner training activities such as boot camps, webinars, and approved national and regional events. It's easy to find out what, when, and where VMware Partner training events are taking place. Search by:

  • Time zone & location
  • Solution category
  • Event type
  • Specific key words