The Networking & Security category is open to qualified partners interested in building and certifying networking and security services over VMware platform, and is primarily targeted at networking and security vendors and associated eco-system. Partners can integrate advanced solutions with vSphere such as load balancing, WAN optimization, AV, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), intrusion detection and prevention. Networking and security solutions using physical appliance, as well as virtual appliance, created and certified via VMware Ready for Networking and Security programs can be release asynchronously by VMware and partners.

Through the VMware Ready for Networking and Security programs, VMware provides partners with best practices and access to the full set of APIs for virtual networking and security services to enable the framework for a software-defined datacenter. This program allows partners to develop and certify their appliances and solutions in a timely fashion, new or update existing ones based on availability of new APIs and features of VMware products. Associated solution and appliances can be flagged as VMware Ready in the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) and includes listing on VMware’s Compatibility Guide (VCG).

Customers using these integrated products can leverage their existing investments in networking and security solutions while dramatically improving operational efficiency and agility in their datacenter.

Below is the list of networking and security program offerings covered under this category:

  • VMware Network Extensibility (NetX) for vSphere
    VMware NetX program enables partners to use NetX API’s to build networking and security services over VMware infrastructure. NetX APIs allows partners to integrate their existing solutions inside VMware work flow management and tap valuable information inside vSphere to provide their services. Solutions currently supported by these APIs include load-balancing (LB), WAN Optimization and intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) service integration.
  • VMware End-Point security (EPSec) for vSphere
    VMware EPSec program enables partners to use EPSec APIs to deliver endpoint security solutions in a more efficient manner that does not require the management of resource-intensive agents inside the guest VM. The VMware EPSec APIs allow partners to eliminate the requirement for these agents and instead consolidate security intelligence into a single Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) per ESXi host. Currently, solutions supported by these APIs include anti-virus (AV), file integrity monitoring (FIM), and data loss prevention (DLP scanning for data at rest).


  • Currently be enrolled in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program at the Elite level.
  • For each region where the qualified product is sold, must maintain VMware Certified Professional status for technical support, as well as one VMware Salesperson and one VMware Technical Salesperson certification status.
  • VMware program agreement signature.
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide.
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal.
  • Initial program fee, as well as per certification submission and support fees.
  • Publish product on the VMware Solution Exchange.
  • Development consulting available with an additional fee. Initial development consulting is mandatory for NetX and optional for the EPSec program.
  • Pass integration tests for either VMware Network Extensibility (NetX) for vSphere or VMware End-Point security (EPSec) for vSphere as defined in the Network & Security Program Guides.
  • General support on VMware vSphere features is purchased separately.

Get Started

To get started and express interest in enrolling in the VMware Ready Program, please fill-in the online VMware Ready Request Form.

Please visit the VMware Developer Center for additional program resources, including SDKs, APIs and other certification tools.