White Papers and Reports for Download

  • The Best Infrastructure for OpenStack
    Side-by-side OpenStack benchmarking conducted by a third-party technical validation firm shows that infrastructure based on vSphere with VSAN performs better than a similar Red Hat stack built upon KVM and Red Hat Storage (GlusterFS). OpenStack workloads run faster on vSphere than on KVM and cost less - benefits of the hyperconverged Virtual SAN architecture.
  • Stop the Finger-Pointing: Managing Tier 1 Applications with VMware vRealize™ Operations™
    David Davis, VMware vExpert, talks about how inadequate information on the real source of the performance or infrastructure problems leads to inaccurate insights. This article then details, how the vRealize Operations is the bet choice to provide:
    • Insight into all aspects of the virtual infrastructure, including servers, storage, network, hypervisor and applications
    • Prediction of infrastructure problems before they occur
    • Monitoring and alertingv
    • Root-cause analysis
    • Single pane of glass and efficient dashboard that helps you to quickly identify problems
  • Managing VMware vSphere Using Microsoft System Center Increases Costs and Complexity
    Edison Group applied their Comparative Management Cost Study methodology to assess the costs and complexity of managing a vSphere infrastructure using VMware vCenter vs. Microsoft System Center. Their findings show that management using vCenter is 36% less time consuming and 41% less complex than with System Center -- differences that translate into significant operational cost savings.
  • Total Cost Comparison: VMware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V
    This paper compares the operational costs of running a virtualized data center on vSphere 5 vs. Microsoft Hyper-V. vSphere demonstrated 91% lower administrative costs in tests conducted by Principled Technologies. The OpEx savings further contribute to the vSphere TCO advantage over Microsoft.
  • Whitepaper: Why Choose VMware - Why VMware is the Better Choice
    This whitepaper outlines the three main reasons to choose VMware over other cloud infrastructure platforms. The concepts covered apply to companies of all sizes who are interested in using virtualization as the foundation for cloud computing.
  • Architectural Requirements for a Data Center-Ready Virtualization Platform
    This Taneja Group Report concludes that “not all server virtualization architectures are created equal.” VMware’s hypervisor architecture is ahead of all other offerings in meeting all core requirements (ex. scalability, security, performance, availability) for enterprise data centers.
  • An Overview of the Cloud Market Vendor Landscape
    This Taneja Group Report clearly states that VMware stands out as a Cloud leader, and the only virtualization vendor in the leader category, with all competitors classified in the disruptors, defenders or followers categories. Roll-up scores are based on a 5-point Harvey Ball scale and were calculated by averaging each factor score, then weighted by our analysis of each vendor’s cloud focus, expertise, level of investment, and publicly-announced solution strategies and product directions.
  • An overview of the virtualization and cloud market vendor landscape for Small and Medium businesses
    In this paper, Taneja Group presents an evaluation of the virtualization and cloud solution market for small and medium business (SMB) users (companies with less than 1000 employees). Of the six vendors in the comparative study, VMware’s solutions come closest to matching the set of top-level requirements that SMBs should be looking for. VMware today provides an integrated solutions family spanning on-premise virtualization, end user computing, and cloud.

    VMware provides a rapid path for SMBs to virtualization and cloud via a set of easy to deploy and manage offerings, built on the foundation of a reliable, advanced, and widely deployed hypervisor platform.
  • vSphere 5.5 with Operations Management Features and Benefits Comparison
    This document provides a features and benefits comparison of vSphere 5.5 with Operations Management versus the competition. vSphere 5.5 with Operations Management provides a comprehensive solution that is the platform of choice for virtualizing and managing your infrastructure. This document provides a technical analysis into the key areas of managing a virtualization infrastructure and shows why the functionality that a VMware based solution differs from the competition.