Improve SLAs for Outsourced or Offshored Workers

Deliver desktops as a managed service to contact center agents, offshore developers and outsourced workers. The VMware Horizon (with View)  Business Process Desktop solution drives down operational costs and provides end users with a highly responsive computing experience across networks and locations.

VMware Business Process Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

The Horizon (with View) Business Process Desktop

Drive Operational Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing Initiatives

Enhance Workplace Productivity

Maximize productivity for call center agents, back office employees, developers and home-based agents over any network. The Business Process Desktop delivers a seamless end user experience across locations with fast application response times and a familiar user experience so end users can quickly log in to the applications they need.

Support Data Security and Compliance Mandates

Protect intellectual property, secure confidential data and maintain high levels of data security for end users accessing their desktops across devices and locations. End user access via two factor authentication (RSA, RADIUS OTP tokens, and smart cards) ensures the connection from the View Client to the View Agent is fully encrypted. Offload antivirus and provide high levels of isolation between resource pools and networks. Easily apply policies to pools of users and individual employees.

Streamline Desktop Management and Ensure Greater Business Agility

Simply and centrally administer and push out application updates and patches to end users from the datacenter without interrupting end user productivity. Streamline PC deployment time from days to minutes. Improve operational efficiencies and scale your offshore or outsourced PC environment to meet seasonal demands. The Horizon Business Process Desktop is tightly integrated with VMware vSphere—the only platform specifically designed to host virtual desktops. vSphere delivers high availability, business continuity and fault tolerance.

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The Business Process Desktop allows Amway to securely manage offshore workers in Costa Rica from their central Michigan datacenter.

Business Process Desktop Solution at Amway


From legacy applications to cloud services: the Business Process Desktop is helping TELUS build secure, reliable, infrastructure and services for their customers.

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