Access Enterprise-Class Hybrid and Public Cloud Resources Easily and Securely

Whether you need extra capacity for peak demand or want to extend all the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure beyond your data center, VMware vCloud Air and VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers offer you the agility, efficiency and cost savings of the public cloud.

VMware vCloud Air Network services deliver enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility with the freedom to readily move workloads among private, public and hybrid clouds. That’s because only VMware vCloud Air Network services are built on the world’s most proven and widely deployed infrastructure technologies: VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter, VMware vCloud Director, and VMware vCloud Networking and Security.

Increase Business Agility without Sacrificing Security and Control

Access IT Resources When You Need Them

Prepare for unpredictable demand without keeping a substantial reserve of often idle hardware and software on hand. A public cloud gives you access to IT resources without the huge expense of having to own and operate them yourself. Instead, you contract by subscription or on a pay-per-use basis.

VMware Public Cloud Services

VMware delivers hybrid and public cloud services directly and also has a large global ecosystem of cloud service provider partners who offer hybrid and public cloud services built on the industry-leading VMware vSphere virtualization platform, deployed by more than 500,000 companies worldwide. Over 3,800 of our VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners provide VMware-based cloud service in more than 100 countries around the globe so you can find the ideal partner to meet your cloud computing requirements.

VMware Public Cloud

VMware Public Cloud
  • VMware Hybrid cloud Powered Services : A broad array of flexible and secure cloud services based on VMware cloud infrastructure, tailored to meet any business need and fully interoperable with your VMware-based internal data center.
  • VMware vCloud Connector : The ultimate in administrative ease for your hybrid cloud, letting you view, manage and reliably transfer workloads from one vCloud service provider to another or from your private vCloud environment to public clouds and back again.

Why Are VMware-Enabled Services Different?

Often public clouds don’t replace existing IT resources; they function together and need to work seamlessly as a whole. Because public cloud services from VMware and VMware service provider partners are built on the same technology platform as your own virtualized applications, they fit perfectly into your existing IT environment.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility or service provider lock-in. VMware technologies lets you transfer workload between private, public and hybrid clouds, giving you the freedom to move from a private vCloud environment to a public cloud and back

Count on the Security of VMware-Enabled Hybrid and Public Cloud Services

VMware Service Providers can incorporate VMware vSphere’s multilevel, auditable security, plus a comprehensive security framework designed for compliance with your internal IT environment. We set stringent standards for security, scale and production readiness to validate that vCloud service provider partners address these standards so you can choose vCloud services with confidence. Wherever your company is located, VMware vCloud Services are available to you with globally consistent hybrid and public cloud resources.